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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, Windows

Prices: Limited Trial: $1.00/2 days, rebills at $38.80
$24.95/30 days
$49.95/90 days
$95.40/365 days

Review of Cheerleader Auditions:

Some people might say that the hardest part of being a cheerleader is the tryouts. First of all, most of the time you go to a tryout, your skills are not finely honed. That is why it is called a tryout! Otherwise, it would be an interview or something. In a tryout, the girl has to prove her skills and get her on the team. I think you can see where this is leading. Some girls have natural skills. Others, well, they have to work their way onto the team. Here on Cheerleader Auditions, you see how some slutty girls can work their way onto the cheer squad. And you will enjoy every minute of it on video.

Cheerleader Auditions is a video site with a focus on cheerleaders. You know, back in the picture days of the internet, cheerleaders were a pretty big rage. Nowadays, you see a site here or there about them, but not a huge focus. I'm sure the fetish hasn't really gone away, it just seems as though it got lost in the great video shuffle. Well now you can find some nice cheerleader videos, and enjoy all that goes along with them. Therefore, I consider this a very strong theme. I mean, its one that we see a lot sometimes, but not often in this video format. I am looking forward to see how it is presented!

When you first sign into Cheerleader Auditions, you are given the latest update in highlighted form. There is one bigger picture, a description, and then links to either videos or pictures. Underneath this, you get the rest of the girls on the site. Each one is given a smaller thumbnail, and a little description that is continued when you click on that particular cheerleaders page. Underneath this are the bonus sites. I think this is a pretty decent web design, but it could be a little better. The previews were decent but not great. The portion of the site highlighting bonus sites was bigger than the actual site content. I think they would have been better off with a bigger focus on the actual site content. They aren't afraid to use bigger pictures for the bonus sites, why not for the site content? There is nothing really wrong here, it is simple and easy to use, but it just isn't spectacular.

The videos are the biggest focus here on Cheerleader Auditions. When you check out a set of content, you have options. You can download about a billion MPG files, in either large or small format. These are segmented extremely heavily, around 50 or more segments per girl. You can also download WMV files, which have a more sensible number of 8-10 segments. That is still too many in my book. These WMV files are encoded with DRM, which means you must enter a password to watch the videos, and when you are no longer a member with the site, they will be unwatchable. It is what it is, and most of us simply hate it. But there is more here. On some sites, you enter your username and password once, and then you can watch all of the videos without entering it again. Here, you must enter it for ever single freaking video segment you download. After ten segments, this can be tiresome and annoying. So basically, this killed a good portion of my enjoyment of the videos.

The quality didn't do much to help this lack of enjoyment. At high quality, the videos were 512k or so. This is not a great quality! Why the hell would you put DRM protection on such a weak video quality? It would make more sense if this was DVD quality, but here, it is just even more of a headscratcher. Needless to say, the quality leaves a bit to be desired. I found it pretty weak. Now don't take this as a slam against the actual videos. This is some great videowork and some awesome videos, its just the encoding and the DRM that completely destroyed the experience for me.

Each girl also has her own picture set. Don't be misled! These are actually high quality, well taken photos. Hey, at least the site got something right. This makes up a squinchy bit for the DRM issues. The pictures are higher quality, 800 x 531 pixels and looking pretty good. Definately not quite at the level of a superb picture only site, but they have done a good job with what they have here. I think that it is a little late in the game to recover from the segmenting, DRM, and quality, but this does add a nice little touch to the site.

Speaking of touching, I sure would like to touch the majority of the girls on here. Another thing that kills me is that the girls here are amazing, the action is hot, and everything rolls well. The girl selection here is top notch. All of the girls on here are believable as cheerleaders, not skanky, and you wouldn't mind waking up with them. The action here is basic hardcore stuff, but they take the cheerleading theme a bit further than you would expect. This gives the pictures and the videos a nice added touch, and make the action pretty unique and original as well.

At the time of review, there were a total of 24 sets of content. Unfortunately, there were no dates or timestamps or update schedules on the site, so I honestly cannot tell you how faithful they are to updating the site. One thing I can tell you is that there is a good chunk of bonus material. We will go over that now.

The bonus sites included here are Girls Hunting Girls, Teen Hitchhikers, Nude Beach House, Eurobride Tryouts, MILF Cruiser, Big Sausage Pizza, Harcdcore Partying, 2 Chicks 1 Dick, Limo Patrol, Latina Caliente, Slut Seeker, and Eat My Black Meat. Nice selection of sites, but they all are set up the same way with the DRM.


Potential untapped here. If you are a cheerleader fan, this might appeal to you very much. Even with the DRM. Most of us will stay far away from it because of the DRM and quality issues. If they could simply fix that, this site would be great. For right now, its not.


3 Day Trial- $2.95 (Trial is extremely limited, almost no content)
Monthly Membership- $38.80
Three Month Membership- $58.80

Billing by CC Bill

How to make ONE unprotected file on this site

The 1 minute segments are unprotected .mpg files this is just what we need, except we don't really want to keep downloading each one individually and we certainly don't want to have to skip to a new file constantly.

So what I did was:

- I downloaded Internet Download Manager here (it's not free but there's a 30 day trial period).

- Then I loaded up my Internet Explorer (only browser it works with is IE) and entered the members area.

- Then I went to an episode page, right clicked on an empty part of the page and chose "download all links with IDM".

This gives me an overview of all the files to download, now I only wanted the high quality 1 min. segments so I sorted them by name and marked all the ones with no name (all the other links are named).

- Then I start running the queue in Internet Download Manager and I had all the segments in one directory after a very short time, great programme.

After this you can of course make Windows Media playlists out of the files an d save yourself some trouble however you cannot skip freely in one file.

! If you want to join the mpegs into one file. Here's a 7 day trial joiner that's extremely easy to use download it here. Simply load the files in here and then choose join and then where to place your new big file. Once you have done this twice you realize it's almost no extra work and the result is perfect. Use this on all the sites here and you will get some great unprotected porn.


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