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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, M4V, MOV, MP4, Windows

Prices: $4.95/3 days, rebills at $29.94
$24.94/30 days
$79.91/90 days

Review of Brandi Love:

I have a classification of women I like to call "bar girls." They are a very special crop of women that deserve further explanation. Bar girls are girls that are in their thirties, but still like to party. They usually look pretty damn good, but in the back of your mind you know they've been around the block once or twice. At the same time, they have that hardened feel to them. You feel as though life has treated them badly, and to make up for it they spend their time hanging on to the last threads of their youth by hanging around bars and trying to be one of the guys. I'm not saying this in a defamatory way. In fact, I quite like the bar girls and I'm friends with a few. It's just a categorization like any other.

I bring this all up because Brandi Love really reminds me of a bar girl. She just looks like she fits the role. Brandi is a very attractive, slim, but slightly older female. And she has her own porn site, which is why we are here today. Her site is a pretty good one, and we will get into the details of it. It's a single model site with the focus squarely on Brandi. It excels as a single model site because there is quite a bit of personalization that you just don't get with the big reality sites. Not only are you enjoying a hot girl, you are getting to know a hot girl. Hell, you can even email the hot girl and ask for certain things to see on the site. I like the personalization factor of many single model sites, and Brandi Love does it good.

When you first sign onto Brandi Love, you get a members page which is stunning to look at. The site design really outdid itself. In fact, I think its a bit overdone, and that leads to a weaker experience. Let me explain. The site looks really good, but it is a little difficult to find what you are looking for. I still don't understand all the components of the site, and I've been looking at the site for three days now. The links for content are all over the place. Instead of having a static topbar, the content in it constantly changes as you jump from page to page. I think its a cool concept but it sucks if you quickly want to jump from one page to another. Some of the links to get to certain sections are weird and hard to understand. The site does look really good, but the functionability of it is kinda sacrificed for that good look.

The pictures are the biggest section here on Brandi Love. Again, confusion reigns supreme. The first picture page shows you the most recent updates and the most popular updates. From there, as you navigate through the archive, it gets real confusing. Theres ten pages of archives, but I wouldn't have been able to tell that from the first few pages. I seriously thought there was only a handful of picture sets. Chalk another one up to site design. But once I figured it out, there are lots of pics.

The pictures here are 1024x683 pixels. They are very clear and crisp for the most part. They aren't perfect, but they still look very good and get Brandi across in the most pleasant of ways. The galleries are not too stacked, and the pictures really vary from gallery to gallery. Brandi is good at achieving lots of different looks, and is not afraid to put on different, hot outfits. This all leads to a very good picture experience.

The videos on Brandi Love are a mixed bag. Well, not really. Brandi has taken the strides to improve her former video section. Her old section had a lot of pixelation and crap in the movies. Even at high quality, they didn't look the best. So she got a new video camera, a better quality level, and bam the videos are now fucking amazing. The newer ones are beautifully clear, awesome looking and awesome playing. That is because they have added the new "Ultra" quality, making your quality options High, Low, and Ultra. For the old videos its just high and low. While there are not as many of the newer videos, this is a sign of things to come and it shows that Brandi does indeed care about quality and what her customers think.

A little on the technical side of the videos, wow I did this a little backward today. These are all full movies, WMV format. But sometimes a few of the movies have a few parts. So while you are not truly downloading full movies, its close enough. In other words, you cannot download parts of each video, but some videos have more than one part. Thats hard to explain. Whats not hard to explain is that the videos download pretty smoothly, and you really don't run into a lot of issues when trying to get the videos.

Brandi Love is the focus of the site of course. As such, there really isn't much to say about girl quality. You either like Brandi or you don't. Thats up for you to decide by checking out the previews. The action here is primarily solo. There are not many sets where Brandi is with someone else. Even as such, theres still quite a bit of hot action. This is definately not a softcore site, although it will appeal to both hardcore and softcore fans. The sets start off softcore and work into hardcore. Good deal for everyone involved, right?

At the time of review, there were a lot of pictures. The messy site design makes it hard for me to tell you exactly how many. But theres ten pages of thumbnails, and a decent amount of sets on each page. There are only a handful of the good quality video, as well as a few pages of the lower quality video. It's a good amount of content, nothing mind blowing but you'll be checking stuff out for a while.

There are no bonus sites on Brandi Love. But there are a bunch of extra features that make the site even more valuable. These include audio files, stories, bloopers, a video journal, and Brandi's hidden stash of her friends doing porn pictures! You can also have the functionability of emailing Brandi and also being able to view live shows of her. You also get weekly updates, which is very cool and worth coming back for!


Brandi Love is an in the middle kind of single model site. There is nothing here really worth jumping out of your clothes for, but at the same time there is nothing inherently bad to warrant a bad review. If you like Brandi, you'll like the site.


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