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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4, Windows

Prices: $0.95/1 day, rebills at $29.95
$29.95/30 days, rebills at $24.95
$119.40/365 days

Review of Pee Pee Babes:

I just got out of the bathroom. For me, it's kind of an annoyance. I don't like going to the bathroom because it takes time away from doing other things. One of those other things is watching porn. Hell, I even have weird times that I suddenly have to go to the bathroom. It seems every time I walk into K-Mart, I have to hit the bathroom. The same thing happens every time I am searching for something to listen to in my house. I actually had that one happen to me today. And not only is it weird, it is very annoying. But thats just me. Some people like going to the bathroom, and some people like watching females go to the bathroom. Those who do might enjoy the site Pee Pee Babes.

Pee Pee Babes is a site with a focus on female peeing as well as female masturbation. Let me begin by saying that we don't like to review extreme sites. And this site is not really an extreme site at all. What it is basically is single model masturbation videos. Sure, the girls pee near the end, but you can watch the first ten minutes of the video and just have a good masturbation video, and then if you're not into the pee pee stuff, you don't have to see it. That is what I like about this theme. It is an extreme theme, but it is done in a tame way that non fetish fans can also enjoy. So this is one for female masturbation and female peeing fans. There are no golden showers or anything like that, so its really not extreme at all like I mentioned.

When you first sign into Pee Pee Babes, you are given a page which lists the latest three updates in a reality format with four total thumbnails per girl. There is one bigger thumbnail as well as three smaller ones. There is also a small description and links to check out the videos or to check out the pictures. Underneath all of this is one thumbnail of the highest rated exclusive scenes. This is a very clean, nicely done front page. There is a bunch of leased live stuff, but they contain that all on the bonus content page instead of mucking up the front page with it. The opening banner is also pretty cool and done well. Between this and the actual content is a lot of talk about the site, pretty much giving you the rundown on it. This was cool but I think it is better suited for a preview page than a members page.

The videos are the bigger concern of the site Pee Pee Babes. The videos are available in many formats and sizes. There is a WMV stream in Low, Medium, and High, or you can download MPGs in Medium and High. Each video is segmented into 10 sections. The 10th and final section is a full video download. Each segment has its own thumbnail, so these act as great previews to what the videos have. The video site is a very clean site as well, but with the 10 bigger thumbnails it does tend to be a pretty big page for a video page. Still not a bad thing though, don't get me wrong. The full download is also put at the bottom of the page, and I just think it's better on the top. But I am nitpicking now, mainly because everything here is set up very good and nothing truly needs to be changed!

Talking quality now, the video quality here is great! At full quality, the MPGs have a very big screen. When you bring it up to full screen there is very little to no quality loss. It's not a perfect screen, but it's pretty damn close and everyone should enjoy the great quality of the videos. But with great quality comes great file sizes. A lot of these files are in the 200mb range, which isn't too bad actually but it is a pretty big file size. The best part about it is that you could go smaller if you don't want something so big, and the options are all over the place! Very good for this. The camerawork is done very professionally and these are just great shots of everything.

Pee Pee Babes also has a pictures section. With the pictures here, the site takes the time to give you absolutely wonderful, independently shot photos of each girl that look absolutely awesome. The pictures here are very professional looking and just shot great. Now, it's not to the point where if you only like pictures, you will not like this site. It's not a photo based site, and the majority of the content is focused around videos. But it does have a nice picture section as a bonus if you like both. Very nice, in fact. And you have options. You can download an entire page as a zip file, or also an entire set. This will give you lots of great pictures on your hard drive. I really thought the pictures section was very strong, and very good!

The females on Pee Pee Babes are very beautiful girls. Every model is extremely professional looking, very beautiful girls, maybe a tad bit too pro, but these girls look more like pro models than pro porn stars. They make peeing look tasteful as well, it's not like some of those dirty pee scenes we see out there. Since we're talking action, this is 95% masturbation with the girl peeing a little bit. Seriously, it isn't a pee only site, and if you view it as just that you are missing out on a good site. There are a few female to female showers where the pee on each others pussies, but there is no hardcore peeing on other people stuff. There are no dicks here, its all about the ladies as well. There are a few lesbian scenes but its primarily lesbian stuff. All in all, you get some good action, maybe not the most varied, but who can lose with beautiful women playing with themselves??

At the time of review, there were a total of 21 sets of content here. Thats enough content, but this site doesn't really back anything up with a network, so its about it. The updates come in often, its one of those sites which is updated with one segment per day. So you really only get a new set every ten days, so even though they say daily updates, they only come in less than once a week!


This is a great site for fans of female masturbation and peeing. Its not too hardcore, and its biggest weaknesses lie in its update schedule and its lack of extras. But still, this is a solid site for a rainy day.


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