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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, MP4, MPEG

Prices: Limited Trial: $3.95/3 days, rebills at $34.95
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Review of The Taste of Brazilian Ass:

I love the taste of different things. Right now, I am enjoying the taste of the new pepsi with lime. And boy is that good. I just had a steak, some scallops, and even a little shrimp. That all tasted good as well. When I find myself in a supermarket, when something is labeled "new" or looks a little different, I just have to taste it. And in most cases, it ends up being really awesome. One thing I have never tasted is ass. But when looking at this sites name, they aren't talking about literally tasting someones ass. Instead, it's a figure of speech, like "the taste of victory!" In this case, the site is entitled The Taste of Brazilian Ass.

The Taste of Brazilian Ass is a reality site with a focus on Brazilian women. And taking it further than that, there is a second focus on anal sex. The name is cool, and also very original. I like the entire concept. And looking at the theme, it is one that is not done too often. Sure, there are tons of "worldly women" sites out there on the net. And some of them even mention where the girls are from. But very few focus on specific regions of women, and this one does. Brazilian women have their own special look, and they look really good to many people. I'm kind of indifferent on them, I think they can be either really hot or really doggy. So anyone with a fetish for the Brazilian women, pay special attention to this site.

When you first sign onto The Taste of Brazilian Ass, you are given a members page which offers all of the sites content right there on the page. Each set is given seven thumbnails, six smaller ones and one larger one. These are all good looking thumbnails that work good in context of the site. You can easily get a great idea of what the girls look like from the thumbnails, as well as a pretty good idea of the actions of each set. Some of the bigger thumbnails were just closeups, which doesn't work as good as when you can see the girl. But still, it works good, really good. There is also a toolbar, but it is pretty useless seeing as how all the pertinent content is listed right on the page. There is a little ad to another site underneath the content, and below that is the network listing for all of the bonus sites you get.

The videos are definately the focus here on Taste of Brazilian Ass. From the front page, you select the videos link. Here you are taken to a nicely designed video page which gives you a thumbnail for each segment, as well as many video options to download each segment. These options are Super High, High, and Low WMV files, as well as Full Screen MPEG videos. On top of this, you can also stream the entire video through the browser. Tons of options, but its missing my favorite option, which is a full video download. What makes this even bigger of a pain in the ass is that the segments are over two minutes, but the videos are long as hell. Each set has at least 10 segments with some having over 15! That makes for a lot of clicking and a lot of downloading. That is one of the biggest weaknesses of this site, its length of sets and its big segments.

I downloaded the Super High Quality videos. These videos weighed in at 1260k and looked really good, video quality wise! At full screen, these videos looked great! The small screen video is nice and big, and also looks amazing. There might be a little bit of pixelation, but this is just a great quality all around. Now things are not all peachy in videoland. I personally didn't care for the actual videos and the way they looked. I think the camerawork could have been done a little bit better. There were some videos that were great and others I think could use a little work. This might not be enough to throw off Brazilian fans, but people who don't care much either way, like me, might not be as big of a fan here.

The Taste of Brazilian Ass also has a pictures section. The pictures here are presented in tons of galleries, the one set I'm looking at now has 15 different galleries with 20 pictures in each. That doesn't always mean a good thing, as the pictures were taken at annoying intervals. They are also vidcaps, which means the quality can be quite questionable. Here, the quality wasn't horrible at all. You could definately tell these were vidcaps, but only if you look closely. The pictures here are 600 x 400 pixels. Definately a throwaway picture section, but not as bad as some of the other ones I've seen out there.

The girls on The Taste of Brazilian Ass were a mixed bag of Brazilian hotties. Now, as a non Brazilian fan, I only found myself liking five or six of them. But for Brazilian fans, I'm sure that number will increase by lots. The girls were all slim and in shape, although some of them had a little bit of "hair down there" if you know what I mean. So if you aren't a big fan of that, beware. As far as the action goes, it's basically your typical porn fare with the anal element thrown in. They do go through a lot of positions and spice things up nicely, but theres just not much more to say about the sex, its just like popping in a regular porno.

At the time of review, the site had a total of 15 sets of content. While that is not a huge amount of content, consider the fact that these are long video sets, and that gives you a respectible amount of content. Actually, 15 is around the number where I say content is acceptable if the site is really really good. And here, there are no real technical problems. I just didn't like the Brazilian aspect, but otherwise most Brazilian fans should dig it. The site is also updated weekly and boasts a nice little bonus section as well.

The network you get here is a combination of original and leased sites. I believe the original sites are Wet, Wild and Wasted, Jism Junkies, Public Nudity Exposed, Fresh Amateur Vids, and Jism Junkies. The leased sites here are also the best of the best, which isn't saying much, but they are actually pretty nice.


Good site with nice layout and good quality. Two major problems I had were the lack of full video downloads, combined with the lengths of the segments. Just made it hard for me to enjoy. But if you can get past that, and if you like Brazilian ass, then this site is pretty good and part of a good deal.


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