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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, MP4, Windows

Prices: $9.95/8 days, rebills at $24.95
$29.95/30 days
$39.95/60 days
$54.95/90 days
$74.95/180 days

Review of Squirting 101:

Lets face it... some girls are just hot. And some sites have the hot girl genre nailed down pretty well. And as much as I would like to sit here and make up something witty about the theme of Squirting 101, I just can't get past the fact that this site has pretty much my wish list of women I could ever want. I seriously felt like in each video that I'd see the most beautiful girl ever, and then just be mistaken. Thats because the next video had a girl even more beautiful! Thats an impressive feat no matter what a sites theme is. And here it just overpowered the theme for me. It could be girls eating sandwiches and I'd be downloading entire sets and begging for more. You can see where this review is going, so let me talk about one of my favorite sites ever, Squirting 101.

Squirting 101 is a New Sensations site. These folks have been doing quality porn for a very long time, and it shows in the site. The theme here is of course girls squirting, and a guy who is very good at making his girls squirt. But that is kind of surpassed by the fact that the girls here are smoking hot! Squirting is definately not a new theme to the porn world, but it is not one of those themes that I would consider to be overdone. So the theme is relatively fresh, and add on some absolutely beautiful women and you have a winner in my book. Theme is very strong here, and I like it a lot!

When you first sign into Squirting 101, well, you actually sign into a network portal page. This page has all the network pages, but also has some of the junk links and ads on here. Whats good about this is that it keeps it off the main Squirting 101 page, but it would be better if they just weren't there at all. When you get into the main page, you are given a very simplistic site. There are 12 sets listed per page. Each set has a small thumbnails and links to either see videos or pictures. The videos are definately the focus here. The thumbnails don't get across the women too well, but it is sufficient. Of course I could always go for better previews on simple sites, but this is what makes them simple! Overall it is a nice, easy to use site design with the obvious flaws that any site this simple will have.

The videos, as I mentioned, are definately the main attraction here on this site. When you get to a girls video page, you have a lot of options. First and foremost, you can download a full video of the girl. You can also download segments in real video, and three qualities of WMV. Overall some great options. Each segment also is represented by its own thumbnail, so you can get a better feel of how the set goes from the video page here. You can also rate the scene here, and I forsee you giving a lot of sets 10's! Overall, just a nice set of options, and all things considered, the downloads do run smooth and cleanly with very few issues!

The quality of the videos is stunning. The full length videos weight in at 1400k, which is an awesome quality and is about double what a lot of sites offer as their highest quality. This is just stunning numbers wise, but theres more. The videos are all extremely professional looking, very polished and overall just very good looking. Mind you, its not quite to the point of being overdone, but its just about perfect in my mind. Everything runs smoothly and just works real well in the grand scheme of things. Very few complaints at all here, everything is very nice!

The pictures live up to the high standards posted by the videos as well! The images here might indeed be vidcaps. I didn't suspect it from the other sites here but it is more obvious here. They are still very good pictures, but a little fuzzy in some cases. They are definately awesome, and you can download zip files of the pictures in addition to being able to browse the galleries. Just giving you another option in the porn world, very nice. Good pictures here compliment the very nice videos!

The girls on Squirting 101 are just awesome. I know I am harping on that a lot, but I really think that I want to grab half of these girls and pull them through the screen. Just some model quality girls, and just awesome! It doesn't hurt to put them in a very female based theme of orgasm either. That is a very good idea actually, because they fit in the theme even better! Speaking of action, the action here is all about squirting and sex. Some videos are really short (five minutes) while others can run longer (thirty minutes.) Theres everything from masturbation to lesbian to male fingering to regular sex on this site. They really don't focus on one main thing, but there is a lot of male fingering here. When I say that, I mean men fingering females, not the other way around!

At the time of review, there were a total of 54 sets of content here on Lil Latinas. This is a great number! Although this site isn't timestamped, the rest of the network is updated weekly so I don't see why this site wouldn't be. Speaking of network, this one is awesome and just adds to the overall coolness of the site.

The New Sensations Network is getting to be one of the best networks out there on the net. They have a lot of variety, and many of the sites are starting to build up big time! The network now includes: New Sensations, Jizzbomb, Squirting 101, Mr Biggz, Lil Latinas, Screaming O, Papaloads, Buttdivers, Nacho's Killer Pussy, and Four Finger Club. Some of these sites are absolutely awesome! They all have that professional feel to them, but they also all have impeccable quality and good taste!


Tons of content, great quality, and the hottest girls I've ever seen. Do I love this site? Hell yeah, I'm all about it. Great, great stuff!


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