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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4, RM, Windows

Prices: $4.95/3 days, rebills at $29.95
$29.95/30 days
$54.95/90 days
$74.95/180 days

Review of NS All Access:

I admit there are sites out there that I just wait to get released. For a few years now I have been tracking New Sensation's online ventures and every time I have been applauding their no-bullshit style of developing their sites. Now they have finally released their big "one sites gets all"- package (you have to do that these days right?) and seriously, if you got a porn fever running, this mega site is just what the doctor ordered.

New Sensations have been around for a long time and if you ever dared to go to the video store to buy or rent some DVD's that featured the best looking babes in hardcore action, my bet is that you picked up a copy of one of their releases. With the internet porn business booming we have seen a big wave of reality porn almost completely flooding the net with second rate girls and cheap gonzo productions. The advantage of having a big company like NS starting to focus on the internet is that they obviously have the resources to get top of the line girls and produce movies that care about the little things like decent lighting and steady camera work. Yeah I know, I sound like a porn-prude but you get to appreciate these things after having thrown up a couple of time because of wobbly camera work.

If you didn't realize it yet, this review covers which is basically a portal to sign up with to get access to all the NS sites. All of these sites feature very high quality videos, all downloadable without drm crap and all their content is of course exclusively produced by them. All the sites run a very simple layout style where you immediately get an overview of all the video and picture sets available. While the videos are available in 3 different quality formats that go from "good enough for a 56k user" to "kickass quality for broadband users" the picture sets are medium in quality but at least there are no screen captures of the videos, they are actual shot pictures. These are all 600*800 resolution pictures.

The content of the sites depend on how old they are, 8 of the sites had 50+ sets available (around 400 videos probably more) and then there were two that each had 25 and 30 sets available. What is important to remember is that each sites address a certain niche, you have your reality style site, a blowjob focused site, lesbian, Latina, squirt, anal, cum and overall straight up porn on the already mega site
To give you an idea of each site we have picked out some quote from our previous reviews for each site:
"…The action on Four Finger Club is strictly lesbian. Girl on Girl, with a few three girl sets as well. Hey, nothing wrong with an all girl threesome. In fact, bring it on! Well the action is pretty cut and dried lesbian stuff, you know the drill. They don't do anything too special here, but as far as lesbian sex goes, it's really really good. The girls on here are pornstar looking, and I know I've seen a lot of them before. That doesn't stop them from being extremely hot though, and they are! Yummy, yummy girls, and in downloading through, I haven't passed up a set yet- that speaks to the quality here as well…."
"…New Sensations are known for quality and I don't think this site is an exception at all, of course this is not a reality site it's really just no-nonsense porn. Because of the lack of storylines I think the site loses a bit of "personality" perhaps so don't look for that, but if looked upon as a hardcore porn movie site, you get a shitload of high quality movies at a very reasonable monthly price…."
"…The action here on Nachos is pretty varied. While there is no specific niche for the site, they do capture a broad range of sexual acts here. But they will only do some of them once. Like theres one set with a footjob, but thats it. In the end, you find yourself with a good variety of porn. They seem to lean more towards the hardcore type of sex as well. The girls here are very hot, and they fit into the site very well. The preview will give you a good idea of the girls here, but there is no particular type of girl, just hot ones!..."
"…This is a site filled with great content for lovers of the POV blowjob niche, and I know there are a few of you out there! I would say I got my money's worth here and the quality of the movies is great. The downfalls for the site is the design, the fact that the videos are segmented and that the download links are placed in stream window. Also it's safe to say that the site lacks personality as most of the scenes just start with a girl with a dick in her mouth. You get a good amount of quality porn for your buck so if you're looking for the vids in this niche, it's worth consideration…."
"…This is the site that started it all, over the years this has developed a lot and over time has started featuring higher and higher quality videos while still featuring the hottest babes in the business. The amount of exclusive content on this site can probably not be counted in a day or two but it's a blast to go through it all here because you never reach the end…."
We just saw this site added today and we will have a complete review up soon. For now there are 53 episodes featuring girls that get teased, usually by a guy, till they squirt all over the place. Navigation is just like the other sites and quality is very high 1400k wmv files.
"…The quality here at Mr Biggz is just, well, wow. The high quality videos are perfect. Or about as close to perfect as can get. The quality here is a huge, huge 1400k. Now that may lead to some slower downloads, with the videos being close to 40 MB per three minute segment, but it also leads to some absolutely beautiful quality. It looks almost flawless, even at full screen. The videos are relatively short and BS-less so that helps the download times immensely. With a quality level almost double of what most sites have as their high quality, Mr Biggz scores big in the quality department…."
Another site that has been added since we last looked over the NS network. This site features hardcore videos of Latina girls getting fucked and both videos and pictures are available for complete download. Quality is high and navigation is simple just like the other sites.
"…The girls here on Butt Divers are pretty good looking girls. What you get is what you would expect if you went to the store and bought a generic porn DVD off the shelf, those types of girls. Not exactly the most realistic stuff here, but it makes for really good wank material. I just wanted to say wank material, I apologize. The action here of course focuses on anal. Thats not all the site focuses on, but it's a pretty big focus. The action here is primarily one guy and one girl, with some occsional variances. Theres nothing more than your typical, solid porn action with a little anal thrown in…."
This site is girls masturbating till they get an orgasm (bet you didn't see that one coming). It is the very latest addition to the network and so far featured only 15 sets (pictures and videos). It wouldn't be just for this site I would join.

If you are tired of all reality styled networks this is the best alternative out there. It has to be one of the very best buys out there at the moment and you will never ever get all of this high quality content downloaded, I don't care how fast your connection is (OK maybe there are exceptions). Overall you can't go wrong with this network of sites, NS continues their focus on quality in production and their girls so it's a big thumbs up from me. I would also like to add how refreshing it is to not see any drm/streaming-only tricks here to get us to stick around.


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