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Review of Nikki Blond:

As a younger man, I was never really a fan of blonde girls. Why is that? I don't know. It seems a lot of men dream about blondies. Not me. I was straight brunettes, with a soft spot for redheads. But nowadays, I really can appreciate a hot blonde. Because I really think the hottest blonde is way hotter than the hottest brunette. But this hot blonde needs to be super tan, wearing pink flip flops with long legs, and have a nice little rack on her. Describe anyone you know? Give her my number. It describes Nikky Blond perfectly, and that is why I really enjoyed her website, entitled Nikky Blonde.

Nikky Blond is a single model site with a focus on the blonde beauty Nikky, from Hungary I believe. If half the girls there look like her, consider me starving! The real focus is on her, and this is one of those new age single model sites. The interaction is somewhat low (although it is better than a lot of single model sites) but the quality content is high. If you like Nikky, than this is going to be an awesome site for you.

I signed into this site through a network site, and that took me right to the videos page. I was about to sing all kinds of praises for the front page, until I noticed it was actually the videos page. The actual front page is more of a portal page, it gives you a little thumbnail to take you to each section, and then on the bottom is a whole ton of junk. Some of this stuff is diamonds in the rough, like the cool exclusive sites on the network. But theres also just a ton of leased and ad stuff, and homie doesn't play that at all. The site design here is easy to use, and at least they contain the junk on the bottom, but down there its just like a playground of shit.

The videos page that I originally thought was the front page is awesome. Theres awesome thumbnails, one big one and five smaller ones, that give you a great idea of what the set contains in bright and vivid color. There are 6 sets per page, and about 10 pages of videos. Each set has a different theme, and Nikky comes across very good at being able to adapt to all the different clothes and changes in setting. Super sexy, thats all I have to say. The videos come as either clips or full videos. You can get high or low MPGs or WMVs. I didn't notice much of a difference between the two to be honest with you. The options here are nice, but I would have liked to see a super high quality if they are trying to cover all of their bases.

The reason I say this is because the highest quality videos here are only 400k. While this is not a horrible quality, it's about medium. And with a girl as hot as Nikky was, medium wasn't the best I could settle for. I really wanted a better quality. This was just about medium. The videos were ok but not great. Pixelated and blurry at times at full screen, I just wish they could have been a little better.

The pictures on Nikky Blond were also done nicely. These were not vidcaps, but rather independent pictures. In fact, the sets don't even overlap. Theres the pictures and then theres the videos, two completely different entities. And as such, I was a little disappointed that the pics were only 640x480. Being independent, I would have liked a little bigger quality. As they were, the pics were nice, but a bigger resolution would have really sold me on them. The thumbs were very clear. The pictures index was kinda weird, with only one small thumbnail to represent the set. I would have liked a little description or something. I don't need a huge breakdown for pictures, but a little more would have been nice.

Nikky is a hot girl. I already established that fact. I love her. I can't stand it. She is just so great. Ok, I'm not a stalker or anything. But as far as single model sites go, she has entered my top three. Just a slammin body, cute face, and is good at doing what she does. Awesome! The action here is really varied from set to set. Nikky is definately not afraid to get down and dirty. Most of these sets are boy/girl sets, although there is a bit of variety too. One thing I noticed is there was more than one set with a foot fetish part, which I think is cool. And Nikky is perfect for that kind of set. So this really worked out nicely.

At the time of review, there were about 60 video sets and 36 picture sets. Not a bad amount, eh? Definately enough Nikky for you to get your fill. The updates come every week, too, so by the time you are getting bored, new set, bam! Theres a few of the amenities of a single model site, the most notable is you can buy custom videos. On top of that, there is a nice little network attached here.

With your membership here, you get access to a variety of sites. They include Tony's Casting Couch, Angels of Porn, BJ POV, Nikky Blond, Stroke Jobs, Bangin Blacks, Skin Vids, Butt Bangin, My Little Nympho, Red Asses, and Shemale Pickup. Great network with lots of variety. Unfortunately the video quality doesn't get much better, but it is still a nice network overall.


Nikky Blond is ultra hot and her website does her justice. She is very good at being different in each set, even though it is the same girl. She is very cute and hot, and this site suits her perfectly. Yes, there is a catch, the quality could be better. But still, it's definately worth a peek.


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