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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4, MPEG

Prices: Special: $19.95/30 days (Reg. $29.32)
$72.32/90 days

Review of Busty Amateur Boobs:

Tits. We know em. We love em. We'll touch em, play with them, stick our wee wee in between them, maybe even jizz on them if we're lucky. If you asked someone what is so great about two pieces of flesh, they probably would have trouble explaining. But we still love them. And if you're like me, you like em big and bouncy. Sure, small and medium titted women do have a cool appeal. But nothing strikes you like a big titted woman. Sometimes those tits can make the woman more attractive than she would be otherwise. So if you're like me and you like tits, maybe you will like some Busty Amateur Boobs.

Busty Amateur Boobs is a site with a focus on boobs. And the focus really is on boobs here. With some big tit sites, the girls who are acting just happen to have big tits. Here, the tits are mostly the focus. Most of the sets are solo, and its primarily the girls just rubbing their breasts. Its a little different, its a cool theme and definately one I wouldn't think of myself. What you end up with is a very cool put together theme which will definately appeal to tit fetishes who have no use for the other parts of the porn video. Those of us who like our big tits bouncing up and down because the girl they are attached to is fucking a hung black guy, we might have to put our drinks aside and move on to the next site. But still, I admire this for being different, which is cool.

When you first sign onto Busty Amateur Boobs, you are given a members page which is pretty decent. On the top is the update grid for both this and its sister site, Monster Cock Madness. Underneath that is an ad for DVD releases. And then underneath that is the original content here. The most popular ladies are shown on the front page, with an option to see them all. There are three thumbnails for each girl, one regular and two which have a weird rectangle shape. The thumbs tend to focus more on the tits than the girls, in some sets you won't have an idea of what the girls look like, but you have three awesome shots of their boobies. Below that are more ads, yay.I could do without the ads, but I liked this members page if only because it was ten times better than the horrid mess of its sister site.

The videos are definately the focus on Busty Amateur Boobs. When you sign into the videos section, you get a thumbnails page that heavily resembles the setup I was talking about on the main page. Which is not bad, but again, very tit-focused. After you select a girl, you are given a page with some biography stuff, as well as a listing of all of her sets. Yes, some girls do have more than one set here on Busty Amateur Boobs. You can stream the movies in low, medium, or high, or download in MPG or WMV. Now, the videos are heavily segmented. A lot of the girls can have up to ten segments each. There are no full video options, although there is a tutorial on joining the segments. Why not just give us a link to full video? It's not as if these files are huge, each segment is only about 5MB each. Well, with a low size like that, you must know the video is pretty short. I just think its annoying to go through all the hassle, especially when the videos here are not uniquely named. That can just give you a gigantic mess on your hard drive, like I have now.

The quality of the videos here is pretty good. The WMVs are 473kb, which is a decent midlevel type quality. Sure, you won't be able to full screen the videos perfectly.. but they do look good in the small screen and unless you are a huge quality freak, you shouldn't be too disappointed. On the other hand, there is a little room for improvement. It's pretty damn good unless there is a lot of movement. Still, you get a decent quality and a super fast download. The whole segment thing is a major pain in the butt, and I think that is the one thing that really harms these videos. I cringed to have to download all the segments, and I this makes people less likely to download all the sets and just pick and choose the ones they think look really good.

Busty Amateur Boobs also has a pictures section. There are both high resolution pictures and also vidcaps. The high resolution ones are 800 x 533 pixels and look really crisp and clear. The vidcaps are also done very well but you can still tell they are vidcaps. For me, the theme almost shines through better in pictures... making this a very worthwhile experience to check out. Very nice pictures give us a good compliment to the videos.

The girls on Busty Amateur Boobs are busty. Well, duh! It goes without saying. The amateur part is a lot harder for people to nail. But here, I really like the collection of girls and I think they are very amateur looking and very hot. It might not be for everyone, but most of us will be looking more at the tits than the actual girl anyway. The action here is primarily titplay done solo. Theres not a whole lot of hardcore to the site actually, a few sets but thats about it. A lot of it is just showing and rubbing boobies. That is cool, definately not for everyone but still very nice.

At the time of review, there were a total of 41 sets of original content on this site. The site is updated on almost a daily basis. And it seems to be really focused on updating this often, unlike its sister site which seems to mainly post leased site updates nowadays. With updates every day, you can bet you can get lots of content on top of what is already posted! Granted, some of these are the leased sites.. but a lot of them here are


This is a good site with a theme that many might find lame. But it's original, the content is good, the updates seem to be in order, and everything is pretty good. This makes for a good little site that the big tit fetishists might want to look into!


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