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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, MP4, MPEG

Prices: Limited Trial: $3.95/3 days, rebills at $34.95
$34.95/30 days
$68.95/90 days

Review of Jism Junkies:

What is a junkie? A junkie is someone who is completely hooked on something. No matter what, they have to have it. If they don't have it, they go into withdrawals and feel even shittier than how said substance would make them feel. Everyone is a junkie with something. What are you a junkie of? Hopefully it's not drugs, alcohol, or the likes, even though that is pretty big with a lot of people out there. For me, personally, it's diet soda. Hell, I'm about to open one right now. I can't make it through a day without one of these babies. Pretty sick eh? So as you ponder what you are a junkie of, check out some girls who just can't get enough jizz!

Jism Junkies is a video site with a focus on girls who love jizz and love to give blowjobs. Yes, I know, as a theme, it's been done over and over again. Not exactly the most original theme in the world, but hey it works. If its done correctly, it can be done over and over again without any problems. I mean, everybody loves jism right? It's the endpoint of almost every porn movie. And nobody hates cumming. You never hear, "god I love getting my dick sucked, but I hate actually cumming all over a girls face!" It just is part of the act, the grand finale, the ecstacy of the end. So therefore, there will always be jizzing in porn, and there will always be Jism Junkies.

When you first sign onto Jism Junkies, you are given a pretty primitive members page. On the top there are six thumbnails. It wasn't until just now that I realized that these thumbnails are for the exclusive videos of Jism Junkies. That kind of changes the review a bit, but it should be mentioned that its kind of bullshit that I was browsing this site for a few days and I didn't find the exclusive content. It's just kind of tucked away and made to look like a regular portion of the site, like decorations or something. Anyway, underneath all of this, you get even more cumshot videos which are not exclusive but still very cool. All in all, this is a very easy to navigate site, not a lot of bs to the site and you can get what you want very quickly and easily.

Select the thumbnail of the exclusive girl you like to check out her videos. When you do, you get a page of clips. Each clip has its own thumbnail, as well as links to download it. Actually you can either watch a stream in dialup or broadband, or you can download an MPEG or a full screen WMV. Lots of options, but its missing an important one in a full movie download. That kind of sucks actually, because with the many segments, and the length, we could use a full video download here. Other than that, no other real complaints as everything is laid out nicely and easy to view and download here. Even with the unoriginal content, you get the same layout which is cool and nice to keep together. I always like it when sites have the same setup throughout, consistency is always good even if sometimes its not the best setup in the world.

The quality here at Jism Junkies is pretty good. The files I downloaded, the full screen WMVs, were 937k, which is a very respectible quality. Still, they were a little pixelated and and muddy at full screen. Still decent videos, but for the quality they were, I expected a little more. Overall, the quality was a letdown. Even though there was smaller files, I still expected a bit more. The videos could use a little work. They are not terrible by any means, but could be improved. Now the original stuff is all pretty good. But the older stuff, the non original stuff, is in need of some work. Some of the stuff just looks like old porn, while some of it is nice and bright. But this is where it lacks that consistency I was talking about before. And that isn't cool. We could play it off as just being bonus material, but it's 95% of the content and that isn't cool in my book.

The non original sets also have a section for pictures. These pictures are vidcaps, naturally, as the originals were taken straight from porno videos. The pics are 550 x 413 pixels and they really aren't too great looking. Still, this isn't a picture site, and I'm not expecting this to be a great pictures site. So if you are expecting that, don't come here.

The girls here are a real mixed bag of goods. Some are awesome looking, and some aren't as good. They come in all shapes and forms. While most of them are 20something white women, there are a few other types of girls here and there. It's just a bix mix. The action here is the same. Some of it is straight out of 80s porn, while some looks more modern. For the most part here, there is a focus on oral and the ensuing cumshot.

At the time of review, there were 6 original content sets and around 260 of the unoriginal sets. Thats a huge amount of content, but it needs to be taken in context. First of all, some of these are older looking with weaker quality. And with such a mixed bag, you won't like all of the girls. And finally, these are all relatively small due to the theme, so they don't last too too long (which may be a good thing in your book!) It's still a huge amount of content, but that might help knock it down a bit to make it seem more like it is. It hasn't been updated in almost a year, either, so it's a dead site. There is also a nice network attached to this site.

As a member here, you also get The Taste of Brazilian Ass, Black Dicks White Chicks, Wet, Wild and Wasted, Fresh Amateur Vids, Spring Break Skin and Fresh Amateur Faces. Nice little network they have going here, some of the sites are very solid and worth looking into!


Jism Junkies is one of those throwaway sites that are a great portion of a network but that wouldn't be as great standing alone. It just lacks the original content it needs, and some of that unoriginal content is just old and played out. Still, its got a nice bang for your buck potential, and if you like the idea of any of the network sites, this definately sweetens the deal, but I can't bring myself to recommend it alone.


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