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Review of Girls Who Suck Cock:

Update: has closed for new members. The site as we know it is dead. To confirm wether the sign will open for signups we have shot off a mail to the webmasters, but we do not expect the site to re-open. Check out other blowjob sites by choosing blowjobs in the category listing.

I have a funny story to share with you. One day, a few friends from work and I went to a girls house. She was a close friend of one of our co-workers, and she was a really cool girl. Pretty hot too, but thats a story for a different day. Anyway, we went to put in the movie "Half Baked" and there was a porn there in the VCR. What porn was it, you might ask? It was called Girls Who Suck Cock and Take It Up The Ass #3. We made all kinds of fun about the title. It is just so flagrant and right in your face. It's very funny if you think about it. What happens in the movies? Hmm, maybe the girls suck cock and then take it up the ass? It was just really funny. So when I saw the name of todays site, Girls Who Suck Cock, I was immediately reminded of that story and just had to share it with you.

Girls Who Suck Cock is a video site with a focus on oral sex. There are really two kinds of oral focused sites in my opinion. There are those who say they have a focus on oral, but then they go into other things as well. And then theres those who just focus on the oral sex, with very little other focus. The oral might be long and drawn out, but it is worth it if you are a fan of oral sex. This is basically all oral, with a little striptease/undressing at the beginning. This is more of a conversation for the action section, but needless to say, this is not just a catchy name. Well, the name isn't catchy anyway. You get the point. Let's talk about the site.

When you first sign onto Girls Who Suck Cock, you are given a members page which is pretty simple and easy to use. The sets are listed with eight thumbnails per girl, which is kind of overkill because almost all of the thumbnails show them sucking. Then there is a little description and the links to download the video. The page has five sets per page, and for a change on this network, theres quite a few pages of content relatively speaking. The front page is really simple and theres not a whole lot to say about it. Theres nothing else really except for text links for support and the regular statements. Pretty cool that it is so simple, but it makes it hard for me to talk about things here so we'll move along to the videos.

The videos here come in either WMV or MPG format, in both high and low qualities. The videos here are segmented. Here, it wasn't as bad as some of the network sites. They have tons of segments. Here, it is kept down to three or four segments for the most part. This is awesome. Let me tell you why. I can get more content, and click less, in the same amount of time. I love it. So what was the reasoning behind this change? Well, my guess is that the oral aspect of this site made the videos considerably shorter. Therefore theres less segments, and less length of videos. Well, guess what- I DON'T CARE! I am just thrilled that after checking out this site for almost a week, I can finally see some videos in less then 10 segments. So big kudos for that, even if they didn't have much to do with the actual change.

The quality here is also pretty awesome. This is one of the few sites on the network with an really good quality. The high level WMVs here were 748k and they look pretty good on both the small and the big screen. You can full screen the videos, and sure theres a little pixelation, but its really not all that bad. Even though the number is just a little higher than its sister sites, the quality really shines through as being ten times better. So that is definately a plus here.

The pictures here are pretty bad vidcaps. They are heavily pixelated and just not very good at all. They are not even really worth wasting time on, and I believe anyone who likes pictures should just go ahead and skip right over this section and move on. Nothing to see here at all, and just move right along.

The girls on Girls Who Suck Cock are a pretty amazing collection of fine young ladies. Actually, for me personally, girl quality level was especially high. I thought many of the girls here were actually above average and they turned me on a lot. The action here basically starts out with some stripping, and then oral sex, and then a cumshot. The scenes usually had a couple of guys, but only one girl. Overall the action was very good. It was good oral, not too long and drawn out, just perfect, and it all fit together well. So overall, this was a very good site in these aspects!

At the time of review, there were a total of 26 sets of content here on Girls Who Suck Cock. This is by far the beefiest site on this network, so don't expect this amount of stuff from everywhere here. Now this network is weird in that they all have relatively low content sites, but as a whole, it adds up to some pretty good content. The only problem I really have is the updates and the schedules. There doesn't seem to be a set update schedule, and some of the sites don't look to be updated. This is one of the networks that seems more focused on adding new sites than working on pre existing ones. So thats a weakness too. Let's talk network now.

This site is a member of the Stoney Pass network, which also includes: Black Mans POV, All Natural Jugs, Anal Cumsumption, Black Dicks White Slits, Almost Jailbait, Black in Black, Deep Crack High, Girls Who Suck Cock, Fresh Young Meat, Straight To The Sphincter, Swallow Every Drop, and Young Lucious Latinas. The network does appear to be updated, but pretty irregularly. As it is right now, the network isn't anything too large or major, but it's still a pretty good deal. It's not a monster like some out there, but it has some nice content spread among lots of different genres, and I'd say it's definately worth a look after some of the bigger networks out there.


Overall, Girls Who SUck Cock is a keeper. It really surprised me since the name was so lame. And the theme is kinda weak, but hey, the videos are good, the girls are awesome, and everything seems to fit together right. This is definately the most pleased I've been with a site on this network and I enjoyed it but it really helps to be a blowjob-buff here as well. The network will give you bang for your buck but do not think for one second they will push any envelope.

30 Day - $29.95
90 Day - $79.95

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