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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MPEG, Windows

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Review of Red Asses:

A lot of people love asses. That is a given in porn and in the world. But what kind of asses do they like? Flat asses? Round asses? Big asses? Small asses? Tight asses? There are a lot of asses out there in the universe. But some people prefer their asses red. They like seeing their women spanked and their butts turn red. Hey, I can get into it myself sometimes. Here today you will find a site not focused on the round, the big, the tight, etc, but on the red. Get ready for some spanking fun on Red Asses!

Red Asses is a site with a focus on spanking. The spanking here is boy on girl spanking. In other words, the guy smacks the girls ass. The focus here is also not just to spank a girl like you would if you were doing a chick from behind. You know, a gentle smack. This is a real hardcore spanking, making her ass completely red. Well, as far as themes go, this is pretty good. Now I won't go as far as to say that this theme has never been done before. But here, it is done on a nice big scale, and in a pretty current manner.

When you get into the Red Asses members site, you start with five thumbnails across the top of the page. These show the highest rated sets. Then you move into the sites updates. You get one big thumbnail of the girls ass and then four smaller pictures of the various action that takes place on the site. There is also a description and then links to the pictures and movies. Overall, this site design is pretty good and as you will read it will not vary much from page to page.

The videos page here is set up with the same previews you have seen on the main members site. This is not a bad thing, because that was a pretty effective method of displaying the sets. Most, but not all of these sets have a full video option. All of them offer segments, which you can download in either WMV or MPG format. There are no real quality options, you just go with their the MPG or the WMV.

The quality level here is 512k. The videos look pretty good, but they are nowhere nesr perfect. When you full screen them, you get a decent picture. For 512k its great. But the problem with that is, there are sites out there with double and triple that quality and they are making the rest of these sites shameful. Still, it is a quick and easy download for the most part, which always helps out a lot. The quality also helps with the video lengths. some of these videos last up to an hour, and if these were higher quality that would lead to a pretty big download. Here, its at least somewhat bearable.

The pictures here on Red Asses are either really good vidcaps or badly taken true photographs. From all of the evidence I could gather, I would go with the former. There are lots of page of thumbnails here, some sets with over 35 pages of thumbnails. The pictures are decent but nowhere near where a lot of picture sites are today.

The girls here on Red Asses are pretty damn hot. I found them to be very appealing. But check for yourself with the previews, and see if you like. I will say that I am not a huge ass/spanking fan, but I did enjoy the content here quite a bit. Now this is not just pure spanking. There is plenty of regular sex. But along the spanking lines, let me mention that there is a paddle that is brought out for many of the sets.

At the time of review, there were a total of 19 sets of content on Red Asses. This is a decent number, by no means great but also not bad. More importantly, there are no update schedules or timestamps here. You have no idea of knowing when or if the site is updated again, or how often they keep up with things.

Red Asses is also a part of a network that is sometimes really good, and sometimes a little off. The sites included are BJ POV, Tonys Casting Couch, Nikky Blonde, Stroke Jobs, Bangin Blacks, Butt Bangin, Skin Vids, Angels of Porn, Red Asses, Shemale Pickup, and Feet Stroke. Again, a varied network where sites can be great and some not so perfect.


This site is a good one, it has some issues with quality needing a bit of a jump, as well as adding timestamps and more concentration of quantity. This site passes by with an awesome theme and some good videos.


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