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Review of Jack:

I got jacked! I've had a lot experience with people requesting sites reviewed which you can tell suck from their tours. They do get reviewed and sometimes a site can surprise me in a positive way. Usually a site does better than first anticipated by offering a lot of original content that looks better than a poor design would lead you to believe. Now take this sunshine story and spin it 180 degrees and you've been given the story behind this site. I don't know why but I stumbled across this site and I got this "urge" to review it and it couldn't wait, I signed up for the full month (only choice) and I got a big bucket of cold water splashed in my face… There was no porn!!!!

OK actually there was porn (duh) but the only thing I got was old grainy pictures on the other hand I also got a lot of them. These picture sets looked like they are from the middle of the 90's, now that's not the problem women looked hot then too you know, but the grainy pictures take away all hope of this site being saved as an almost decent glam picture site. The pictures are actually of high resolution but it's true for all of them that you really feel that you are now watching porn on your computer, it's really not a turn on to count pixels in pictures. Some of the VERY latest additions are good quality but then again the last sets added appear to have arrived a year ago.

The design looks slick on the outside, yes, but on the inside it's navigational hell. The member's splash page is just a blank white page with odd sizes thumbnails here and there followed by a "What's new" headline dated June last year, and that's when I knew of course, I got tricked in to signing up. The top navigation bar has a nice little icon that is supposed to link to the videos, this isn't active though. There was also a link to bonus content from Viv Thomas, well that is always good, unfortunately it's not actually available, perhaps the webmasters here didn't pay their lease bill because it says it's deactivated.

Just to finish the whole thing off, because there is nothing more, you get around 300 photo sets glam and hardcore stuff. You have to browse the sets page by page 15 at a time so you better not close your browser because if you are on page 15, yup you have to keep clicking until you get there next time.

There is no reason to go more into this site. I would love to sit here and talk to you about the style of the photographer and how well he actually shoots hardcore glam photos but it's just not worth it. I would buy these pictures in magazine format but I'm not gonna waste my time on tedious browsing and pixels. The site doesn't deliver, it doesn't update and it makes promises it doesn't keep, a real stinker with a nice splash page.


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