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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
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Prices: Special: $14.95/30 days (Reg. $29.95), rebills at $29.95
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Review of Next Door Hookups:

Every once in a while you slip into something you don't want to see in porn. Sometimes its an extremely hairy woman. And sometimes its gay porn. I have to admit, I've fallen into the trap a few times. You download a video, and it's not what you think it is. But once you see the guys right away, you have a feeling you have stepped into the gay realm. Theres just something about gay porno guys that you can tell they are gay. And sure, nobody likes diving into the gay realm, but sometimes if you've been around long enough it just happens, and your eyes are never the same again.

Why am I bringing all this up? Well todays site, Next Door Hookups, is straight sex for gay eyes. Does that make any sense for you? It's guys banging girls, and girls and girls together, but its catered for the gay audience. Weird, weird, but cool. I guess it'd be cooler if I was gay, but its still a cool concept. We will go more into that later, but there is also a theme of this being a very amateur site. The girls and guys are said to be regular people, doing porn on the side to make a few extra bucks and to enjoy it. Another definately original way of seeing things, and I think not only will gay dudes enjoy this, but also a lot of ladies. So if you are a little curious, or if you are female, keep your eyes open for this piece of work!

When you first sign into Next Door Hookups, you are given a page which immediately shows the hookups. Each set is given two thumbnails, one with the couples dressed in a portrait kind of way, and the other of the action involved here. The thumbnails are pretty small, and they could better represent the action here without any doubts. On the side of the page, there is a toolbar, but the thing with this is that it won't be used all that much. Most of the pages on it are insignificant or blank. It does look kinda nice though. Although the site is simple and easy to use, it is a little bland. I'd prefer bland over busy and full of junk, but I like a happy medium where a page is used to its fullest. This shows a lot of sets on one page, but you don't really get a good idea of what is included in the sets from the thumbnails.

The videos are definately the focus here. When you click on a set, you get options to either view or download videos in Windows Media or Quicktime. There are both broadband and dialup options. Then there is a little description of the set, which is actually pretty good and well thought out. Definately not as generic as some of those you've seen before. This is also where you can get a better idea of the action with some nice thumbnails. Theres only six, but if these were used on the front page it would have portrayed these sets ten times better.

The video quality here is not good at all. This is probably one of the sites biggest downfalls. The high quality videos are 512k. This is usually around a medium quality. And here, it means a lot of grain at full screen and just not good videos all around. The action is definately different, more on that later. But I think the actual quality here is the bigger downfall. I think if they kicked it up to about 700k, they'd be ok. Throw in some weaker lighting and angle effects, and overall, the videos just didn't really cut it here.

For the pictures, you can view them in either a gallery or a slideshow format. The pictures here are smaller vidcaps, and not really all that good. What was good is that the grain was kept somewhat to a minimum due to the size of the pictures. And they also did a good job of not having a lot of vidcaps, just basically a page full of highlights from the video. That was cool for me at least. I never like overly exhausted picture pages.

The actors here were a big point of the site. A lot of the females were recycled and you see them in many sets. They are all relatively attractive but nothing too special. The men looked gay. I think thats what they were trying to hint at, but these guys look fruitier than Toucan Sam. Theres nothing wrong with that, but it might drive away a few guys. What made it worse was that this really played out like gay porn. I mean, there was a lot more focus on the male than you normally see in porno. It was like the man was the real star and the female was the support, whereas normally its the other way around. Its a little different way of thinking and gave the site some uniqueness. I thought it was cool to mix things up a bit.

So I guess the biggest site-specific question is: will I like it if I'm straight? And the answer is, probably, but you might just want to stick to another site. Why? Because there is a big focus on the male, the guys do seem gay, and the quality isn't really great. Its a cool theme and if you dig on guys it is definately a good site, especially for the bi curious out there. But for me and other straight guys, sure its ok stuff, but we have plenty of porn catering to us out there that we don't really need this.

At the time of review, there were a total of 22 sets of content. This is a decent number, and the site is updated weekly and is timestamped to prove it. There are no bonus sites but you can get discounts on other sites these folks do. Overall, its not an impressive amount of content, but its far from bad either. If you are down with everything else we've talked about here, you probably won't be disappointed.


This is a decent site if you are in the group it is catering too. The quality really needs a stern look. If they upped the quality just a bit it could do wonders for the site. The same goes with the design, which is just kinda plain and weak for the front page. But the advantage is that there isn't a whole lot of stuff like this out there, and you will definately be into it if it sounds interesting to you.


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