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Review of Mother and Daughter Fuck:

I have had two ideas for reality sites for the past few years. In my eyes, these are the best ideas for a website ever. One was to be entitled "Whose Tranny is it Anyway?" and it was a game show type thing, were a guy receives oral from five girls. Four of these girls actually have penises, and one is a real girl. If he selects the right girl, he gets to fuck her. If he selects the wrong girl, he just got his dick sucked by a guy. It would be good for a joke type extra site on a good reality network. My other idea was for a site called Mother Daughter Combos, which is like a combination of the MILF sites and the Teen sites. Me and my friends always look for the elusive mother daughter combo, where both the mother and the daughter are very fuckable. In this site, guys would go out searching for that, and then take them home and bang them both. Well, somebody got a hold of one of my ideas, with Mother Daughter Fuck.

Mother Daughter Fuck is a video site with a focus on a mother-daughter combo who go out and fuck all different types of guys. Needless to say I am going to be a big fan of this site, because it was one of my ideas after all. But the theme really is cool, and I think you'd agree. It can also appeal to older and younger fans alike, as both mom and daughter get their chance at the cock. I would have liked it better if the combos changed from set to set, but you can't have it all. Either way, I love this theme, it takes two cool themes and melds them into one, great idea and I wish I could have used it first.

When you sign into Mother Daughter Fuck, you are given a very simplistic members page. First you see the upcoming set, with a nice thumbnail. The next few updates are told to you in text format next to that. They have that staggered update schedule where they add a few new things to each set every few days, but give you a totally new set about every week. Underneath this is the thumbnails of the rest of the existing content. These thumbnails are done really well and look really good. They give you a great idea of the site content. And the rest of the site is.. well, thats it. You get into the site through a network portal page, and they put all the crap on there. Theres some ads, some leased stuff, but it is all kept off of the individual sites. Which was a nice cool little thing, not having to deal with that stuff.

The videos page is broken down like this: first there are text links to download the videos, and followed by that are thumbnails that can lead you to the pictures, but also serve as great previews for the videos. Nice little setup in that regard. Now, you can download clips of videos in WMVs, a full high quality WMV, full medium quality WMV, and full MPG as well. Lots of options here, but they don't range well in my opinion. They all just seem to be too medium quality, I'd rather see higher highs and lower lows. Either way, the setup is still kinda nice, it's just the quality that really hurts it.

The quality here just is not very good. First of all, the numbers aren't very good. 600k for a high quality can be good sometimes, but here its just not good even for 600k. And some videos are just 300k for the high quality. The MPGs aren't much better either. Even at small screen these aren't very good videos. Lots of pixelation and bluriness here at medium and full screen. The camerawork could be a whole lot better as well. Overall just a disappointment in this category.

The pictures are on the other side of the spectrum. They look great, the thumbnails look great, and the full size screen pictures are crisp and clear as could be. They are not vidcaps, although they are taken from the same action as the videos. The difference is night and day though. Usually with sites its the other way around. Here its great pictures and videos that could be better. But I wouldn't go so far to recommend a membership just for the pictures, either, as the videos are the focus and that is obvious here.

The mother/daughter combo here was pretty nice, the mom is a hot older woman with a nice body and the daughter plays that role well as well. They are both really hot and everything looks really good so far. The action here is usually pretty regular stuff, with the two woman taking their turns on the guy and not really getting involved with each other really. Basic stuff, but it is made ten times hotter when you take into account the fact that these two are mother and daughter! It can get boring with the same two girls all the way through, but it doesn't really affect it too too much!

At the time of review, there were a total of 9 sets of content on Mother Daughter Fuck. Seeing as how this is a newer site and a newer network, it is acceptable to have this amount. What is bright is the fact that the site is updated with a new one every two or three days, which is just excellent and should get the site on its feet real quickly. Those updates aren't full set updates, but rather a component such as say pictures or a certain type of movie. But still, it remains to be a great way for everything to work out to have more updates in a short period of time!

This new network includes: Creamed Feet, Fucked Tits, Penetration Tease, Sleep Assault, Spanked and Abused, and Mother Daughter Fuck. These sites are all pretty much in their infancy, and there are some original themes and some decent content coming out of some of them. Maybe not the best network out there, but definately one with some potential to watch as a newcomer!


Great, great theme- but the videos need work. Simple as that. Solid all the way around except in that regard, but unfortunately, that is the BIGGEST regard!
We're just gonna paste a note here from the front page of the site so that people don't get the wrong idea here either:
The Mother and Daughter DO NOT participate in Incest !


Reader comments:

Comment by: Hewie Rating: 09-09-24

Very Good

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