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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4, Windows

Prices: Special: $17.95/30 days (Reg. $39.95)
Limited Trial: $1.00/2 days, rebills at $39.95
$95.40/365 days

Review of MILF Next Door:

The person that lives next door to you can be very important. It might be a family member. In some families, people choose to move near each other so that they can be closer. I know some families that take up the whole block of a street. Now thats cool if you ask me. But sometimes it can be a real asshole too. Hey, sometimes the asshole IS a family member. But regardless, your neighbor can make your life great- or they can make it a living hell. So why am I talking about this? Well, I am reviewing another "next door" site, MILF Next Door.

I know I said another Next Door site. Now I know of a few ____ Next Door sites, and they are all on different networks done by different people. I'm not sure if one is trying to ride the coattails of another, or what, but it is kind of annoying actually. I mean, it can be confusing. But anyway, this is a reality site focusing on milfs who also happen to be into other milfs. Pretty unique theme actually, because the majority of the MILF sites out there seem to be all about regular hardcore action. I like how this is a little different. So it's a pretty unique theme, but it really doesn't show in the name. I mean, MILF Next Door? Sounds like an amateur mature site to me. I'm sure they could have done better than this as far as a name. It should be noted that this site is on the MILF Hunter network, and that is one of the originals as far as milf sites go, so add that in as a plus right away as well.

When you first sign into MILF Next Door, you are given a main page which first shows the latest update. This gives a slightly bigger thumbnail, along with a highlighted box with a full description and links to the various pictures and videos. Underneath this are all of the other sets listed, with smaller thumbnails, and not as big of a description, just a tidbit of the description really. They show all of the content right here on the front page, there is no seperation of pages. It doesn't really hurt here, combination of smaller thumbnails and lower content really. Then they list the other bonus sites in this network, some leased shit, and then some ads for other sites. The ads kind of bothered me. It seems Bang Bros, these guys, and Taylor Bow have all combined to advertise for each other on their sites. Which kind of sucks, because we don't need ads for other pay sites when we already signed up for pay sites. But hey, at least they are good ones! Thats about it for the front page. It is a little long due to the leased and ad stuff, but cut that out and it'd be a respectable site design. It still is, but it needs to be shortened!

The videos are definately the focus on MILF Next Door. The videos are segmented into three pages, each with several segments per page. For each segment, you can stream in either dial up or broadband, and you can also download an MPG. Furthermore, each of the three pages has a full portion available in ASF/WMV. So, this might be a little confusing, well, you can either download or stream a bunch of segments, or you can download three segments. I know it is still a little confusing but if you've been a member of this network, you probably understand the setup. If you haven't, it really isn't all that bad. The thumbnails on the actual set pages give you a great idea of what the set runs like, so from there you can tell if you really want to download the set or not. Everything here is organized nicely and looks pretty good. There is not really much to complain about here, everything is in order.

The quality here on Milf Next Door would probably be the biggest weakness. Even if you go with the MPGs in the small segments, there is still a lot of pixelation. I know most are like me and will download the three segments, and those are done in 358k. I'd say these are a notch slightly below the MPGs, but they also have the easiness factor to them. So thats up to you which way you go, but I will tell you right now, either way, the quality definately needs some work.

Milf Next Door also has picture sets for all of the content. These pictures are high quality, independently shot pictures of the same girls but looking great in pictures. They come in at a relatively small 640 x 426 pixels but they still look really crisp and clear. While I wouldn't come here specifically for pictures, they are very good and nice to look at. If you really like a set, they are also good to have because they are crisp and clear as opposed to the videos, so at least you can have something that is pretty clear. Overall, a very nice pictures section and one I would love to visit again!

The women on MILF Next Door are older, hot women. See, the thing with this MILF site is that the women aren't too much different than what you might see on a regular porn site. Some of them look a little aged, but they are still beautiful top of the line women. That works for the mainstream porn fan who isn't completely into the older women. But for a mature fan, it's a little bit of a problem. Either way, the women are really satisfying! The action here is all lesbian stuff, mainly in groups of four. It's a cool concept, different from what we normally see on here but it works very nicely because of being that different.

At the time of review, there was only a total of ten sets of content. Milf Next Door is a relatively new site, and the content will continue to build. The site is updated with a new set every week, with the three various pages being added at different points in the week. The content might be a little lacking, but the fact this is on a major network will ease that pain a little bit.

This network includes: MIlf Hunter, 8th Street Latinas, Captain Stabbin, Cum Fiesta, Big Naturals, We Live Together, Mike In Brazil, Mikes Apartment, In The VIP, Euro Sex Parties, Top Shelf Pussy, Boys First Time, Wives in Pantyhose, and Round and Brown. As you can see, there are three MILFy sites on here, so that is very good for fans of the milfs!


This is another good site to come along in this network. Quality is the biggest issue, it needs to be improved at least 100% for us, even if it means having less time spent on the nonsexual stuff. Otherwise, everything else is in order, and everyone should sign up for this network at least once. So just chalk up another good site for it! As networks go, this is probably the best one out there.


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