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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4

Prices: Special: $19.95/30 days (Reg. $29.95)
$89.50/365 days

Review of Kelly Summer:

A beautiful girl in a long line of beautiful girls. What a novel concept isn't it? You know, sometimes a certain area will stick out as being very sexy girl heavy. I just got back from one of those places. No, it wasn't a beach or a college area or anything like that. But regardless, every time I turned my head, I saw a sexy girl. And just when one disappeared, I came across another one. Was I in heaven? No, it was just New Hampshire. Who would have thought that so many sexy women could be in the Live Free or Die state? I was impressed. It kind of reminded me of the Brain Pass network. Why is that? Because everywhere I look on Brain Pass, there is a sexy woman. And its latest addition, Kelly Summer, is no exception to that rule!

Kelly Summer is the newest single model site on Brain Pass. You might hear me say Brain Pass this, Brain pass that. Brain Pass is the network that houses all of these wonderful women. It is a cool network because it is slightly different from everywhere else on the net, but in a very good way. It's to the point where if you know the network well enough, all I need to say is "Brain Pass" and you will already have a very good idea of what the site is like. And I don't mean that in a bad way at all, because it really excels at its uniqueness! The theme here is based on Kelly Summer, the single model, but this is more of a video focused site than a single model site, although it does have its share of good single model features as well. I guess the best way to put it is as a single model site, but way more professionally done than lots of the single model sites out there!

When you first sign onto Kelly Summer, you are given a nice little index page. I think the most endearing quality is the fact that they give you a very nice, well laid out group of toolbars. It takes you pretty much anywhere you would want to go in the site, and very easily. The rest of the page shows the latest- latest diary, latest video set, latest picture set. And then there is a poll question. Not exactly a beefy main page, but it lays out the content very well and is very cool and simple. I think the design here just works really well, and there are no real complaints. A nice, easy to use site from Kelly Summer!

The videos are the bigger focus of the site. The video page is laid out very much like a reality site, with two bigger thumbnails and six smaller ones. These give you a really good idea of what you are getting in the videos. There is also a description which helps out in that regard, but is also fairly cheesy and generic like most of them are. You have options of high speed and low speed video, as well as vidcaps. The quality options are high speed are WMV 700, MPG 650, and WMV 228. At low quality they are WMV 56, WMV 128, and MPG 350. This is a huge range of options and should be able to satisfy everybody. One of the biggest issues I've always had with the network is that there is no full video download, just segmented pieces. Now the segments aren't too bad, usually ranging from 5-8 segments per set. But what is bad is the fact that the file names are all screwy. They have their own way of naming files, and they just happen to be like V02329_m2 etc etc. It's like reading some kind of special code. And while you can decipher it, when there is about a million of them on your computer, it can sometimes be hard to do it. Especially if you mix them when you download. My biggest suggestion to them has always been to just change the names to something easier on the eyes. It might be a little thing but this has been my single biggest problem with this network since I first starting viewing their sites over a year ago. The file names wouldn't be as bad if there were full videos, too, you know.

Onto the quality of the videos, it is pretty good. At the highest quality, which is around 700k, you get a pretty nice picture. This is by no means perfect, but you do get a nice little screen when you full screen it. You get a little pixelation but it is definately tolerable and it works well in context with the file sizes. The actual videos are done very professionally. The entire network is like this, professional videos done really well. Nothing amateur here at all, which is why it is kind of hard to categorize the site as a single model one. But it is, just done professionally well. And the videos reflect that as do the independent pictures.

As I already mentioned, there are some vidcaps on Kelly Summer. But there are also some nicely done, independently shot "posing" sets. They are very nice and clean, thumbnailed well and available in either gallery or slideshow format! The big sized pictures are 600 x 800 pixels and they are looking pretty good. They did a really good job adding pictures to what is definately a video focused site, so for that I commend them and say continue the good work, every site needs some good pictures!

There are also some nice bonuses on the site, as far as being a single model site goes. There is a live show, which I don't think has been fully activated yet. There is also a diary section. You can also send Kelly a request or a message if you'd like. It's relatively interactive, not as far out as some sites go, but it's also more than just pics and movies, which is nice.

So lets talk about Kelly for a few. Kelly, like most of the brain pass girls, is a very beautiful Canadian girl with a very good look. She can be pretty amateur looking, but also totally pass as the kind of kinky porn girl you love to watch. She is a skinny blonde, and I have been totally digging that lately even though it is not regularly my thing. So that was good for me. The action here is very hardcore. The site has a focus on both male female as well as lesbian sex. They are both represented well, but I'd say there is a bigger focus on the girl girl stuff. Remember that Brain Pass is also very incestous. This can be a good thing and a bad thing. Girls from the network sites will turn up here, and Kelly will turn up on their sites. It happens a lot here, and while it is cool, sometimes it can be a little old too. But it's usually more towards the cool side

At the time of review, there were a total of 9 video sets and 10 picture sets. That might not seem like a huge amount of content, but they are working on it and I know that as time goes by it will get bigger and bigger. We always do these Brain Pass sites in their infacy, and they always mature into great sites even if they begin on slightly shaky ground. And this one begun with a bang so I can't wait to see what the future holds. Speaking of the future, the site is updated about once a week I believe, so it will grow and grow quickly!

The Brain pass network I have been talking about includes: Peter North, Shelby Bell, Sweet Amylee, Boys Casting, Christine Young, Silverstone Video, I Want Latina, Melissa Doll, Real Squirt, Hardcore Fiesta, Lex Steele, Doghouse Digital, Busty Christy, Girly Gangbang, and Black Reign XXX. Basically it's a bunch of professional, nicely done sites, some containing some porn movies, and others being very nicely done single model sites. Overall it all really works out good and makes for quite the formidable network.


Kelly Summer is a great addition to one of the best networks on the internet. Anyone should try this out at least once, and I know I shouldn't even have to review a new Brain Pass site for some people to ante up and catch up on lost stuff as well as check out the new stuff. It is simply just an awesome network, and Kelly Summer is just the next in a long line of girls to make it one of the best deals on the internet. Do check out the samples here first and whatever there might be on the tour of the site to make sure you dig this girl, if you don't dig the girl on a single girl site... ;)


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