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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, MP4, Windows

Prices: $4.95/3 days, rebills at $29.95
$29.95/30 days
$39.95/60 days
$54.95/90 days
$74.95/180 days

Review of Lil Latinas:

Theres something crazy about latinas that drive some men crazy. I happen to be one of those men. Now, I don't think every latina girl is hot. It's not like the asian fetish where it seems like every asian girl is hot to you. It's a more controlled fetish. It's like, sure you like latina girls, usually. Some of them can be real dogs. But at the same time, they can have an absolutely stunning counterpart. Then you just go crazy about that stunning girl, completely forgetting about the dog ugly latina until another one comes along. Yep, that is my latina story, and I am sticking by it!

Lil Latinas is a site focused on younger latina girls. There are tons of latina sites out there, but not a lot of teen ones. And here, I think the latina theme is ten times more prevalent than the teen one. This just doesn't read or play like a teen site in my opinion. Sure, some of the girls on here could easily qualify to be on a teen site. But others would also be out of place on a teen site. So while the younger girl aspect is definately there, I would call this more of a latina site over anything else. And it's kind of a weird theme, because it can be done ten times over and still be very appealing to people who like latinas. So sure, it's overdone, but it's a theme that can be overdone and still be somewhat appealing.

Signing into to Lil Latinas is a two part process. First you sign into the New Sensations portal, which pretty much shows you all the sites you get with your membership. Then you clicky on Lil Latinas to get the content you want. When you get to this page, you are given one thumbnail per girl, with a box around here and links for movies and pictures. The thumbnail isn't big, nor particularly good, but you can get an OK idea of what you are getting into. You get a better preview when you move into the other pages. And thats about it for the site design! The crap level is at zero, its basically just the thumbnails and thats the page. You can also do a dropdown menu and check out the girls there, but that is just by name and no thumbnails. You can also check out the highest rated girls. Overall, the site is just simple in design, yet effective in execution. It won't win any awards, but it serves its purpose well.

The videos are the focus on Lil Latinas. When you go into the videos page, you are given some thumbnails. These thumbnails are for each segment of the video, but they also serve the purpose of giving you a better preview for the videos as well. Each video is available in Real Video, as well as WMV in Low, Medium, and High. There is a full video, WMV high quality download as well. So they pretty much hit all the bases here, I can't see too many people checking out the Real Video files but the WMV qualities are a nice range and you can get the full video, thats all I really ask for!

The quality of the videos is very good. The videos are 1400k at high speed, full quality download and they look really good. There is a little graininess at full screen, but if you sit back far enough from your screen you will hardly notice it. Otherwise these are gorgeous pictures, looking great in any size! It should also be mentioned that these videos are done by a professional porn firm, so they look extremely professional and good while not being overdone like some places do. Very good job all around in this category.

The pictures here are also a pretty big highlight. While they are not a big focus here, the site carries its weight in photos. These pictures are taken from the same content as the videos, but it is obvious they had an independent photographer take them, as they are pretty good still shots. You just can't get quality like this from vidcaps. Anyway, they are 800 x 528 pixels which isn't huge, but the picture quality is still very good and crisp and clean. In addition to viewing the pictures on the site, you can also download a zip file of the entire set. So the options are there, the quality is there, this isn't a picture site by any means but it has all the right tools!

I already touched on the girls here, but for the most part they are attractive latina girls. Many of them, if you've been on latina sites before, you will have seen before. The Sativa Rose and Somas of the world. Both of these girls are very hot, so I'm sure it won't be a problem. They have the subtheme of teens, and while that is apparent in some sets, I wouldn't join this as a teen site by any stretch. It's just a latina site with a fancy name really. Some girls are used more than once here, but it doesn't happen too often. The action is your basic porn action, usually one on one but theres a few sets with threesomes of both natures. The action is of course shot well, and top notch. The videos last about 30 minutes and there isn't much buildup bullshit- the action kicks in pretty quickly.

At the time of review, there were a total of 51 sets of content here on Lil Latinas. This is a great number! Although this site isn't timestamped, the rest of the network is updated weekly so I don't see why this site wouldn't be. Speaking of network, this one is awesome and just adds to the overall coolness of the site.

The New Sensations Network is getting to be one of the best networks out there on the net. They have a lot of variety, and many of the sites are starting to build up big time! The network now includes: New Sensations, Jizzbomb, Squirting 101, Mr Biggz, Lil Latinas, Screaming O, Papaloads, Buttdivers, Nacho's Killer Pussy, and Four Finger Club. Some of these sites are absolutely awesome! They all have that professional feel to them, but they also all have impeccable quality and good taste!


If you like latinas, this is a no brainer. If you like porn, this network is a no brainer. Either way, you should join now and enjou!


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