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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Windows

Prices: $14.88/30 days

Review of Gag Sluts:

There are different kinds of sluts in the world. Dirty sluts, this is the kind of slut who just will do about anything with anybody. There are your professional sluts, these kind of sluts will use their sexiness to make their way in the world. And theres your prostitution sluts. These are a special kind of slut, because in most cases, these girls will not like their sex. I'm talking about prostitutes. These girls may not even enjoy sex 99% of the time, but they have to do it, because hey, it's their job. Now that we've gone over my personal slut dictionary, I'm about to make another category, and that is Gag Sluts. That is the title of todays website, and its all about girls that gag on cock!

Gag Sluts is a video heavy site with a focus on oral sex. To take that a little further, there is a basis on oral sex with gagging. Girls taking it so big, so hard, and so deep that they actually gag and at some points may vomit some spit up a little bit. With that said, the blowjobs on here aren't as violent as I've seen on some other sites. I don't name drop other sites when reviewing sites, but if you are into the violent blowjob scene, you know the sites. On those sites, I could barely watch the movies. This is a little less violent, and to me, a little more accessible to the general public. Just my view on things, lets talk about the site a bit.

When you first sign onto Gag Sluts, you are given a pretty well organized, clean members site. But lets back it up a bit. When you first go to sign in, you must sign in through the network portal page, which is You then select the network site you want and move on from there. So after you select Gag Sluts, you are taken to the traditional front page. This has a text listing of the latest updates on the top right. Actually, it lists all of the updates, but I'm sure it won't list them all once they get more and more content. Underneath this, you get the thumbnail listing of the girls. Right now this is split into two pages to make it a little more managable. And hey, it works. There is only one thumb per girl, and thats about it. You then click on her thumb to get more information and to download. When you get to the girls page, you get a description of the action as well as more thumbnails. I would call this a pretty clean, nice site build. Everything is easy to view and work through.

As I said, and is often the case these days, the videos are the big focus here. The videos come in both streaming and downloadable form. If you stream, you have the option of both high and low quality WMV. And for the best quality, you have to download the MPG files. There are segments only here, with no full video options, even if you just stream the movies. The segments aren't very numerous, most sets only have two or three. But they are pretty big length wise, if downloading MPGs. I would have liked a full video here, and I'm not sure why its not included when some of the network sites do have it. Everything downloads rather smoothly, but be prepared for some longer downloads. Because of the high quality, it will take a little bit for you to get these videos.

The quality here is great. In fact, I would rank it up there with the best sites quality wise. It just stands up. At both small screen and large screen you get a nearly flawless picture. Things just look amazing. The camerawork is also top notch, and this might look a little too "professional", I think that might be the only problem with netheads as to the quality here, that it might be too good. Does that make sense? Us computer freaks are weird sometimes! But otherwise, just an awesome quality and I would say that these videos are definately worth the wait in downloading them.

Gag Sluts also has a pictures section. These are high quality pictures, done in 576x768. If these are vidcaps, they are damn good. But if they are I couldn't tell in the pictures I saw. They definately look like they were shot at the same time as the videos, so I don't know if they had an independent photographer or if they just made really good caps. Either way, the picture section stands up nicely. The actual design was a bit of a mess. The thumbnail organizer looks like something out of the early nineties, and there were way too many picture pages and by default way too many pictures from the same set, and too many duplicate looking pictures. But the actual picture quality was great, despite a few design flaws.

The girls on Gag Sluts were pretty hot looking girls. They looked like porn actresses, and a few of them looked quite beat up, while others looked more natural and amateur. I think the beat up look kind of fits the site theme though. If you are ramming your dick in a girls mouth, chances are she's not going to look like a beautiful model. So it kind of fits. The action here is pretty much all oral action. And as I said, the oral is semi violent, but its not as bad as some of the other sites out there by a longshot.

At the time of review, there were a total of 23 sets of content here. That is a nice number, but even nicer when you consider that you get weekly updates and a nice network of site, this is definately a sweet deal where you get your bang for your buck, and then some!

As a member here, you get access to: Gag Sluts, Stink Fillers, Will She Gag, Night Mov, Tranny Ranch, Wasted Whores, Boy Mov, Dirty Sex Toons, and Bang Toons. Not a bad network by name, but only a few sites here are original. This just happens to be one of them. As a network, it is a pretty good deal, but there are definately better on the net.


Great quality, easy navigation, and a nice update schedule all makes for a great site. The only asterisk might be if you are not a fan of the theme, and of hardcore in general, it might be a bit of a stretch for you. But otherwise, this is just a nice site definately worth a look for any porn video fan!


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