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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4, Windows

Prices: Special: $17.95/30 days (Reg. $39.95)
Limited Trial: $4.95/3 days, rebills at $39.95

Review of Cum Girls:

One of the best elements of the porn is the cumshot. I actually enjoy this more than anything else around. I mean, sometimes I can enjoy watching a girl getting boned or a guy getting blown, but the best element for me is the ending. Spreading a creamy white mess all over the woman. Not every porn has good portions of cumshots in it, but most of them do. Therefore, I can always be a little satisfied! But still, when a see a site with the word cum in the title, I automatically perk up my ears and start paying full attention to what I am seeing!

Cum Girls is one of the sites that had me doing that. But it also made me think how a name can sometimes be very broad. Cum Girls. That can apply to just about every video of straight porn. I mean, theres girls in them, and there is usually cumming. So what is so special about these girls? Do they like it? Is there a lot of it? Or is it just there? Or maybe they do something special with it! Thats the problem with a theme and a name like this. It is very broad and it doesn't describe anything. It just sounds cool. So what is the theme here? None really, it's just your basic reality video porn with no focuses whatsoever- the focus is on the sex, I guess you could say.

When you first sign onto Cum Girls, you are given a front page with the latest set highlighted in a purple box. This isn't like a regular reality site update, really. The thumbnail is somewhat big, but theres only one of them. Underneath the most recent update, there is a list of all the added girls. These girls are given even smaller thumbnails, bite size really. The date of the update and a brief description is followed. When you get to a girls page, you are first given a page with one slightly bigger thumb. Then you move on. The page you get at first is the same as the latest set update in style, with the purple box and the same size thumbnail. It is kind of a weak extra step, but not one I was completely unhappy about. In general, the site runs nice and is easy to use. There are a few irregularities to it, but for the most part its a clean easy site!

The videos are definately the focus here. When you get to a girls page, you can go to one of three video pages. The videos are split into three pages for some reason, even though they are all from the same set of content. Each of these pages can contain well over ten segments, as well as thumbnails for each segment. This gives you a good idea of where the action is going. For each segment, you can view WMV streams in either dialup or broadband quality. You can also download an MPG for every segment. While there is no traditional full video option, for each page, you can download the full compilation of all the segments from that page. So basically you can get 3 segments instead of 30 or whatever the number may be. This works out pretty nicely. I think it's a lot of work to download one set still, but hey, 3 segments isn't too much and its something I can handle. The page segment downloads are in the WMV format. I pity the fool who decides to download each individual segment. I just think the three segment way is the way to go!

The quality here is pretty good. Let me put an asterik on that though. The bitrate here is only around 358k for the full segment downloads. Somehow, they manage to have videos look really really good for that quality video. I'm not saying these videos are perfect, as there is pixelation at both small and especially at the larger screen. But the thing with this is, the picture is somehow very clear and still looks very good. Hey I can't complain, because it makes for relatively small downloads (a set won't be over 100mb in most cases) and still looks good. I didn't mind the quality at all. I'm sure there are some out there that will want a super high quality, and I will just say sorry to them! It should be noted that I tried all the different qualities as well, and the MPGs were nice as well but seemed to be about the same quality, plus you would have to download a gazzilion segments.

There is also a focused and actually quite excellent photo section here on this site. I must say, you will be very impressed with them. You can download a zip file of photos or you can see each one on its own. The pictures are 640x426 and they are pretty nice looking, considering this is primarily a place for videos. These are not vidcaps as far as I could tell, but nicely shot photos. They are still of the same girls and all, but not taken directly from the videos. They looked pretty damn good though. I would say with the combination of good pics and lots of smaller segments, dialup users could definately be lured into a long membership on this site, for sure. So if you are a slow user, you might want to look into this as an option!

The girls on Cum Girls are a mixture of all kinds of girls. The common thread is that they are all attractive younger girls (not quite the teen niche but not into the mature realm either) with very nice bodies. The girls look relatively amateur looking, and don't give off much of that porn star vibe. The action here is not just blowjobs as you might think. This is a full on sex video, with the cum bath at the end. It is basically one on one sex, pretty much as basic as you can break it down. It doesn't break any new ground but hey, it is some pretty good looking stuff. Not going to kill you with originality, but it might stun you with quality.

At the time of review, Cum Girls had a total of 22 sets of content. That is a nice number, especially when you consider that the site is updated weekly. If that wasn't enough, there is a huge network of reality sites you get when you join up here.

The network here includes: 8th Street Latinas, Capt. Stabbin, Mikes Apartment, We Live Together, Big Naturals, Cum Fiesta, Mike In Brazil, In The VIP, Euro Sex Parties, Street Blowjobs, First Time Auditions, Top Shelf Pussy, Boys First Time (gay), Wives in Pantyhose and Round and Brown. Huge network here. Some of the sites have been around for four years now, and can definately take up huge amounts of your time downloading and viewing. Just an awesome deal, Cum Girls is a new entry and will continue to grow like these other sites have grown. Already a great deal, the network sweetens it.


This is a great site standing alone, but the network makes it absolutely awesome. For those of you who haven't checked out this network yet, it is one of the top reality networks out there! This is definately recommended, and like I said if you are new to this network, stop reading and start joining right now!


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