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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: qt

Prices: $24.95/30 days

Review of Kickass Grab Bag:

When we were kids, we used to love to have birthday parties. Now that I am older, there really isn't much of a party. Instead, its more like a reason for old friends to get in contact with me and to get a few presents here and there. Well, I would like to have a grab bag like this next birthday! Todays site is Kick Ass Grab Bag, which is exactly what it is. Kick Ass is the name of this network, and this site is just a grab bag of random porn stars.. which works out really good for us!

Kick Ass Grab Bag is a traditional video site (with photos too!) with a focus on porn starlets who are also very hot. The entire theme here is that it is just a mixture of content, the only common denominator being that these girls are all porn stars and have appeared in porn before. Now these aren't huge name porn stars for the most part, but there are definately some recognizable names. So this is really a grab bag. Hmm, a site with a theme that there is no theme? Sound like a certain popular TV show? Hell, that kinda makes me want to just grab my Seinfeld boxset and check it out. But before I do that, lets talk a little about this grab bag site!

When you first sign into Kick Ass Grab Bag, you are given a members site with a ton of content listed all on the front page. Each set is given a little square, and in there icludes a small thumbnail, the girls name, update date, and links to download the video or view the slideshow. These little squares are in fact tiny, and theres a ton of them on each page. But this works out good, ebcause you can easily download the videos from right here. Or, if you prefer, you can go to the details page for the girl, and see more thumbnails and a description before you go download everything. This setup actually works out pretty cool. For those of us who like to quickly pilfer the content and sort things through later, that is easy to do. And those who like extended set pages, those are only a click away as well. Either way, you win. There is not much else to the site. The links don't go anywhere particularly good, what few ones there are. It's basically just different ways to sort the content. Theres not really a whole lot past that, so you get a quick and easy site design here!

The videos are definately the focus of Kick Ass Grab Bag. As the focus, the videos are mainly WMVs. There were some Quicktime movies on there, including the latest ones. But for the most part they were WMVs. Either way, these were full videos with no segments whatsoever. Most of the files were around or under 100mb, which is actually a pretty good size all things considered. This might not be ideal for dialup users, for it worked out really, really good for me as a broadband user. That is because they were a good size, but still DLed pretty quick. They were also an easy download off the front page. The thumbnails could have used a little work, but beggars can't be choosers. Well, they can, but I don't think one bad thumbnail is going to kill the whole porn experience for me or anyone else. But it is something to consider. I'd say you might end up downloading a movie or two you don't want, but the time you save is considerable as well. So I guess it sort of evens itself out.

Well, one thing I always worry about when I see full video only is the quality. That is probably because traditionally if a site only offers full video download, the quality is pretty bad to accomodate the slower connections. Not true here! The quality here is actually better than a lot of sites who have segments as well. The WMVs have a quality of around 870k. Which is actually higher than a lot of regular video sites go. And these videos do look pretty damn good! At small screen, the videos are nearly perfect. When fullscreened, you still get a nice quality. There is a little loss, and a little bit of pixelation. But the videos still look pretty damn awesome and will satisfy all but the biggest, finnickiest quality freaks. So overall, the videos came out really good and really satisfying, maybe not the biggest amount of options, but the options they do choose are really really good.

Kick Ass Grab Bag also has a pictures section, even if it is significantly smaller than the videos section. The pictures are weird because they are shown in a slideshow format instead of a traditional thumbnail gallery. Well, if you don't like the idea of this, you can always just download a zip and look at thumbnails that way in your file listings. Either way, pictures are pretty good. They are 418 x 600 pixels and while that isn't a huge resolution, they still look nice and clear and pretty damn good for smaller pictures. This definately isn't a picture fans dream come true, but it is pretty decent with all things considered.

The girls here are, well, a grab bag! It is a complete mixture of girls, but one really annoying this is the repetition of the same girls. Let's put it this way: the last six updates were all of Mary Carey. Sure, she is hot and the videos were good. But the fact that she has been the only new girl in the past month and a half is pretty damn annoying if you ask me. And girls are repeated throughout. So they are really good looking, but you might see the same girl a lot. The action here is also a grab bag, but the majority of the action is one on one, male on female sex. Sure there are breaks to that rule, but I'm talking in general here. Overall, this is very "safe" stuff that will appeal to everyone, but people with particular fetishes may not completely dig the plainness of the site.

At the time of review, there were a total of 45 video sets and 8 picture sets. They are independent of each other, ie, theres no videos to go with the picture sets and no pictures to go with the video sets. That being said, I would join the site as a video fan, but maybe not as a picture fan. The site is updated weekly, with timestamps included on the page. This was a very devout and faithful update schedule! As a network fan, I would definately enjoy what they were giving us as well.

The network here includes the sites Chica Boom, Barefoot Confidential, 5 Guy Cream Pie, 10 Man Cum Slam, Black Jelly, Piss Palace, and Kick Ass Grab Bag. All of the sites have a comparable amount of quantity and quality. They are all pretty good sites, and are very comparable to this site. I liked this network, it had nothing too outstanding but it was constantly updated and had a lot of slightly different themes, which was very cool!


Kick Ass Grab Bag serves as the regular, most non themed site for just some good porn videos for this network. And doing that, it does a really good job. It might not appeal to any particular fan of a certain fetish, but it is a great network site that will appeal to anyone. Cool stuff and definately recommended.


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