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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4, Windows

Prices: Limited Trial: $2.95/1 day, rebills at $29.95
$29.95/30 days
$59.95/90 days

Review of Teach My Ass:

Teach My Ass. Well, looking at these girls, one look and I thought, damn, these girls can teach my ass anything. That until I learned that the lessons on this site involve learning how to take a penis in the ass. Well, I might not be ready to learn that lesson anytime soon! How come theres no female teachers here that can teach me how to give it in the butt? I'd be willing to pay for those lessons! Anyone interested? No need to videotape it, my memory serves as video enough!

Teach My Ass is a reality site with a focus on teenage girls losing their anal virginity. Pretty unique theme, eh? I like it a lot actually. I mean, teen anal is nothing new to the porn world. But here, theres two uniqueness twists. The first twist is that this is their first time doing anal. That leads into the second twist, and thats that the theme is constantly rotating around the fact that this is their first time doing it. Instead of just being a name of a site, here they make it an absolute concept. It stays true throughout and is just really good.

The site design of Teach My Ass is pretty good. When you first sign in, you are given a members page with a few of the latest sets listed. These sets are listed with one big thumbnail as well as six smaller ones. The thumbnails are very awesome and very effective in getting the sites content across. I really liked the thumbnails here. The site otherwise is very clean and efficient. I can't say I have any real big complaints with the site design, in fact just some praise. One thing I can complain about is the fact that there is a maximum daily usage limit. I got about four or five videos before I was cutoff. This is kinda weak. I understand why sites do this, but what if I am busy every day but Friday. Friday is my only day to download porn, and I want to spend all day doing it? You don't get anything from me all week, and now it will take me a month to get all the content! I disagree with these systems, or think if they are being used to block password traders, the maximum should be set slightly above the amount of content of the actual site.

The video section is by far the focus of Teach My Ass. The videos here are WMVs all the way. Even though its only WMVs, there are still a lot of quality options. You can go from very weak quality for modem users, all the way up to awesome quality for broadband users. Despite what you use, you will have to contend segments. The videos here are segmented. Rather than being segmented at a certain time, the segments here are done in logical changes in the action. So one segment might be blowjob, then the next anal, then the next cumshot. It makes sense like that. Most of the sets have about six segments, and the segments usually run around five minutes. I'm not a huge segmentation fan, but here it works pretty decent because the videos aren't interrupted, and theres not a huge number of segments per girl. One thing I don't like is that the videos here are not uniquely named. They are all named like H01.wmv, etc. Very annoying when you are downloading the videos. You either have to rename the files, or have a ton of the same named files on your computer. Kind of a pain and a problem that can be quickly remedied at the time of making the video by the webmasters.

That doesn't have anything to do with the actual quality of videos. I am hereby qualified to say that the video quality here is excellent! At high quality, the videos are 1205kb. This is an awesome quality, and leads to a near perfect picture. The kind of transfer they used makes it a little weird when there are sudden quick movements, but for the most part the videos are damn near perfect. Very cool and worth checking out! High, high quality of awesome videos here.

The pictures on Teach My Ass were also very good. With sites like this, you would expect crapiness. Not so here, you get some pretty good quality and that should be commended!

The girls on Teach My Ass fit the mold of the site nicely. They all look relatively young and somewhat like anal virgins. With some of the girls on porn sites in general, when you've seen a lot of them, you are not so easily fooled as to who are true porn stars and who are true amateurs. With that said, some girls here look geniunely amateur, while others are more porn star-y looking. But overall, the common theme is they are all younger looking and anal virgins, which does hold true in most cases. The action here is of course very anal based, lots of one on one here and there is some leadup fucking and blowjobs. But the focus here is undoubtedly on the anal, so you must be a fan of anal to be a fan of the site.

At the time of review, there was a fair amount of content available on the site. I'd say around 20 or so sets of content. The updates are not time stamped, the site does seem to be updated regularly but I just can't say how often without the time stamps. Theres one bonus site, and that is the Teens Go Porn site. That is another beefy site, worth checking out and it adds to the fun of this site.


With a cool theme, awesome quality and basic coolness- this site is definately worth a look. It has its flaws, but it is very good despite them!


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