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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4, Windows

Prices: Limited Trial: $2.95/2 days, rebills at $39.95
$29.95/30 days
$59.95/90 days
$89.50/365 days

Review of Cute Angie:

There are tons of things you can do with vegetables. You can eat them, cook them, and play with them. Now I never liked vegetables as a kid, and neither did Cute Angie. But that doesn't mean that we don't like them now! Eating them is one thing, I still don't like that. But one thing I do like is when girls insert them into their bodies as masturbation toys. And that is just one of the hot scenes involved here with Cute Angie, who shares my distaste for eating vegetables, so therefore automatically gets cool points with me. Vegetables, strapons, and lesbian sex, I think we have the perfect formula for a porn site!

Cute Angie is a site with a focus on just one girl, Angie. I hesitate to call it a single model site as it does not share the structure of most single model sites. Instead, it is more like a video site with just one actress continually starring in the role. It is a brainpass site, so if you are familiar with that network you know exactly what I mean. And you also know what you get here, and that is lots of hot mixed action with a focus on the lesbian side of things. The theme here is good and stale at the same time. Angie is very hot and definately deserves a site of her own. On the flipside, there isn't a whole lot of additional theme other than it just being Angie. Its enough to satisfy me though!

When you first sign into Cute Angie, you get a cluttered but organized page which shows you the various sections of the site. You can see the latest two video sets, the latest two picture sets, as well as a poll. For the sets you just get a tiny thumbnail, but thumbnailling isn't too important on single model sites. Its still nice, but here it works good. There is an extensive topbar which you will use for most of your browsing. There are a few ads, but they are kept off the front page which is better than having them on there. Otherwise, this is a rather clean site design, easy to navigate around while still having some complexity as far as structure and look goes. I like it.

The videos will probably be your main attraction to Cute Angie. When you get into the videos page, you get two bigger thumbnails and six smaller along with some info: the length of the video, the number of pictures, and the stars of the show. Nice little organizational thing there. You can then select high speed, low speed, or pictures. Lots of options available to you here. At high speed you can download WMV at 228, 700, or an MPG at 650. On the lower end, you can download WMV at 56 or 128, or an MPG at 350. Tons and tons of options. Now for each option, there are segments. They are five minute segments for the most part, although on one set they still insisted on having the first intro WMV as a shorter file with a different name. No full video option here, which is probably the sites biggest flaw and annoyance. The second bigger flaw and annoyance is the file naming system. It doesn't make any sense and is just a jumbled bunch of letter and numbers. It makes it absolutely hell to pick movies to watch off your harddrive when they are like this. It wouldn't be as big a deal with the full movies, but with the segments it can drive you nuts.

The quality here is very good. As we said, highest quality is around 700k. With that, you get a very respectable picture, but at the same time, it is not perfect. At full screen you will definately see some staticy type bluriness. It's not bad at all, really. But it's not the perfect, crisp screen you could have either. With that said, anybody will really enjoy these videos unless you are a complete quality nut. They are definately watcahable at full screen and all of the elements are present to make these great videos.

Cute Angie also has some standlone, posing pictures on the site. These pictures are mostly all solo, but they are taken extremely, extremely well. The colors are vividly sharp and they pictures just look really amazing. The galleries are organized really well with sensible page splits and very nice thumbnails. Pictures here are 800x600. The pictures don't really overshadow the videos but they are a very nice extra.

Angie is a cute brunette with small but acceptable titties and a very nice body. I am a big fan of her legs, you usually don't see legs like that on a girl as young as Angie is. Anyway, check out the previews for more on her. The action here is much like the other Brainpass single model sites. There is some solo, some male female, but there is mostly lesbian content. And the lesbian content often includes the very incestuous brainpass family, where you will see girls like Christine Young on this site and then go see Cute Angie on her site. Its cool because they are all very hot, but it can get a little old sometimes as well. Great action all around though!

At the time of review, there was a total of 11 video sets and 10 picture sets. Not a huge amount of content, but Cute Angie is a startup, and the track record of brainpass shows that they will keep up with her and continue to produce more and more content for the site on a weekly basis. All of the girls start out slow but really work their way into a groove eventually. Angie is actually a little better at start so I can't wait to see what the future holds for her!

With a membership here, you get a membership to the Brainpass network, which includes: Peter North, Lex Steele, Christine Young, Cute Angie, Onlydp, Iloveitblack, Busty Christy, Doghouse Digital, Melissa Doll, Real Squirt, Sweet Amylee, Silverstone Video, Shelby Bell, I want Latina, Hardcore Fiesta, Girly Bangbang, Black Reign XXX, Kelly Summer, The Lucky Man, Bang Me Boys, and the best porn star name in the world, Cherry Potter. Just an awesome deal here, you can't turn this down.


A very awesome addition to one of the best adult networks out there today. If this is your first time hearing of brainpass, this is definately worth checking out at least once. If you've been here before, time to rejoin, as there are some great new girls to look into and all of the old girls are still updating regularly so you have to refresh your content there too. Just awesome deal!


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