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Review of Golf Cart Gals:


This site is also known as

There are some things I just don't associate with porn and sex. One of those things is golf. Why might that be? Well, if I may put my sexist pants on for a while... I always think of men when I think of golf. I'm no golfer, and I know there are some talented female golfers out there. So why do I always think of men? I don't know, probably just because it's a weak association in my mind. But todays site, Golf Cart Girls, changed all that. Now when I think of golf, I immediately think of a hot something something getting bent over a golf cart.

Golf Cart Girls is a video site with a focus on girls and golf. Now normally I would say, hey, great theme. But the reality of the matter is that with the golf thing as the theme, you would expect some sort of tie-in. Well, most of the sets here don't really have a lot to do with golf. Instead they are just straight porn videos. Some are set to look like they have the country club setting, but for the most part, it seems like the webmasters looked at an old cache of porn, and tried to find the ones that most fit with the theme, but at the same time, they really didn't. I'm not sure how many people were going to join the site banking on the golf theme, but the fact of the matter is, I hope its not that many.

When you first sign into GOlf Cart Girls, you are given a very sloppy members page. The actual site content is listed in the middle of the site, with one smaller thumbnail per set and a little description. You are then taken to a page of the set you select which has photo galleries on one side, and videos on the other. The rest of the members page is just bad. There are links all over the place for leased sites, as well as ads. Its just a spam site with some actual content pretty much.

The videos here come in the MPG format. There is only one format. You can choose to view either segments or the full movie. A few of the sets are missing the full movie option. With no speed of quality options, its pretty much all you get. The videos are streaming. Now there is a big issue with the streaming and that is that the servers here are horrid. They can barely load a thumbnails page correctly, so imagine them trying to handle a pretty big video file. Not pretty. I wouldn't recommend streaming them at all. If they videos were a bit better, I'd say take a few nights and try to download them all. But they're really not good, and we'll get into that next.

The videos here are basically old porn. I'm sure theres some vault somewhere that these were taken out of. And what you get is some content that is pretty much shittier than a lot of the leased sites that are all over the site. The one video I downloaded that looked good ended up being horrible. The camerawork was terrible, the lighting was all over the place, and the actual action just wasn't very good. This video was terribly blurry as well. I downloaded another one and it wasn't as bad. But the fact of the matter is, you might not want to bother with these videos anyway, so being nitpicky about which ones suck and which ones don't is pretty ridiculous.

The pictures on the site were ok, decent pictures. How could a pictures section be messed up technically you might ask? Well, the server is so freaking slow, the thumbnails take forever to load! So you find yourself wanting to shoot yourself because of the pictures section as well. To those who care, and at this point I doubt many of you will, 500 x 333 pixels and they don't look horrible, but not great either.

At the time of review, there were a total of 16 Golfcart Girls. That is a decent number, but there could be 100 sets and this site would still be bad. There is no bonus content to speak of, just a bunch of leased links. I would venture to guess that the site is not updated too often, with my keen eye.

Ok, we've established that this site is bad. In fact, it might be one of the worst sites I've ever seen in my life. Other sites like this done by the same people have some redeeming qualities, like original, good looking videos, and good themes. The theme here is good but not followed through. The quality is sucky and inconsistent. It's a complete pain in the ass to even try to view/download these videos. And while I haven't seen these videos anywhere else, I wouldn't want to. But they do have that old porn feel to them. The girls are nothing to scream about but they're not total dogs either.


It's taken me a year and a half, but I think I finally found a site with absolutely no redeeming qualities. This is a complete waste, and I actually feel bad I spent so much of my time on it. But I did it for you, the pornliving reader. Why? Because from the outside this site looks good, with nice girls and a nice theme. I just don't want you punching yourself for falling for it like I did. Absolutely not recommended, hey, not even for the one dollar trial- forget about it!


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1 Month Membership -- $39.95

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