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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: DivX, Flash, MP4, Windows

Prices: $29.95/30 days
$54.95/60 days
$79.95/90 days, rebills at $75.95
$99.95/120 days

Review of Suburban Amateurs:

Ok, I'll admit it. I'm from the suburbs. You know what that means, I'm straight in the middle. I have my lower class qualitys and I have my upper class qualities. I'm quite sick of all these suburban snobs I see everyday. Actually, its quite funny living here. Tomorrow is Tuesday. Trash day. On trash day, every single house in the neighborhood has the same little trash dumpsters, all on the right side of their house, all two inches away from the street. It's so sickening sometimes. Yet so beautiful. You always know when its trash day. But we do have some nice points too. Our women are usually extremely hot. Not just extremely hot, but they have a cool style of showing it. They show off their bodies, but not quite too much. It works out really nicely if you have a pair of binoculars. I wonder if things are the same in the UK, where the amateurs in Suburban Amateurs come from.

Suburban Amateurs is a mixture of a picture and a video site. They have both pics and videos, and they do both of them well. But if I had to pick one, I'd say the bigger focus is probably on the pictures. There isn't a real theme here on Suburban Amateurs, rather, it's just a page that showcases various girls from the suburbs who are very attractive. It is primarily a solo site, not softcore stuff but still solo all the same. While there might not be a solid theme, this site is held together by highlighting a bunch of very attractive women who look very good.

When you first sign onto Suburban Amateurs, you are given a very easy to use front page. It lists the latest photo set, the latest video set, and has a well organized side bar to get around and check everything else out. The girls are organized by name, and the videos are all grouped together on a videos page if that is what you are looking for more. On the bottom, there is a quick jump dropdown that can take you anywhere if you know what you are looking for. The only real negative to the site design is that they try to shill their DVDs quite a bit. Especially on the front page, but also in the actual videos and on the video pages. I have no problems with them selling DVDs, but it should be added as an afterthought. This way, I feel like they are just using the site to get even more money from me. Which is ok for a regular site, but for a pay site, I just think they should tone it down a bit.

We'll talk pictures first. You go through the girls listed A-Z. On the page, the girls are listed alphabetically with one relatively good thumbnail to show how they look. You then select a girl, and are taken to a page of all of her sets. Each picture set here has four thumbnails, equally as good as the front page thumbs. Then you go to their sets. Here, you get well organized thumbnail pages. The full pictures are 683 x 1024 pixels and they are very clear and very good looking. These are some great pictures, I like them a lot. You really can't say much bad about these pictures. Organized well, and they are awesome looking. This is a definite must for picture fans. Just awesome all around.

You can also check out videos here on Suburban Amateurs. When you go to the videos page, you are given a listing of all of the videos for the current year. You can go through and go to 2004 and 2003 as well. Each girl has one bigger thumbnail, the date of the update, the time and the link to go see it. The video page has a bunch of screen captures from the videos. These look awesome, and give you a great idea of what the movies are all about. You can then download the full video. The full videos come in the WMV format and are usually around 100mb, some being a little more and some being a little less. The videos only come in full video format. It's not terrible, it might not be as good for slow connections, but they have the even better pictures section to check out.

The quality of the videos is quite good. The videos range in quality and they look pretty good. These videos aren't perfect, there is a little bit of pixelation at full screen. They do look like good videos, really nice. The quality is good, the lighting is good, and the action is taped very well. The only real minus is that they do highlight the DVDs you can buy. But otherwise, these videos are pretty good, and while they are not a huge focus like the pictures are, they are looking nice and are a definately good portion of the site.

The girls on Suburban Amateurs are absolutely stunning. These are some of the hottest girls I've ever seen on a porn site. It's like they took the most beautiful women they could find, and shot them in ultra high quality. Just absolutely amazing women, but don't take my word for it, check out the previews. The action here, as stated before, is primarily solo stuff. Girls playing with themselves and looking beautiful for the camera. However, there is a slight focus on pantyhose and sometimes "professional" looking women, like secretaries and whatnot. Overall, this is really hot stuff in both the action and the girl department.

I can't even fathom to count how many sets there are right now. Each girl has so many sets, I can't even count them. And theres so many girls. Let's put it this way- theres a picture update every day for years, and a video update every week for years. Absolutely stunning. And when you finally do get through all the content already posted, you have a new set to check out every day. What an awesome deal! There are also some bonus sites listed. I'm not sure if they are leased sites or what they exactly are but they are something to check out in between checking out the content here. One original bonus site would be Suburban Sluts, more focused on older suburban amateurs.


This is an awesome site. Great pictures, and good videos, lead to an all around great experience. Tons of content and awesome girls, what could be wrong? Just overall a wonderful experience. Maybe not for you if you don't like solo or if you only like videos, but otherwise this is definately highly recommended.


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