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Prices: $3.99/1 minute

Review of Private Feeds:

We sit here and talk about porn all day long, and all night long. I love porn, don't get me wrong. But sometimes you just have to go out and look for something a little more real. So when the porn movies just don't do it for me, and nothing in real life seems like it is going to pan out, my first move is to the webcam sites. Real girls, half naked and beautiful, oh my god it can be such a rush. So I am pleasured to review any and all webcam sites. And here I am with a great one, Private Feeds.

Private Feeds is a webcam site. There are tons of these flowing around there, but if you are new to the idea, let me elaborate. On the majority of these sites, there are women sitting in a room on a cam chatting with you. They are usually scantily clad, wearing bra and panties, sometimes more, sometimes less. If you are a fan of clothed women, this can be exciting amongst itself. So you say, where is the porn in this? Well, by buying credits, you can get into a private show, and have the girl under your control, chatting with her privately and getting her to do whatever you want. Hey, if I was rich, this might be better than a girlfriend! Seriously, this is how it works. So you can preview the lovely ladies for free, and then take them off into a corner somewhere for a small price. Kind of like a strip club, but not as illegal!

When you first sign into Private Feeds, you are given the cam of the first girl on the list. You can then pick a screen name and sign into the chat, and also sign in to the website using your name. Underneath the screen of the video there is a listing of all of the girls online right now. They each get some teenie tiny thumbnails, and underneath these there is a brief description that doesn't go any further than their hair color. If you roll over this tiny thumbnail you can get a slightly bigger one. Click on the girl, and go to her room. Simple as that.

The video quality here is what I would consider topnotch. You see, they have a broadband option here on Private Feeds. And when you switch to that option, the video flows like butter. You seriously feel as though you are right there with the girl. It's nowhere near the choppy stuff you get on other sites. It is simply stunning, and I would say that this alone has made PF my favorite webcam site so far!

So what about the girls? Well, I can say that the girl quality here is top notch. I signed on at various points of the day, and I was always treated to a great group of stunning women. Now, this site doesn't have as many asians, black girls, or anything other than euro white girls compared to some of its counterparts. However, to counterbalance that, they have a whole lot more lesbians and couples than you will find on the other sites. The girls here are great.

Along those lines, each girl has a schedule posted, and many of them have a few pictures of themselves on the site as well. The girls are all very friendly, and the chats just seem to flow a lot better than some of those other sites. There doesn't seem to be as much begging, which is one of my biggest pet peeves. My second would be the girls getting caught up chatting with regular and not paying attention to everyone else. That doesn't seem to happen much here either. It just seems like they took the best parts of every webcam site I've been to and made it even better.

Into the private shows, the girls are extremely accomodating. They will do anything you ask (within their personal boundaries) and it is captured in an awesome manner with the broadband videos. Overall, you can get what you want from these girls. Want to see one do a split? I'm sure she'd do it. Feet? You bet.. your money, your fetish, your time. It rocks.


It is really hard to put a rating on sites like this, but let me say that Private Feeds is the top of the heap. Join up, get an approved account, get 20 free credits and see just how much fun you can have! My favorite webcam site from now on for the good looking models and the amazing quality, finally we're getting there!


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