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Review of Elizabeth Del Mar:

Ever see a girl and just be like wow, I think she is absolutely gorgeous. Well I am that way with round faced girls. Actually, there are two things I like: round faced girls, and girls with big eyes. I think if I ever met a round faced girl with big eyes, I'd have to change my pants. Why am I bringing all of this up? Well, because to me, Elizabeth Del Mar is one of those round faced girls that I just can't get enough of.

Elizabeth Del Mar is a site with a focus on the star Elizabeth Del Mar! Makes sense, right? What the site really is is a spinoff site, a site to have a few original sets of content and be part of a network while not really being updated too often. So why review it then? Well, I think that Elizabeth is really sexy, she shows up on some of the network sites, and its another way to boast up a network I really like even though it could be vastly improved.

When you first sign into the site, you are given a little introduction to Elizabeth and not much more. You must do all of your navigation using a toolbar, and using this you can check out the videos section or the pictures section. Each section is organized awesomely, but the thumbnails for both are pretty small. Since you already know you like Elizabeth, this isn't too big of a deal. But it is still nice to know what is going on in a set before you view or download it. Well, this is a pretty clean, cool site design. Not much to it but not much against it either. It's good!

I went for the videos, mainly because I wanted to see Elizabeth in action. The videos come in both Real Video and WMV formats, each video has three segments. They are available in both high and low quality. These are shorter videos that download really quick because they are short, segmented, and also because they are relatively low quality. The videos here, at high, are 300k videos. That is not a good quality really. This is the type of video you really have to watch at small screen to enjoy. If you lift it up to full screen, its got a lot of pixelation and just doesn't look good. Its like when I was a kid and tried to watch the pay per view porns without paying for them. I actually remember technology being so bad that they played the first five minutes even if you didn't pay for it. How times have changed!

The pictures section of Elizabeth Del Mar is also pretty decent, but could use some changes. The first thing I didn't like was the small thumbnails, but I've already talked about that. The pictures are split into two sections: solo and masturbation. Hmm, aren't you alone when you masturbate? I think what this really means are the solo ones were more glamour softcore shots, and the masturbation ones were more along the lines of the hardcore stuff. The pictures are pretty good, weighing in at 700x467 pixels. They could have better resolution, but that is kind of the name of the game here: potential but it could be better.

I already talked about my deep admiration of Elizabeth Del Mar. I could just look at 100 pictures of just her face. She is exactly my kind of girl. But I don't think I have a chance, she is just too perfect! On the bright side, I always have the site. You too can check her out and see if you like her. The action here is split, theres some softcore stuff and theres also some harder core stuff. It doesn't really cater to anyone either way, just if you like Elizabeth than you will dig it.

Now we will get to this sites biggest flaw, its content level. Right now, there were only two video sets and only ten picture sets. That is really weak. I understand this site is just part of a whole, but I really think you should have at least 20 picture sets or 10 video sets when you roll out a site. And it's even worse here because the quality isn't really up to modern day standards.

I've been saying network, network, network all the way through. There are two network sites here that are updated weekly: West Coast Gangbangs and Creampie Amateurs. There is also Her Pretty Face, DP Amateurs, Creampie X, and a few other sites that are updated on a less regular basis. The end result here is a network that I really dig on for some reason. There are two things to watch out for: one is that you can sign onto different network sites and get different bonus sites. So make sure you don't miss out. And the other is that each site has a different signup cost. Look for the one that best suits you (read: cheapest)


What it gets right down to is that this is just a filler site with unoriginal content. Everything here is just licensed material and it's found in abundance on other sites as well. I can't recommend signing up to this site JUST Elizabeth, though she is cute as hell, the site simply can't stand on it's own. If you are looking for the entire network of sites then together it's all a decent package at a low price, but this is hardly worth the offficial name of Elizabeth.


$15.95 - 1 Month Membership-recurring

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