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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4, MPEG, Windows

Prices: $0.95/1 day, rebills at $29.95
$29.95/30 days, rebills at $24.95
$119.40/365 days

Review of Horny Euro Sluts:

Theres always something so erotic, so wonderful about European girls. I know a lot of the readers here are not from America, so maybe you won't get understand this as much. But they just seem so sensual, so sweet, so innocent and nice. That, and they just look so much hotter than American girls. I mean, America has some beautiful women, but I don't think many of them can hold a candle to the hotter European girls. That is why we are always obsessed with European girls. And that is why we would love to see some Horny Euro Sluts!

Horny Euro Sluts is a site with a focus on those beautiful European girls. As you can see, they are not just beautiful, but they are very very horny and very very slutty. Sounds like a perfect recipe to me! As I mentioned, there has always been a big desire for European girls. And while a lot of sites cater to this theme, I still think it is a viable one. That is because it is not an overdone theme, and while it is specific, it's not too specific. So, with that said, lets find ourselves some horny Euro girls!

When you first sign into Horny Euro Sluts, you are given a page that gives you first a description of how the site works. After this, there is a smaller thumbnail of the next upcoming update. Following this, you get the three latest updates, each with one bigger thumbnail and three smaller ones. Following this is a little blurb about the set, really nothing major. You can go into the movies or the pictures from here, or you can go to the full updates page. Underneath all of this you get the top voted scenes. And following this you get a listing of all of the network sites and how long until you can get access to them (more on that later). Overall, I think this is an OK site design. I think the bonus stuff is stressed too heavily, as well as the rankings. Hell, everything is ranked a five right now anyways so it renders the idea pretty useless in the first place. But this is not the worst site design I've ever seen, far from it. I just think it could use a little tweaking.

The videos are the bigger focus here on Horny Euro Sluts. The videos page for each set gives you a bunch of thumbnails, one for each segment. This is good because you can see the progression of each video, and also at the same time get some good previews for the entire set. For each segment, you can stream the video in Low, Medium, or High. You can also download in medium or high. Each set has about ten segments. That is too many if you ask me, but luckily there is a full video option as well. You get the same options for the full video. Overall, I can't say much bad about the video setup here. You get lots of options! There is a decent amount of thumbnails to give you a solid preview of the set, and you can stream or download! Just a ton of options and a great video setup.

The quality of the videos here was very high as well. I downloaded the high quality MPGs, and they looked great. At full screen, you got a very enjoyable picture. There was a little graininess if you looked close enough, but only enough to bother the biggest quality freak. The file sizes were pretty big, usually around 250-350mb. But that should be expected with awesome quality like this. The videos were shot very professionally, and they actually view more like a porn movie than a reality site. Nobody has used the "R" word today anyway! Very quality stuff, you will find yourself thoroughly enjoying all the way through!

The photos here on Horny Euro Sluts are actually high quality, well done photos as well. Much like the videos, these photos have an emphasis on quality. They are very crisp and clear, and they look very good. Just another good way to check out these awesome euro babes! The photos aren't as crisp as I would really like- but I do think that they are very awesome and they can be considered very good pictures in the grand scheme of things. Just another added bonus to this awesome site!

The girls on Horny Euro Sluts are stunningly beautiful. I mean, these are the types of girls I would really like to meet in real life. And even better than their looks is the fact that they are very natural. They are not the super skanks you see on a lot of porn. They are naturally beautiful, and just wonderful hot awesome girls. The action on the site is your typical porn action. They don't do much out of the ordinary here, but it is never boring and never really gets old. I would like to say here that it is very professionally done. I mentioned that earlier, but it bears repeating. Downloading a video here and watching it will be a lot like renting a professional porno. Is that good? Sometimes. I liked it here, but sometimes you want to see something a little less staged as well. I think they did a good job here, and the videos and pictures both look awesome.

At the time of review, there were a total of 33 sets of content here on Horny Euro Sluts. The site is updated daily with segment updates, which gives us a new set just about every week or so. I like this kind of update schedule because it keeps the site on track and you know they will continually upload the videos for our viewing pleasures! This is a great amount of content, and the site also has a unique bonus system!

There are about 13 bonus sites with this site. However, the trick is, you only gain access to one a month. So if you stay a member for longer, you get more bonus sites. Just to start off with, you get none. In a month you will get one, in two you will get another. Pretty ballsy way of doing things, I say. But I think with the quality level here on these sites, it might actually be worth doing it.


Just an awesome site with beautiful girls. Definately recommended! If I had to change anything I would make some design tweaks, but overall this is just a really good porn site!


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