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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MOV, Windows

Prices: Limited Trial: $2.93/3 days, rebills at $39.93
$29.99/30 days

Review of Want Wendy:

Do you want Wendy? Well, I do. That is if we are both talking about the same Wendy. Wendy is a beautiful teen with a nice smile and an even nicer body. Sometimes you are distracted, you think, do I look at the smile, or do I look at the body? I think most of the time we will be directed more towards the body. We tend to do that sometimes. No matter how great a girl looks, sometimes we just can't stop checking out the rest of her body. And it works to the opposite as well. Sometimes there is a dog with a great body, and all we can think is, damn, what an ugly face! Men are weird like that sometimes. I think maybe thats why there are so many lesbian and bisexuals out there nowadays! But anyways, back to the object of our affection today, Wendy, and her website, Want Wendy!

Want Wendy is a bare bones single model site with a focus on the teen Wendy. She just turned 18 and she is so horny. Well, thats what the site says at least. She does look like a true younger girl, and while that is always a plus, there is lots more to say here too. When I say there is a theme of a single model, the sites can go one of two ways. One is that it's just a porn site which happens to only have the same girl on all the sets. The other is a site that absolutely embodies the girls persona, and uses it to the fullest. This is more of the former, which is unfortunate for true single model fans, but we will live, right? Anyway, the theme here is pretty much Wendy, who is a teen.

When you first sign onto Want Wendy, you are taken directly to a videos page. Here the videos are listed down with a description that goes across the screen, so each set is on top of each other with just one thumbnail. It looks pretty decent. Each video set is given a short description. And then you click away to videoland page! I'm actually surprised they start out with the videos on the front page because I think the pictures are more potent here. But anyways, links on the top bar will take you to the pictures section, as well as the main page and upcoming trailers. On the bottom is a text listing of all of the bonus sites. Mainly all leased sites, but some were semi-cool. Thats about it for the site, there is then the obligatory bottom stuff and thats it. Overall, it's a nonoffensive web design. Theres a lot of leased links, but it's kept to text on the bottom which is a cool way of doing it. The only real weirdness here was the videos being featured on the main page. I thought it might be better suited for a split, since the pictures here are very potent. Just a weird little site design, nothing too wrong with it, but it's definately one that could use a little oomph to put the site over more.

Since the videos are highlighted first I guess we can talk about them first. When you get to a video page, you are given a slightly bigger thumbnail of the picture on the front page. Then theres a description and two itty bitty links for WMV and Qts. Now, when you click the link, it brings up a stream in a new window. But you also have the option to download a video, which is listed under each stream. These are done in full video only, so no segments and not a lot of headaches in downloading them. It all is pretty smooth actually, and if you prefer streams, you have that option too. Rock n Roll! No quality options, and that is always suspect, so lets see how the quality works itself out.

The videos here weigh in a hair underneath 300k. As with full movies with no quality options, you usually get a lower quality here. Now, for what they are, I'll say I've seen 500k movies look a lot worse than this. But you still have a very weak quality here, and I think it needs to be made better. The videos themeselves were shot well and look really good. But the only thing is, it's hard to enjoy them at such a small bitrate. Of course, I will still keep these movies and watch them! But at the same time, the quality needs to be at least three 2 and a half times better.

The pictures here are quite good. In fact, I found the pictures way better than the videos. I don't know why they weren't featured, but whatever. The pictures are completely independent of the video sets. When you go to the picture section, you are given a page with a lot of different sets, each represented with a smaller thumbnail. There is two pages of content here. The pictures themselves are pretty beautiful, independently taken and looking great. Some thought put into them as well, with some nice poses captured. There are some pitfalls, and that would be there is no slideshow and there are no zip downloads of the pics. But at the same time, those are things I wouldn't care about if the pictures were shit- so I guess its a good thing that they are missing. Huh?

Wendy is a very, very cute younger girl. She's not braces and lollipop cute, but more in the way of being a very sporty younger girl who you can throw it into all day and all night long. She is a great focus for a single model site if you ask me, and I wish they would have done more with her. The action here is mainly solo stuff, but it is not a softcore site. There is lots of penetration and nudity and stuff. But at the same time, it's pretty much all done by Wendy herself, and that is a staple for softcore for some people. I think it's cool, it would take a way a lot of her beauty if every other video was her getting plowed in the ass. I like it this way. It's a lot of stripping and masturbation, but I think it fits well. Just like I'd fit well in her... errr.. did I say that?

At the time of review, there were a total of around 20 picture sets and 8 video sets. Not exactly a world of fire in the content department. And on top of that, theres no real bonus sites. Sure, theres a ton of leased stuff. Some of it is more original, like the stuff from the Naughty Therapy network we've discussed here. But all in all, it's nothing too special. So as far as extras and bonuses and overall content go, it could definately be made better.


Do I Want Wendy? Only if she gets a better site! Seriously, this has its flaws. The videos are featured when they are pretty weak, and the pictures are sort of pushed away when they are pretty good. The site itself needs more functionability as a single model site. If you can't email, or get extra stuff from a girl, there damn well better be a lot of good content on a site. And it fails there too. The biggest shame is Wendy is a fox and must be seen. It just wasn't meant to be here though I guess.


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