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Review of Action Channel:

Theres the good, the bad, and the ugly. Well, most of the times. Sometimes theres just the bad and the ugly. How often is there just the bad and the ugly? In very rare cases I like to call, shitty ass porn sites. Well wouldn't they just be the ugly then? Not neccesarily. Am I making your head spin yet? Probably. So let's forget the intro and start talking about some bad and ugly porn.

Action Channels is a network portal site that has content from a few different sites all in one. You might say cool, and normally I'd be all about a new network myself. But this one is very different, very spammy, and just kinda ugly. Today we will look at a total view of the sites, and discuss whether or not this merits a one dollar trial. Now, a site has to be seventeen different kinds of shitty not to warrant a one dollar trial. We are here to decide whether Action Channels is sixteen different kinds of shitty, or if they bump it up one better and make it not even worth a one dollar trial.

The biggest thing that holds these sites down is the server speed. This is slower than shit, and it takes forever to stream or download anything off of it. So with that in mind, we'll take a look at each invidiual site and discuss it a little.

The Bad

XXX Reality TV- This site has a very original theme. It is a reality site, with a focus on a game show like environment, like a reality tv show. There are competitions throughout the site. Now this is an original theme and its done pretty well here. If this was done by one of the reality porn greats, it'd be an instant classic. Instead its done by these guys, and it makes me want to hit myself really hard because it truly is an original site and concept just done terribly wrong.

MILF Conquest- This site is not so original, but at least it has original content produced. A hostess goes around and guys try to find older broads to bang. Not the best MILF site ever, but it works out to be not so terrible either. If it weren't for the design, it'd be a middle of the road site.

The Ugly

Golfcart Girls- Good theme again, but this time not followed through like XXX Reality TV. Looks like unoriginal, played out content. Nothing to see here, move along.

Teen Gush- A focus on teens who squirt. Horrid site, saved by the fact it has a few good videos and a decent amount of content.

Anal Conquest- An anal site with very little content. The video quality is actually quite good, but still, nothing to write home about.

Blowjob Rampage- The only site we didn't review individually on Pornliving, so I'll go into more detail. Its basically a blowjob page. Again, its old porn videos apparently recycled for this site. The only rampage you get here is the one you will go into when you try to stream one of the videos.

So thats what you get. On Action Channels, you can navigate each sites content through the actual Action Channels page, so theres not a lot of skipping around. The videos on the pages are all decent. MILF Conquest has the best videos, with XXX Reality TV a distant second. The other sites still have good videos, but all the other sites have that previously made, recycled porn feel to them.

Each of the sites hovers in the 10 video range, with only Anal Conquest having significantly less. The value factor here isn't bad for a trial, but you're going to have a hell of a headache trying to view or download these videos. So thats just no good. The pictures are also pretty decent, but the server is so fucking slow it even affects the pictures. What a bunch of shit!

There are no updates to any of the Action Channels sites, I'd venture to say. You pretty much get what you get, is it crap? Absolutely. Value? Not even for a dollar? Well, let's discuss it in the conclusion.


This really isn't even worth the aggrevation. The two sites with some potential aren't even worth the headache and the pain in the ass of trying for a trial. If you are broke, save some money and join a real site. If you like the concept of any of these sites, pass them up and hope someone better thinks of the same thing. This is complete, utter, and pure trash. Take your dollar and go buy a soda or something.


1 Day Trial- $1.99
1 Month Membership -- $39.95

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