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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: RM, Windows

Prices: $19.95/30 days
$79.90/180 days

Review of British Hot Girls:

There are hot girls all around the world. Every single little country has hot women. You can like American girls, Brazilian girls, Canadian girls, all kinds of girls. And they all have their own little tweaks. Certain different looks, certain different accents. God you have to love those accents! They can come from all over the place! We all have our favorites as well. Personally, I love the accent of british girls. I've seen some girls who are nowhere near sexy, but once they start talking, its crazy sexy. So imagine when you see some hot girls that are British, the accent just makes it ten times better! You can imagine how crazy I get when there are ultra hot girls with that ultra hot accent!

British Hot Girls is a site all about these British Hot Girls! Wow, that makes a lot of sense. Anyway, this is a pictures only site and it is also a solo female site. There is not a lot of penis in here, and also not a lot of lesbian play either. It's basically focused on British girls alone. They are very hot. I like the theme. If you read my reviews, you know I'm a sucker for a regional theme and that is exactly what this is. I'm also a sucker for very hot women, which this also has. So the combination makes me a big sucker for this site!

When you sign into British Hot Girls, you are given a page with thumbnails for each set. There are five per page, and basically what you get is just a small thumb, a description of the set, the girls name and the date added. Not a whole lot of beef to this site design, but the sauce is definately there. By that I mean, while everything is nice and lean, you still get a good taste in your mouth because of the sweetening of the design. Umm, am I making any sense right now? Slap me if I'm not. Anyways, this is a very simple site design but still very effective. The thumbnail shows the girl off, the description tells you all about what is going on, and it all works out nicely. Nothing too special but what you get works.

Now speaking of site design, it is a design flaw that caused me the most annoyance on the site here. In the pictures section, you get a page full of thumbnails obviously. But to get to the next gallery, the link is just a smaller text link. Combine that with the fact that there are no numbers to jump ahead or behind pages, and I just see this as being a primitive site design really. This is in regards to the photo gallery only. But when this is a photo only site, it makes it really hard to navigate these things and drops the entire site down a notch.

The actual photo quality is very good. These pictures are 900 x 600 pixels and look fairly good. These aren't the super high resolution pictures you see at some sites, but for the most part, they are sufficient. The biggest problem here is lack of options. There is only the one picture quality option. There is no way to run a slideshow or download a zip file either. It's pretty much an old school, bare bones site.

The girls on British Hot Girls are wonderfully hot. I mean they are pretty damn awesome. They were definately the high point on the site. They were all white girls, british and awesome. Not much more to say, other than a nice selection of girls. The action here was mostly and primarily solo girl stuff. It was extremely rare to find something else. That doesn't mean you should be turned off by it, because it is still hardcore stuff just solo stuff.

At the time of review, the site had about 165 picture sets and five video sets. I know, I didn't say anything about the videos, because they are completely insignificant at this point. This is a nice amount of content really, but with modern day reality networks, its hard for a pictures site like this to stand up as far as content goes. The site is updated every two-three days so you can get relatively quick updates here.


Everything is in place, but this site is just a little plain. The girls are hot, but the balance is off. The site is kind of primitive to navigate. It just seems like it stumbles in a few areas, and hard enough as it is for a pictures site to thrive nowadays, it is hard for this one especially because of the minor hiccups it has encountered.


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