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Prices: $17.95/30 days

Review of Dixie Trailer Trash:

Some people have weird tastes in women. Which is kind of cool for the women. For example, mature fans, they go after wrinkly old ladies. In return, these wrinkly old ladies get some hot young cock. Not a bad exchange if you ask me, it works out for the ladies. Some guys like trailer trash. For those that do, there is Dixie Trailer Trash. This is a site focused on women from trailers, and how they get it going on!

Dixie Trailer Trash is a weird site with a focus on trailer trash. Actually, this site reminds me more of a gangbang site I once reviewed more than anything. That was called Tampa Bukkake and was a good site. I find it like that site because here, it seems like a gangbang club that likes having their videos done together. A lot of the females seem the same, and even though I didn't download all the videos, this is the feeling I got from the site. Good theme, although it's not really followed through. And to be honest, this looks and feels more like a mature gangbang site more than a white trash site. So good theme even if it doesn't follow its name.

When you first sign onto Dixie Trailer Trash, you are given a prehistoric web site with text links and weirdness all over. These guys have been around since 2002, and it shows! I like the site but the design is absolutely aweful. Once you get past the first page it doesn't get much better. The thumbnailling is decent and the text writing is good, but I just think it's time to make your image a little bit better!

The videos here on Dixie Trailer Trash are pretty cool. They come in the WMV format. You get one thumbnail per movie then you can go ahead and download it. While I liked the action, I really have some bones to pick with the way they are set up. My biggest problem is that there is a continuity problem. Each video seems like a segment, but there is no logical joining of the videos. This still has me confused as I write this review, and the only saving grace is that these are gangbang videos, which is pretty much the only genre of sex that can get away with having this problem. And thats because you can get oral, fucking, and cum all within a segment and be satisfied. But still, it's very confusing and driving me crazy about this site.

But onto the video quality. They claim to have "the best" quality. Well, if 512k is the best quality ever, than I'm out of the porn business! Seriously, I don't think the quality here is bad at all. But claiming to be the best is really wrong. You do get a little graininess and pixelation here. The videos run smoothly. Most of them are just one minute little clips, but some are longer. You get a really fast download and a decent quality, so I guess theres not much to bitch about in this department.

Dixie Trailer Trash also has a pictures section. Each picture set is given three thumbnails, so you have a decent chance to see how the set is going down. The pictures are 576x768 and they are really not bad looking at all. This site isn't really a picture or video site, more like a traditional one with a little bit of both. And both are done relatively well, looking good so again no complaints on this end.

The girls on Dixie Trailer Trash are old. When I think trailer trash, I think girls who are a little dirty, wearing tweety or tigger shirts that look like they need a washing. They basically look like cleaner, less sluttier hookers. The girls here just seem more like mature women than anything. As I said before, it might not jive perfectly with the theme but I still liked it. These girls and guys too look like they could be your neighbors, especially if you live in a trailer park! The focus is really on housewives from the south. The action here is bigtime gangbanging and cumming. There is a girl who seems to be cleanup crew and licks all the cum that is spewed up. Good for her, the world needs more women like that!

Dixie Trailer Trash graces us with daily updates. Making the deal sweeter, there is already a ton of content on the site. They have been updating since 2002. You will definately be busy here at Dixie Trailer Trash! So there are no problems with there being no bonus sites coming with the site. Theres really not much of anything to the site except the content, but it still is very cool and worth checking out.


A little primitive of a website in design, but the content is good. I'd recommend this majorly to fans of amateurs, gangbangs, amateur gangbangs, and even mature women. The action is hot and shot well, it all works out in the end. It gets a jittery recommendation from me.


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