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Review of Kiko Wu:

Kiko (full name Kiko Wu) has been around for a long time, as far I as I could see her site has been up for 5 years now. Kiko is an asian girl, from China actually and as you can see from the samples, she is so cute you just wanna put her in your pocket and take her home with you ;)

Kiko is very dedicated to her site as former or present members are very aware of I suspect. She updates her site at least 3 times a month with new photoshoots, as far as I could tell she adds a minimum of 5 new shoots a month and she really makes an effort to make varied shoots. Infact the originality of the shoots are the best thing here in my opinion. I saw everything here, from kiko in space a space suit on her own personal star trek quest, to nude posing in a public stree in Taipei, the variety is outstanding.

Her dedication to her site also shines through with her frequent diary additions and her active conversation with the members on the forum board. If you ask a question here or make requests you are sure to be heard and get a response. The feeling of interacting with Kiko is great and you feel apart of joint fan community eagerly wating for the next original photo shoot.

Kiko does not do boy/girl shoots, infact you will not find any pictures with guys in them, on the other hand you will find many lesbian shoots with other asian girls. I would categorize this site as softcore only even if Kiko do fetish shoots with latex, bondage and even anal penetrations and generally a lot of "toy" shots.

The pictures are all very good quality, not the biggest in resolution usually 424*640, this is a nice resolution and makes for quick browsing and pleasant pictures. It's also worth to note ofcourse that all material here is exclusive to

Beside are rather extensive picture collection (very big for a single girl site) there is also a nice video archive. The video archive consists of 27 scenes, some are devided into small and large sizes, but all is in Quicktime format (so this is required to view them ofcourse). My first suggestion here would be to make all the scenes available in in one big file. A few of them are available in one big file, but it's not many for now you have to settle for the scenes devided into 2-3MB clips. I saw one clip without sound here otherwise the clips had sound, and given the small file sizes you get some nice clips, which could be higher quality though.

I found the site to be very easy to navigate and the way of looking through pictures by their update dates works out, the only small annoyance was when I was browsing through thumbnails, then I had to first go to the last page of the shoot to get back to the main index, maybe a link to main on every page would be nice.

Kiko has a lot of fans I'm sure of, and I would like to join under those colors and as for most other fans I'm sure they would like to have their own big Kiko collection on their HDD. Because of this I think it would be very nice also to make .zip downloads available for complete shootings, I would have mirrorred all her pictures in a heartbeat ;)

I had a very nice time here going through the pictures and videos always being surprised with a new original shoot. I read a lot of additions to the diary and I even checked out Kiko's "How to make your own spreader bars!"-turorial/photoshoot, and no! She is not naked or in lingeri here because like she says:

"I wanted to make it totally non-porn so that I would at least have a little credibility (hard to maintain if you are using a hacksaw in a thong and platform heels)."

1 month: $14.95

This site comes highly recommended as one of the best asian girl sites you will find out there on the net. Even if you are not particularly into asians, Kiko's charm will get to you in the end, but before you start fantasizing about her, read her guidelines on how to fantasize about her ;) Highly recommended and slighty addictive!


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