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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, MP4, Windows

Prices: Special: $12.00/30 days (Reg. $15.00)
$60.00/180 days
$96.00/365 days
$144.00/540 days

Review of Video Box:

I love reviewing sites like this. Nothing's worse than dealing with sites laden with links to outside content and dubious bonus content. At there are no such attempts to pad or fill-out the site with annoying extras. The site specializes in one thing and one thing only: downloadable video content. More enticing yet is the price tag. At only $9.95/month for unlimited downloads, this one looks like a winner.

June 2007, the site is offering 3000 full DVDs conversions, containing more than 16,000 individual scenes. Each film is identified by a number of categories, and browsing by category is a breeze. Addition, adult series and studios can be browsed via handy drop-down windows. Overall, the site has good ergonomics and spares members undue clicking around to access content.

Queuing films for download is a relatively simple affair at as well. The site offers a choice of three video qualities, giving even dial-up users a chance to take advantage of the nearly unparalleled value. I'm often annoyed at what passes as "dvd-quality" video on adult sites, but here I was impressed by both the overall compression standard for high-rez flics and the total lack of inflated claims and sales pitches. All the h.q. films I downloaded were encoded as windows media videos and played back at resolutions between 700 and 1000kb/s. Films are divided by scene, however, so using a download manager is recommended and supported. I found myself limited to two simultaneous downloads with an accelerator from the videobox server but was pleased to find that I could still navigate the site unhindered while doing so.

Now a lot of you might not like to watch streaming porn movies as it always buffers and stops right in the middle of the good stuff, plus you mostly always have to watch from beginning to end. Well not anymore. Videobox has a state of the art (and I do mean state of the art) flash player (like on youtube) set up so you can watch the movies right away with ease. Not only that, when you watch you choose by thumbnails from where to start in a particular scene or by clicking and dragging you can even loop your favorite part. And of course, you can watch it all in your browser window or watch it full screen. This player is taking porn watching to a new level giving us TRUE porn on demand at our fingertips, I don't mind telling you I was amazed that watching porn could be this easy now.

It's hard to generalize about the nature or quality of the films on offer at There are enough little niches represented to appeal to a wide-range of smut surfers, but on the whole the site leans toward straight-up-the-middle hardcore with a strong emphasis on anal as is the nature of DVD releases lately.

Unless you're set on original content or looking for something softer, there's little to no likelihood of regretting your $10 membership to This is the biggest and best video archive site on the internet both in terms of technology,quality and quantity for your buck, this one sets a new standard.

Normally, I would simply end a review with such praise and a quick recommendation that readers have a look. Here, I'm inclined to be more forceful about it. By signing on at new members are doing more than connecting themselves to a serious stash of adult content at rock bottom prices. In an age of $30/month adult sites, supporting players that break the dominant pricing structure as dramatically as does actually benefits our fellow adult consumers. Play your part in making the world a cheaper, dirtier place: send your $10 today. Finally, a straight up porn site with no hidden agendas. This site has my vote!


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Overall Rating Change

This site has only improved over time with over 3000 DVDs and the update ratio going from 1 to 5 DVDs added every day. It&#39;s the talk of the adult internet now and everyone knows where to download porn DVD at a cheap price now.<br /><br />What has happened now is an incorporated flash player system has been thrown live and this work just like youtube for every scene except you can easily jump around in the scene as well as repeat your favorite parts. No more waiting for a download to finish, stream the videos RIGHT AWAY with the flash player. This site is just incredible and at that price, what is there to say but porn heaven?!

Reader comments:

Comment by: milord Rating: 11-02-10

For some years VIDEOBOX it has been one of the best sites, but from the reorganization of December 2010 the connection has become slowest and now it's impossible to do streaming and download VB files. To join to VIDEOBOX is useless. 13milord

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