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*I checked out all sites by now, all sites were exactly the same all around*

Today I was out looking for new sites and I really truly believed that I hit the jackpot when I saw this webmaster page talking about their own sites produced by themselves, Xbang. 10 new reality sites that I had never heard about were listed, and though the design looked pretty out dated on, well all the sites, I really thought I was in for a treat. I mean what could go wrong, exclusive new video content on 10 sites, reality style?.. I can't lose!

Well turns out I could because I was stupid, stupid stupid stupid! My first mistake was an honest one really, and all my fault, I assumed these sites would be connected as a package deal, when you signed up to one, you would also have access to the others. Well I was wrong. I signed up to site initially and I took the full month membership because I didn't think I would get 10 sites reviewed in 3 days J. Well I didn't have to worry about that now did I?

I of course turned out that access was only given to the one site, that's ok, my bad since they didn't advertise anything else. I decided that if the sites was good, then I would also look at the other regardless. Unfortunately it turns out that I was just basically scammed out my $30. Now where did it go wrong exactly?...

First thing I noticed when I logged in was that the members area was filled with ads, these were ads for live sites and dating sites, yuck! Ok but there were also links to the videos, and knowing that the sites had been online for over 2 months already I figured that with a weekly update it would have been up to at lest 15+ videos but for some obscure reason there were only 10. Now why would a 2½ month old site that boast to do "frequent updates" only have 10 video scenes? My conclusion has to be that these sites will never seen an update again if they do it might be 1 scene a month or every other month.

* Ok so I paid $30 for these 10 exclusive scenes fair enough I just have to make do I guess. Let's download them now "WAIT!" What? "You can't actually download movies here you know!" - But it says that I can! "Yeah, but if you want to download the movies, you have to install this adware program called downloadcoach.exe, then you can download." - *sigh* I don't like adware programs on my computer, I'll just watch the streams.


What the hell!?!?!? Why isn't the stream starting?!

Actually the streams never did start, the link you click to watch the movies are php syntax codes that obviously supposed to link to stream play page, however it just doesn't work. This pissed me off so bad that I decided to write a mail to the webmasters and billing company saying that something was really rotten here and they should fix it asap, I was not getting what I paid for! Well today is day 2 and nothing has been done whatsoever, but I still have to finish the reviews…

* Here's an update after the review was actually finished.
The links got working again after 3 days and I finally got to see what they have to offer here. And believe it or not, there is a silver lining to all these sites, they actually have some great videos. I was amazed to see that their .wmv files were 1191K encoded and of incredibly high resolution. This is about the best quality I have seen in wmv video files in a long long time and it makes me sorry to see that this material is being administered to poorly by the webmasters. You can still only download the clips if you download the adware program and that's just ridiculous, but hey it works, so you might end up being as frustrated as I was and say "fuck it" I'll use the program because I have to have these videos, yeah they really are of amazing quality :\.

Also all the material is DRM protected, that's right, you can't do shit with it after your membership expires. For those of you who are not sure about what DRM is, it's an encryption on the files that makes video able to require authorization to watch it. This means the files can be coded to check if you are still a member of the site you downloaded the files from, if you're not then of course you can't watch them. It's like a middle thing between streaming and unrestricted download.

I did figure out how to access all sites with my login and password though. It's already built to work with just one set of logins. Well actually I didn't go to each site I just went through their video pages by changing the numbers at the end of the url. After 1210 there were a lot of vids

OK s the design is awful to look at, it's plastered with ads, to download you are forced to install adware only to find out the files are DRM protected, the sites are not updated and the webmasters do not respond to mails. On the other hand, the videos are 100% original and now that I've actually seen them I have to admit they were pretty sweet quality but in the final analysis the hassle I've gone through to see them doesn't make it worth while, and when you've paid $30 you don't expect ad plastered members area, DRM protected files and the obscure demand to download an adware download manager. You'd have to be extremely curious to check these sites out, I wouldn't, it's a huge hassle.


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