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Review of Kyla Cole:

Kyla Cole is a model who has appeared in several magazines. Among them are Swank, Cheri, Club, Knave, Chic, and Leg Sex. Yes Leg Sex. I might need a subscription to that one! She is a good looking model, who is very attractive. When you see an attractive girl, the first thing you think is.. hey should have her own site. Well, Kyla indeed does have her own site, and today we will disect it and see if it is worth taking a look at or if it should be tossed aside. It should be fun, so hold on to your hats (and anything else you might be holding) and lets have a good time together!

Kyla Cole's website is a site focused on the model of the same name. This is ultimately a softcore site, very focused on the beauty of Kyla over any type of pornography. As such, it needs to be looked at in a very different light. First of all, many of us who read this site will be initially unattracted to it. So right away I believe more than half of us are going to be turned away. Keep that in mind as we read on.

When you first sign into Kyla's site, you are given a members page which is actually a pretty cool portal page. There is a picture of Kyla in the middle, and on both sides theres links to the different sections. From there you pick what you want to go to and go there. If you roll the mouse cursor over the section names, you can get a description of the section. That is a cool little bonus, not neccesary but cool. Each individual section is also equally as well organized and clean. This is just really a very clean, good site design from Kyla and her team, and I can say I was well impressed.

The pictures are the biggest focus on Kyla Cola. When you sign into the pictures section, you are given a variety of different subsections to browse through. To give you an idea, theres sections like "outdoors", "pools are fun", and "bathrooms." That is just a sample however, as there are about 28 sections like this. Each section has a pretty small thumbnail to represent it, but the name of the section is pretty much all you need anyway, the thumbnail is more to make it look pretty. Now, when you get in to the section you get text links to each gallery. The gallery is weird. The thumbnails are done in circles instead of your traditional square/rectangle deals. And they are very tiny. But surprisingly, you do get to see everything in the pic with the thumbnail, and this way its pretty space efficient and makes the load time ten times quicker. So while it's different, it adds more to the site and makes it a little different.. I'll say its cool!

Now onto the quality of the pictures. The pictures are ultra clear, gorgeous pictures. They all look pretty close to being magazine shots. They are 688 x 1024 pixels and there is really no complaint about the quality here. Actually, it's quite good. And meshing the awesome individual galleries which look great with great looking pictures is the way to go in my eyes. Really cool pictures section, up there with the best of them. They tried something relatively new and it worked like a charm!

Now lets talk videos. The video section is not very big, and its not very explicit either. There are some where Kyla removes her clothes and some where she doesn't. But don't expect any XXX play here. Instead they are just videos of Kyla. I'll give you a breakdown anyway. Mostly MPGs, the quality here isn't the greatest. Definately not a destination for video fans. Some of the videos are broken up into segments. Some are set to music, which I just don't like personally. Overall, it's a cool little feature, but the video section just cannot be compared to what is traditionally thought of as a videos section for a single model site.

The action on Kyla Cole is pretty softcore, as I've mentioned. While there are a few lesbian sets which have some spreading and stuff, for the most part, I would call this softcore. It's like looking at a Playboy or something. Which fits some people perfectly fine, but I consider myself a hardcore man so this really didn't do much for me. As far as Kyla goes, shes a pretty hot girl too but I didn't find myself doing backflips over her either. So basically I don't want to be a hypocrite and say this site did it for me, but I will say it might do it for you. I'm just weird, so don't mind me!

The extras on Kyla Cole come heavy but ultimately weak. Theres a members contest, a webcam, ability to email Kyla, Auctions, Friends, Links, and Backstage among some others. Well, these are all cool but ultimately they just fizzle. Kyla's got a lot of friends on the site with their own little galleries, but I stress the word little. It's a cool extra but not much more than that. Other than these, there are no real bonus sites here. And they do appear to update every week, adding to the already impressive amount of content. Right now they claim 8981 pictures in 266 galleries and 1585 pictures in 46 backstage reportages.


A great site with a great design and great pictures. If you are a fan of the grocery store-type magazines with beautiful models, and you like Kyla, than this is spot on. The price is nice and the content is heavy.


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