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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4

Prices: Special: $19.95/30 days (Reg. $29.95)
$89.50/365 days

Review of Cherry Potter:

"Cherry....CHERRY! You have the power only you can stop the ogres with your sexy magic". Cherry Potter is here and if you thought Harry was a good wizard then you are in for a surprise because….. Ok seriously, I never read the books that inspired this girl's name and I only saw clips from the movies. So I'm not an authority on this at all because as I see it, that whole franchise was directed towards kids and women. If it wasn't then the name Cherry Potter really didn't have a positive effect on me. But to hell with the name business, if a porn star doesn't want to use her real name then they can choose any name they want, for all I care it could be numeric.

We are going to be looking on the site which is marketed as a single model site. When you make a site where everything has to evolve around you as a person

And your sexlife, in this case Cherry's, then it's up to you to keep the site going with regular updates and live shows to allow the members a genuine look in to parts of your sexlife and personality. As this review will reflect, Cherry started out strong but now the site seems to be grinding to a halt.

Here's the greeting you see on the first page before you sign up:
"Hello! my name is Cherry Potter, I'm from Montreal, Canada. My biggest thrill in life is to get fucked in the ass. Hope you'll like my site. Xxx"

I gather from the diary section here that the site was launched July 2005 that is when the first entry was written in her diary. She also wrote like 10-12 entries in July and August combined, then a small entry October and since then she has not been heard from. It's not because the diary entries were that good to start with, they were frightfully impersonal and to be honest they sounded made up. It's not like the really good single model sites where the model will write if she's tired of doing the dishes or hates it when she runs out of toilet paper for example just to give the members a look into her every day life. No, on Cherrys site it's more like: "I went out with a few friends we had a good time, saw some cute guys, then we went home and fucked". I'm sure this diary is meant well but it comes off as outsourced text written write-what-they-wanna-hear crap. Luckily, Cherry hasn't made an entry to the diary for 8 months now, phew, but on the other hand that could mean she's not really dedicated to the site anymore?

Another clue that could indicate Cherry is a goner is the live section. The live section is supposed to show Cherry live schedule so you can catch her live some where, but as you might have guessed her schedule is empty so for me there was no way to catch her live… Me or any other members. Once again it seems like Cherry is not involved with the site.

OK, that's enough talk about what's not here, let's talk about what is here.
We do have some content here to keep us entertained while we recover from Cherry's departure without any goodbyes.

I always go straight for the videos on these site, but I guess you already knew that ;). And I was pleased to see 12 exclusive videos available for download. Already the signup isn't a total loss. Well it's more like 12 minus 1 as one video is two of her friends fucking, how they are supposed to fit into Cherry's world I don't know but they some of her Czech friends. That sounds like filler content to me.

The video section gets more cryptic than that I'm afraid. I downloaded some hardcore videos just to see how much she enjoys "getting fucked up the ass". Well I almost never found out as she seemed like she did not want to do it except in one video. In this one video Cherry does take it in the ass so I guess she had the time of her life in that scene she just doesn't do it otherwise. Another annoying thing about the clips is that they can be watermarked by other site names. One for example was marked "realsquirts". Now I know that site is part of the network you get access to when you sign up, but with something like this you kinda figure out how they threw this site together.

The video sets are not date stamped, I cannot tell you when the site will be updated again with new videos. The quality is good though, nice fluid videos that are not too grainy. And you can download them as either mpg files or wmv.

The pictures give us a bit more of what we are used to. We actually approximately 42 picture sets that are mainly just toy/strip pictures of Cherry herself but with a few lesbian sets as well. This is where I start to think about how much Cherry actually digs getting fucked in the ass, considering there are no pictures to support that fact, in fact, there is not one hardcore picture set. The quality of the pictures is good, by no means excellent but decent.

The picture sets are not date stamped, I cannot tell you when the site will be updated again with new pictures. is part of the Brain Pass network. This network put together is simply awesome as it covers almost everything in the porn spectra and they have good quality all around. Also they are always starting up new sites to add even more content, as a porn lover I love the network and you can read our review about the network here.

As you can probably tell, I am not too impressed with Cherry's site. Honestly I don't think you should call it hers as her involvement is scarce at best, non-existing might be a better word these days. She doesn't honor the diary here with entries and she doesn't schedule live shows. In short you do not get to know Cherry one bit better on this site. You get some solo picture sets, 11 videos with 3 of them being hardcore and that is it. This cannot justify a $30 membership if you are just going for Cherry because really isn't a well done site single model site as it looks like it has been dead for 8 months. Sure you are well compensated when you sign up with access to all the brainpass sites and by all means enjoy that as much as me if you want, however cannot stand on it's own.


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