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Review of Demi World:

Theres just something about big tits on an older woman that drives me crazy. I'm sure i'm not the only one too. They just fit together, kind of like bread and peanut butter. It's even better if the woman is extremely hot. I've always liked older woman, theres no question about that. But when you throw a nice rack on an older woman, it's like putting the peanut butter on the bread. Even if they are a little saggy, its still a beautiful thing. That is why I was immediately attracted to Demi of Demi World. She is a pretty girl, but her rack is just awesomely amazing. So her website really got me interested, and today we will take a comprehensive look at it!

Demi World is a single model site with a focus on the lovely Demi. She is a brown haired older woman with great tits, a nice full body, and just a great attitude overall. What I really like about Demi is while she is an amateur, she still has a great body that is a joy to look at. Therefore, I think she is very suitable for a single model site. And trust me, there are plenty of women in the world that are way to bland for a single model site, even if they are the hottest girls ever. So Demi succeeds in that regard and therefore I think the theme here is really pretty good!

When you first sign into the members section, you are given a topbar and two thumbnails. You can go to the pictures page or the videos page. Simple as cake, and it really can't be talked about much more. Simple, straightforward to the point, and absolutely no bullshit. I can't think of a better setup personally. The rest of the site is set up equally as simple. But I think the thumbnailling was a little small for my tastes. Sure, it's single model and thumbnails don't mean as much, but it would have been nice to know what was going on the videos before I downloaded them. But really, this is just a simple, bare bones, effective site design. Sometimes you just don't need that much!

The pictures are definately the beefier part of this site, so I guess we can talk about them first. When you get into the pictures section, you get those small thumbnails I was talking about. They are surrounded by a black box and they really do look quite contrived and crappy. When you get into the actual galleries, you will also notice that the thumbnails are very rough looking. The big pictures are fine, but the thumbs are rough. Not a huge deal but it can be kind of annoying when you are looking at the galleries. But enough of that. Let's talk specifics. Most of the galleries have around 35-50 images, and they are all taken very well. Lots of thought was put into the pictures and it really shows. There are some great shots here!

The pictures are 1024 x 768 pixels and they look really good. If you can get past the shitty thumbnails, which I'm sure you can, you will love these pictures. Usually the thumbs are clear and then the big size is pixelated, here its the other way around! Can't fight that though, the pictures are great! The one snafu is that the navigation between pages within a gallery is very old school with the next button and thats it. Well, again it's not a huge problem but its there. Definately a great site with the pictures.

The videos here are a little bit of a different story. First, you still get the one crappy thumbnail. Here it sucks a lot more, since these are videos and fairly big, I like to have a little more knowledge before jumping in. There are some short videos and some long videos, and some medium videos. Some really felt more like clips while with others I was completely satisfied with the run time. The download speed qas somewhat slow in parts for me, but I hate to make generalizations so disregard that while keeping it in the back of your mind. The technical parts of the video page could definately use a little work, but there are also no real fatal errors which I think are terrible.

The video quality is really good at 1000kb for these WMVs. There is only the one quality, and they are all full videos. That works out good as well. But these are amateurly shot videos, and it kind of shows in the work here. While it wasn't horrible, you can definately tell the difference. Some people care about that more than others, so I just figured I'd bring it up.

As with most single model sites, there is quite a bit of solo action here on Demi World. But don't get me wrong, there are also some regular hardcore sets. The videos seem to have more variety, with a few hardcore and a couple of lesbian sets. The pictures are almost always solo so far. Works out nicely, I think, because hardcore works better on video and solo works better in pictures, so the balance here is nice!

At the time of review, Demi had a total of 38 picture sets and 16 video sets. Now while those are ok numbers, I really need to see more from a single model site to be overly impressed. I just think they need to open with at least 40 because of competition, and this hasn't even hit that yet. Still, it's not a bad number by any means but I just expect more from single model amateur sites like this. And with no bonuses as well, it just serves my case more.


Demi World is a nice little single model site. Demi is a hot woman and there is nothing really too wrong with the site. But it's just a little too old looking design wise. And the content really needs a shot. It also lacks a lot of the personalization and cool shit a lot of single model sites have. This is by no means bad, just a little bland and just there. But it can still be a good value if you like Demi, and I did!


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