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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: AVI

Prices: $3.00/3 days, rebills at $29.95
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Review of Helen Volga:

I've always had a respect for people that are multi-talented. You know, great actors who are also great directors. Great football players who are also great baseball players. Some of this can flow into porn, with some actors starting up their own video companies and sometimes even stepping behind the camera. Today we will meet a woman who takes more than a normal amount of effort into her website. This is a woman who is multi-talented, and and her name is Helen Volga.

Helen Volga's website is primarily focused on pictures. Helen is not only a talented model, however. She also photographs a lot of models for her site. Not just a few, I mean a lot. So basically what you have here is not a single model site, but a pictures site where the photographer is also a model in many sites. With that said, Helen Volga is quite unique. She is a woman who can look good and at the same time make other women look good as well. That is a big plus for this site. Otherwise, this is a pictures site for us to check out, and see how good Helen Volga can do.

When you first sign into Helen Volga, you get a listing of the latest updates on the left sidebar. It shows the latest fiften or so updates, but just gives you a link. The main portion of the page shows the latest update with an expanded discription. The right hand side shows you links to special sections such as pee, girl girl, and videos. You can then pick out a model by the letter of her name, or underneath we begin with a listing of models with one portrait thumbnail per girl. That is about it for the page. I like how it is a good looking website, not perfect but not terrible either. The design is well thought out, but I would have preffered a little more on the previews side instead of just thumbnails of the models. I think it would make for a lot better decoration if we had seen that here. Altogether, though, a nice design I can't be too critical of.

The photos are the biggest focus here. The galleries here are set up in a weird way. The main navigation is through three little buttons. One is for forward and one is for back, and the other one shows you the page number. Now, I think this is fine and dandy except for a few things. One is I like to have a list of all pages, so I can move forward more than one page at a time if I want to. Unfortunately, I do not have that option here. The other thing I didn't like was the smallness of the buttons. I know, not really a huge deal, but we are being honest here and that is what I honestly thought as I moved through these galleries.

The pictures here are also quite good. They were 1024 x 768 pixels and they looked very awesome. Unfortunately, there wasn't a whole lot of options as far as this is concerned. You can't get any other resolution (although this one is fine), you cannot download a zip of all the pictures, just kind of light on options. However, the quality here is very top notch. The pictures all look very good, and there are no issues with this whatsoever. Anybody who likes pictures will definately appreciate the job well done here.

The videos here are not a significant part of the website. In fact, they are not important at all. Weird thing is, a lot of the videos are just girls jumping rope naked or masturbating and dancing. Most of these videos are pretty short, some under a minute long. They are AVI videos. They are pretty good videos, unfortunately, they are just weird and short. Girls jumping rope with some weird music. Hmm, I'll pass. But at least it's different!

The girls here are great. And they are not great because they are the best looking girls in the world. They are great because they are a perfect mixture of good looking girls, and regular looking girls. Some girls are very pretty, and some are more along the lines of the regular girls. Even those are not perfect, but the fact that they are realistic goes a very far way. The action here is light hardcore. Some of the girls have sets where they won't show anything. Others have some light dildo play. I think it depends more on the girl and what she prefers to do on this site. Which I am fine with, but don't jump into this site expecting super hardcore stuff.

At the time of review, there were about three pages of models. A model could have anywhere from one to ten sets, depending on the girl. With sites like this it is hard to gauge the amount of content. There is a lot here, but it might not seem like it to some because it is all primarily photos. But there are lots of girls to choose from and lots of pictures to scroll through. There really aren't any bonus sites, or even leased sites. So you will not get a whole lot of extra stuff.


This is a good site for photo fans. I didn't take a whole lot more from it than the pictures which is the main emphasis and that is also good good for a change of pace. I would have loved .zip download for the picture sets since they are the main focus though. Still, This is overall a well done photo site that will only get better as it develops, photo fans should take a look at this one.


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