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Review of Black Dick White Slits:

One of the biggest fetishes around is interracial. Black men on white women. I have a porn word game for you. Black ___, White _____. Fill in the blanks. You can pretty much come up with the names of a dozen porn sites using this method. And hey, this site is no different. And yes, it is old and it has been named like this before. But still, it's fun to see how many variations can come up without someone copying someone else. So yes, I invite the many Black ___, White ____ to continue naming themselves that, if not for anything else than for my own amusement. And we all know my amusement comes before all else!

Black Dicks, White Slits is a video site with a big focus on interracial sex. Not exactly the newest or most exciting concept in the world, I know. But hey, it works and it looks good doesn't it? I would like to have a little spice thrown into this theme though. I mean, interracial is great to watch, I enjoy it. But how about throwing another kink in there. How bout like, Black Dicks, White Feet? Or Black Dicks, White Redheads? It's still interracial and those fans will still like it, but it will cater to a whole new crowd and also be creative and intriguing all at once. Sometimes I wish I had a camera (and a bigger dick!) So what I am basically saying here, is the theme is ok, but it has been done before and it will be done again.

When you first sign onto Black Dicks, White Slits, you are given a members page which is very simple and easy to use. The site is designed nicely, and it goes like this. When you first sign into the site, you go through a network portal. All of the network sites, updates, and all that is kept to that portal. When you get into the actual site, all you have to do is find a set and click one link per segment to download it. The sets are arranged with either four or eight thumbnails, all done very well and they give you a great idea of what the set is going to be like. Following this is a description of what is going on in the set. Then there are text links to download the video segments. Then the pictures link. Very simple and easy right? Won't win any awards, but it's better than all those cluttered sites that are out there nowadays.

The videos here are available in both the WMV and MPG formats. They are available in either high or low quality. So what is the best way to go? Well, MPGs always run a little choppier for me, so I go with WMVs. But either way, theres not a huge quality jump between them. What is huge is the number of segments. Wow, the segments were just way overdone. Some girls have over ten segments, and that is just ridiculous to me. I'm not sure if this was done for dialup, or just to keep us on the site long, but either way, it sucks, and I really could go for a full video download.

The quality is pretty good here. One of the biggest problems of the entire network is the newer videos are done in a good bitrate, and the older ones are not so good. Well, here, the older videos are 748k, which is better than a lot of the network sites. The newer ones are 1023, and even here the newer videos seem to be less of a struggle than on the other sites. On the other sites, it looked like there was too big of a screen and weird pixelation on the new videos. Here its still apparent, but not as much to my eyes. Either way, the older videos are preffered. The 748k bitrate is fine, and the videos end up looking really good at this quality. It's not perfect, but looking at the site, these guys aren't perfectionists.. and it works ok.

The pictures section doesn't work very well at all. The pictures are all vidcaps, and poorly taken ones at that. Pretty much just a throwaway section here.

the girls on this site are very nice. I've always liked interracial girls, and I know, that doesn't make any sense. Any girl can do interracial. But it seems that for the interracial sites, they always get the hottest girls. Which makes me even sadder to be a white man. But hey, thats life. Can't do much about the cards that were handed you. The action here is mainly one on one stuff, one white girl and one black guy. Not too much double teaming here even though it is pretty popular on the network. Overall, this stuff is really good and I liked it a lot. And with the better quality, it all mixes well.

At the time of review, there were a total of 12 sets of content here on Black Dicks White Slits. This is by far the beefiest site on this network, so don't expect this amount of stuff from everywhere here. Now this network is weird in that they all have relatively low content sites, but as a whole, it adds up to some pretty good content. The only problem I really have is the updates and the schedules. There doesn't seem to be a set update schedule, and some of the sites don't look to be updated. This is one of the networks that seems more focused on adding new sites than working on pre existing ones. So thats a weakness too. Let's talk network now.

This site is a member of the Stoney Pass network, which also includes: Black Mans POV, All Natural Jugs, Anal Cumsumption, Black Dicks White Slits, Almost Jailbait, Black in Black, Deep Crack High, Girls Who Suck Cock, Fresh Young Meat, Straight To The Sphincter, Swallow Every Drop, and Young Lucious Latinas. The network does appear to be updated, but pretty irregularly. As it is right now, the network isn't anything too large or major, but it's still a pretty good deal. It's not a monster like some out there, but it has some nice content spread among lots of different genres, and I'd say it's definately worth a look after some of the bigger networks out there.


This is definately one of the better sites on the network. Overall, it could be better. Consistency, an update schedule, and more content would be great. But as a whole, this network is worth taking a gander at, this site alone will sweep you off your feet.

30 Day - $29.95
90 Day - $79.95

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