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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4

Prices: Special: $14.95/30 days (Reg. $24.95)
$59.95/90 days
$119.40/365 days

Review of Ass Hole Fever:

Theres something about the ass that just turns a man on. Taking it a little further, there is something about anal sex that drives a man crazy. Could it simply just be a tighter hole? I don't believe so. That might be a small factor, but there is much more to it than that. It is like a treasure, kind of like taking a virginity. A girl will lock it up really hard and its tough to get in there. And if you finally do, hell yeah, you are golden. If not, you just go back to watching quality anal porn like you find here on Asshole Fever. Do you have the fever? You will after checking out this site!

Asshole Fever is a video site with a focus on hot female asses, and anal sex. It is a slightly more hardcore site than you might be used to, with ass licking, DPs, gaping butts, all that stuff. It definately caters to the harder hardcore crowd. Now this might not be exactly the most unique theme in the world. People love anal, and anal hardcore sites are pretty much a dime a dozen. What makes Asshole Fever unique is that it goes harder into hardcore like I mentioned. But Asshole Fever has a lot more to offer than a lot of those cookie cutter anal sites as well, and that is what we will be getting into as we move on into the review. For now, lets just say its a common theme, but this is among the best of the best when it comes to doing that theme!

When you first sign into Asshole Fever, you are given a very typical for the times member page. Each of the latest sets are highlighted with one bigger thumbnail as well as three smaller thumbnails. Then after a few of the newest sets, you have a link to go to the full updates page and then underneath that you get some highest rated sets, each one with a bigger thumbnail. Theres not much else to the site really, the top of it has a banner and then a little explanation of the site. Its pretty simple and easy here at Asshole Fever. The site design is pretty good throughout the site, with bright vivid thumbnails and a relatively simple design. It won't win too many awards as far as ingenuity is concerned, but it works really well here and doesn't give you any problems whatsoever.

The videos are definately the bigger focus on Asshole Fever. When you get into a videos page, you are given ten thumbnails. The videos are segmented, with each segment getting its own thumbnail. The segments are of varying lengths, because the static number of segments is 10 no matter what. There is also a full length video at the end of the segments. So you can pretty much get whatever you want here. There are tons of options as well. You can watch a stream in Low, Medium, or High. Or you can download in Medium or High. The streams are WMVs and the downloads are MPGs. They all download pretty smoothly, and you can select the quality so you really control the amount of download time and hard drive space you spend up on everything.

The quality of the videos here are awesome. Of course you have the varying qualities based on what you select. But at high quality, the videos are absolutely beautiful. They have bright, vivid colors and are just very good. Even at the lower qualities you get a very good video. So you really can't complain much at all. Just a great video quality. The videos are also shot very professionally, which might be a minus for some. But the videos are done extremely well, with great camera angles in there. There is a keen eye for the action you don't see too often. Just done very, very well.

The pictures on Asshole Fever are ten times better than anything you will see on most sites like this. Instead of using vidcaps, they made seperate pictures for every set. And these are absolutely awesome pictures. These would stand up high to a very good pictures site. This is very good. This isn't really a pictures site, but it is really awesome to see the pictures being such a high quality. And if you are into pictures but not videos, this might not be enough content for you. But it is nice for fans of both!

The girls here are absolutely beautiful. They are wonderful looking, model/porn type girls. You won't be able to see girls that you might see next door. These girls are very skanky looking girls, they definately look like the type that would be into getting their assholes drilled. So there is that factor, and that combined with the professional look might be the biggest problem that most people will have with this site. As far as action, it is hardcore stuff, very anal, very hardcore. Not for everyone, but fans of bigtime hardcore and anal will be more than pleased.

At the time of review, there were a total of 17 sets of content. They update daily. However, they just add one segment daily. But for right now, they are doing them consecutively with different sets, so you actually can get more content than on some other sites that do this. It's a nice update schedule, and while there are no bonus sites, with quality and exclusivity like this, you won't be looking elsewhere for a while!


Pretty much a no brainer for fans of good video, anal hardcore, and nice pictures. This site rocks and is definately worth it!


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