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Review of Pornstar Networks:

Sometimes a site has so many strikes against it right from the beginning that it is hard to really compliment. Pornstar Networks is one of those sites, and it's one of those sites that I can't even fathom a proper introduction for, so we will begin by talking about the site and the theme behind it first, instead of me coming out with something witty. This site isn't even worth something witty in my opinion, and I'll tell you why as we move in further.

Porn Star Networks is part of the bigger Movie Networks, which is basically a site dedicated to showing you all kinds of movie clips. These don't have to be pornography, the Porn Star Networks part covers that. As far as the part we are interested in, this is basically another one of those "lots of mainstream DVDs on one site" sites. Not one with several different sites like Deluxe Pass, etc. It's all on one site. Now a while ago I might have said cool idea. But the truth is, sites like this have creeped up in our review queue every month or two, and it really makes the judgements on the individual ones harder. And it doesn't help that all of the sites have relatively the same content, which makes it even harder to compete. And this site does all the wrong things in trying to compete, and we will break that down for you right now.

When you first sign into Porn Star Networks, you are given a page that shows a bunch of DVD boxes for the latest updated DVDs put on the site. Theres also top rated, and featured starlets. Your other options are to view by genre, by title, and by studio. The genre option here is terrible. You go to girl/girl, and you see some scenes with a guy in it. There are completely dumb categorizations. "No condom" sticks out as one of those. It just tries to break everything down way way too much in my opinion. I hate categorization on these sites anyway, they never seem to get it right and theres too much overlap. So you will be going by name or by studio. Either way it works better. The actual site design here isn't too bad, its just the categorization that kills it. Once you get inside the sets you get some decent thumbnails that give you a good idea of what is going on as well, overall, not bad design.

Here we go with the video problems. As you can imagine, this is a video site with a heavy focus on videos. And it has three big strikes. Strike one is that the videos are DRMed. In case you don't know what that means, its when you have to have a license to play the movies you download. When your membership expires, so does your license, and you can no longer watch the videos. Webmasters say they do this to combat pirating. It just happens that they also get to milk longer memberships out of it. Wonder, isnt it? Nobody likes DRM, and very few people accept it. And the truth of the matter is, a lot of these videos are available on sites that don't have DRM- so why bother here?

The second biggest problem is the fact that the site requires you to download their own downloading program to actually get these videos. Why they do this is absolutely beyond me. My only thought is they do it so they can limit your downloads at a time. Or maybe they think they are being useful. Either way, I think it's a complete bullshit way to run things. I don't know if anything was bundled with the program, but it claims there isn't. Either way, you should never have to do something like this for a site you have already paid for. I think this is just totally unacceptable.

And issue #3 is the quality. While these come from DVDs, the quality is nowhere near that quality. The videos at high, downloadable quality are 691k and even for that quality are quite grainy. It's not completely horrible, of course, but when you factor in the other issues here, it really just adds to a complete package of this not being worth it. Let's also mention that better quality can be found on the similar sites to this.

You might wonder about the actual videos. Well, you can stream them in high, medium, or low. You can also "download" them. And if you were thinking of being sneaky and downloading the streams, no can do. They are also DRMed. The streams have times of running terrible, like last night for me. Oh well, just chalk up another mess to this site. There are no pictures so lets move right onto the content of the site.

As you can imagine with a site like this, the categories are quite varied. Basically, the action and girls here hit all the bases well but the most focused area would just be general porn. I think sites like this could succeed a lot better if they were more focused, and instead of trying to be an all around megasite, they just be a mature megasite or a lesbian megasite. Sites like this need that focus, and I think if I were to ever do a site like this, it would be more streamlined. The way this is now, you kinda just go here for easy porn, instead of looking for something specific.

At the time of review, the site claims to have 1428 Movies containing 7846 Scenes. I can't count them all but there are a ton of DVDs and scenes, so you will definately have a months worth of content here regardless of the actual number. The updates are not really shown anywhere, I mean other than the front page. And theres no timestamps or anything related to that, so who knows when and how often they update the site.


With its big minuses, and the fact that the lions share of this content can be found elsewhere on the net and also on video, its not really worth a membership here. High points can definately be found, but you can definately go elsewhere for this stuff!


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