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Review of Ejaculating Babes:

As a kid, I used to play with squirt guns quite a bit. They were always fun. They came in different styles too. I mean, you could get one of those cheapo dollar store squirt guns, or you could get the super ultimate Super Soaker, which came with like a backpack, extra ammo clips, all kinds of stuff like that. It was crazy. But I still say, size doesn't matter when it comes to squirt guns. I'll soak the piss out of someone with a dollar store squirt gun if we have an extended war, and walk out dry as a camel. So what does all of this have to do with porn? Well, some girls have their own personal squirt guns. Some of them can be equated to those dollar store squirt guns, whereas others can be compared to the super soakers. Either way, we get to see them in action here with Ejaculating Babes.

Ejaculating Babes is a website with a focus on women who ejaculate, big and bold so that we can all see it. Let me first say that this is not an original site at all. Rather, it is a collection of previously seen videos from all over the place. With that said, I'm not big into the ejaculation scene. So I don't know exactly how common these videos are. But what I can tell you is that despite being somewhat equal to a junk site, this one pulls itself out of the mud with an excellent design, good quality, and a nice amount of content. So if you want to spend a day with some cool, easy loading videos, have fun here!

When you first sign onto Ejaculating Babes, you are given a page which has the latest conent listed in order of time. Each set has one little thumbnail, it's not much, but its what you get here. On the right hand side of the page is a text listing of all the genres that this network has. Now, each different genre has a page just like this one. There are also pictures listed underneath. Otherwise, thats about it for this site. Theres really not a whole lot to it. There is a toolbar which can direct to the more spammier things in life, but that is pretty unobtrusive and really easy for someone to skip over anyway. So overall, while the site design isn't ideal (needs more thumbnails) at least they focus on the actual site content and not trying to sell you more or trying to beef up the site with all different kinds of leased sites. That is a common practice among sites like this, and I thought it was nice that it didn't take place here.

The videos are definately the focus here. They come in only one format, and that is WMV. They are also mostly cut up into different segments. Now the video section here is pretty unique, and cool. When you get to a girls video, you are taken to a well designed player. The first video streams, and you can select to move from stream to stream, or download a particular segment. I know, it doesn't sound like anything special in words, but in design, it is a sleek, nicely designed page. Definately something for the masters to be proud of.

And the quality here isn't all that bad either. The WMVs are about 512k, but they are a strong 512k without a lot of pixelation or bluriness at all. It really works out rather nicely. I mean, quality freaks are not going to be happy. But the videos run smoothly when streamed, and download fastly when they are downloaded. I don't think my videos were buffering more than once or twice, and I went through a ton of videos. Overall, this is a passable video section.

The pictures are quite alright too. They are not vidcaps, in fact, they are not even related to the videos at all. So it's like getting double the content, and double the fun. I don't know where these pictures came from, I'm assuming they are unoriginal like the video content. But either way, they are nice to have and look at, and they are middle quality pictures that no good man cannot save!

The girls here on site are all pretty attractive. Of course, they are a big mixture of girls, because any girl can squirt. And basically it's just a big mish mash of stuff. Some girls you will find extremely attractive, others maybe not. But in the end the girls are all pretty ok, and you can quote me on that one! The action here is varied as well. Usually when you think of squirting you think of solo action. Not always true here, there is some hardcore stuff as well. It's basically just a big mix, as you might expect from a site that is really just a collection of previously available videos.

At the time of review, there was a total of 79 videos of content. That is just a huge number no matter what is going on, and I find it hard not to commend a site with that amount of work on it. It should also be mentioned that videos are added every two days! So the content should keep rolling in until they can no longer keep up with the torrid pace! Now, there are bonus sections. Each one probably has a name somewhere like Ejaculating Babes, but once you get into the site, they are just named by category. So while this is Ejaculating Babes, inside its just Female Ejaculation. So anywhere, there are about 34 sections to the site, all exactly the same as this one with a different genre. That means a vast library of porn for you to look through.


When I first signed on, I thought, oh great, another batch of fucking spam sites. But this site might be done in that style, but it is done with intelligence and furious updates. While this might not be the most original stuff, or the highest quality stuff, this is definately fun for a day of porn browsing. Especially if you are a little on the broke side, the one day trial is definately a nice way to spend two dollars and get some good porn. It's still "that" style of site, but it's the best site like this I've run across, however the monthly subscription is just way, way overpriced.


1 Day Trial- $1.95
30 Day Trial- $16.95

Trials rebill at $38.21

Billing by Paycom


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