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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, MP4, Windows

Prices: $29.95/30 days
$49.95/60 days
$59.95/90 days
$99.95/180 days

Review of Black Jelly:

There are all kinds of jelly out there nowadays. As a food fan, I find myself wanting to try all of these different kinds. Grape, strawberry, apple, blueberry, blackberry, dingleberry, all kinds of berries. Now they make peanut butter with jelly included in it. And they make peanut butter cups with jelly inside. All kinds of jelly. One thing I've never heard of is black jelly. Well, that is until today, when I came upon a site entitled Black Jelly. Now this type of jelly is one that I would like to try as well!

Black Jelly is a site that while not a video site and not a reality site, it has elements of both. I will call these sites straightforward sites. They are like video sites in presentation, but still have the theme of the reality sites out there. I will try to use this term as much as I can so it will maybe gain a popular acceptance icon_smile.gif But anyway, the theme here is black people. Now, in most of the cases the action is black on black. There are a few interracial sets with white girls and black guys. So I guess we can say that this is just a black site. The theme is adhered to very good, and even though its been done many times, its usually as an interracial theme and not just a black theme, so this does have that tinge of somewhat uniqueness to it.

When you first sign onto Black Jelly, you are given a pretty well organized members page that doesn't give you a lot of bullshit. The content is laid out for you in a collapsed form. You get one thumbnail of each girl, her name, the date she was added, and links to download her preview or full movie. There is also a link to "details" which will bring you to a more traditional page that has everything in more "full" form, with more thumbnails, a description, and a few more specifics. I actually liked this set up quite a bit. First of all, its pretty unique, I haven't seen it many times before. And what was even better was the fact that it caters to both the group of people who like to download their stuff quick and easy from the front page, and also to the people who like to look at more thumbnails, read a little bit, and then download. Either way you win! The rest of the site was designed pretty well too. Theres not much to the page other than the content, not a whole lot of extras or anything. That made this a pretty simple, easy navigation and one that I definately liked a lot.

The videos here were a variety. The latest videos were done in MP4 format. That is a format I am really not familiar with. Before that, they used Quicktime once and then all the other videos were done in the WMV format. The videos here come in only one segment, and you must download the full video. The other option is to download a short preview. This is cool if you are on a slow connection, you can get a better idea than the thumbnails. But it still doesn't work out as well either way. The videos download smoothly, and are all around the same length. Figure about 70-100MB for each video, which gives you lots of wiggle room. You can fit quite a few on a CD, get a decent quality, and still be able to download them pretty fast.

The quality weighs in at 824k for the videos. This is a pretty nice quality, it's about a high level quality for most reality sites. This is not perfect quality, but it gets the job done nicely. On small screen, the videos look perfect. There is a little bit of pixelation on the big screen, but the videos still look very good. They are clear and clean, they look really good. Given the setup of the site and the fact that these were full videos only, I was expecting a weaker quality. The site just lends itself to it. But in fact, these videos were very well done.

Black Jelly also had some pictures. The picture sites and the video sets were independent of each other. The images here are 418 x 600 pixels and they are very nicely photographed pictures. While the images weren't perfect, these were some good looking pictures. My only real problem was with the way the slideshow was setup. Instead of traditional thumbnails, it was indeed a slideshow. This made it a little harder to browse, but theres not much of a problem with it. Another problem was with the vividness of the colors. I think they could have done a little better with the brightness of the pictures I saw. Still, the pictures do get across as being a decent section to a good site.

The girls on Black Jelly are attractive women. The majority of them are black, with a handful or two of white girls getting pounded by black dudes. Either way, the girls are really good looking, maybe they don't look as modern as I'd want. They did look really good. But some of them looked like late nineties girls, which isn't saying a whole lot of bad. But the site kinda gave off that aspect. As far as action goes, its mainly one on one guy on girl black on black action. In some portions, we see some double teaming, and of course I've already talked about the interracial aspects of the site. But you will like the lions share of the content if you like black on black action!

At the time of review, there were a total of 39 sets of content on here. Since the picture content and the video content was mixed, I can't give you a breakdown of how many of each. But the focus here was definately on the videos. That being said, I would join the site as a video fan, but maybe not as a picture fan. The site is updated weekly, with timestamps included on the page. This was a very devout and faithful update schedule! As a network fan, I would definately enjoy what they were giving us as well.

The network here includes the sites Chica Boom, Barefoot Confidential, 5 Guy Cream Pie, 10 Man Cum Slam, Black Jelly, Piss Palace, and Kick Ass Grab Bag. All of the sites have a comparable amount of quantity and quality. They are all pretty good sites, and are very comparable to this site. I liked this network, it had nothing too outstanding but it was constantly updated and had a lot of slightly different themes, which was very cool!


Black Jelly is a good site with a good theme and a very good network. All around, this is a good deal, and while it might not be in that upper echelon of porn reality/video networks, I think that this is definately a good buy and a good try for some great content and an overall great porn experience!


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