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Review of Teen Gush:

Ever see a fat guy jump in a pool? Well that makes a gushing of water. I know, because I'm a fat guy and I've jumped in the pool before. It makes a big gush. So do the women on todays site, Teen Gush. I should say girls and not women, because these are supposedly teenage girls here on Teen Gush. Well, hopefully the girls on the site don't bring as much gushing as me jumping in the pool, but I have a feeling that some of them might get pretty cool! Sit back and watch and relax! Or, maybe not...

Teen Gush is a video site with a focus on teens who squirt. Well, how does that theme stack up? First of all, its one of those combo themes I like a lot. It can appeal to both teen fans and squirting fans. But what bothers me is that some of these girls just don't look to be teenagers. And as far as squirting, i could only sample a few of the videos (more on that later) but that part of the theme seemed to hold up pretty well. Other parts of the site are not nearly as lucky, unfortunately.

When you first sign onto Teen Gush you get a very spammy page. There are links all over the place, links to the left, links to the right, above, below, and they are all for ads and leased sites. Luckily, the content of the site is centrally located. For each set, there is a little thumbnail and a little description. You really don't get to learn too much about the set from the thumbnail. But in reality, you won't really need to know much anyway. More on that later. Well, the site design really gets no real brownie points. Its horrible, and you can sense that from the moment you sign on. We will talk about the biggest problem in a moment, but for now, all I can say is bleh on the site design.

The videos are probably considered the focus on Teen Gush. The videos come in MPG format, and are streaming only videos. You can download them, but anyone who has done that before knows its a pain in the butt. Especially here, and let me tell you why. The server is freaking slow. I mean really slow. I mean, the videos here buffer after a few seconds of play. I felt like I was on a leased site in 1997. This shit is just horrible. And the worst thing is, there doesn't seem to be a time that it is good. It was a little better at night, EST time, but still horrible. I can't even describe it. Why make streaming videos when you can't handle the stream? Or is that the point, just to rip us off? I can't read into the webmasters mind, but I just think that this is more to show off the bonus material and try to trick newbies into staying over a day and paying for an expensive membership.

The actual video quality here isn't too bad, if you can actually get it. You can full screen the videos and have them look ok. But like I said, actually getting it can be a pain. Even if you download the videos, it takes a lot longer than it should. Theres really no point in doing it, because the videos aren't really anything special. I mean, they are ok, but they are not stunningly great, original stuff you need to have. Just like a regular porn scene, and some of them have that older porn look to them as well. It's really not worth the download or stream time if you ask me. And you are asking me if you're reading this review.

The pictures on Teen Gush are pretty decent. However, once again we encounter a problem. And that problem is with the server speed. It takes forever for the page to even come up, and when it does the thumbnails take even longer to load. This server is just plain shitty. I don't think I've ever been to a pics site that is hindered by the server. But this one is, just plain bad.

So what have we learned here? Well, the site is complete garbage. I try to find the good in everything, but when there is nothing good, I just can't! I definately have to say that this and the sites like it are some of the worst sites I've come across. I feel I've spent more time on this review than the webmasters spent on this site, and it's not fair to me. But I want to warn my fellow porn viewers of crap like this. Do not be deceived by the tempting trial, or the semi decent looking preview pages. This is weak weak weak.


At least the site has 16 sets to its own. But god bless you if you try to watch them and download them all. This is just a horrible experience and I cannot come even close to recommending it.


1 Day Trial- $1.99
1 Month Membership -- $39.95

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