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Review of Hate Plow:

I find it funny when porn sites sound like the names of death metal bands. Actually, this is the first porn site I've ever encountered that sounds like the name of a porn site. Live, first time ever in America at the New Jersey Metal Meltdown, ladies and gentlemen: Hate Plow! It just seems like it fits, doesn't it? Well, Hate Plow might not be a real band. Although I bet some people reading right now are like, "Hey, thats a pretty good name for my next band!" It is however, a porn site with a very cool, evil name.

Hate Plow is a reality site with a focus on hardcore sex. The basic premise is, like the name says, this guy, the Hate Plow, plows through his women with lots of hate. Theres no passion here. No giving flowers, no back massages. It might be a good site for someone single to check out on Valentines Day because it is almost the anti-Valentines porn site. The theme is actually pretty cool. I say that from a spectator point of view, as I'm not a huge fan of the theme. But I think it is a cool theme, and those of you who are into violent sex will like this site a lot.

When you first sign onto Hate Plow, you are given a network summary page which shows the latest updates of all network sites, as well as showing some leased sites and even a little spam mixed in there. From there, you select to go into the Hate Plow site. Here you get a front page which has five sets per page, and eight thumbnails per set. The thumbnails are mainly action thumbnails, so you have a great idea what is going on here, but not as good of an idea of who is doing it. One of the biggest problem I had with hate Plow is that not all of the links here worked, which is just a pain in the ass and also poor site design. Neither of which I would expect from this group. Otherwise, you get a clean, simple, easy to use web design here. Very cool indeed.

The videos are by far the focus here on Hate Plow. As such, you don't get a whole lot of options here. Most of the videos come in full video form, which is cool. This network doesn't have a problem with segmenting, as can be evidenced by some of the other sites. They are just weird and inconsistent with it. They do consistently offer both WMV or MPG downloads. Kinda cool for those with old ass computers that won't play WMVs. I'm so glad I pulled myself out of that boat last year. Otherwise, you get both high and low quality movies here. Mostly everyone will go with high. The videos download super fast, and run super smooth. There is nothing really technically wrong with the videos, except for maybe the weaker thumbnailling not giving you the perfect idea of everything going on here. But otherwise, everything is great.

As far as quality goes, I'll say what I've been saying for this entire network and every site these guys have created. The quality is good, but it can be a little better. I think my biggest problem is not having as many options. I'd really like a quality a bit better than 532k, which is what you are getting here. Not a gigantic deal, but it's a flaw in an otherwise great site. These videos still look decent. They are just a little pixelated and blurry when you full screen them. Still, they are great videos, but just a little bump up in quality would be nice.

The pictures here are horrendous. These are vidcaps. Not only are they vidcaps, but they are taken way too frequently. So theres way too many pictures in the galleries with not a lot of variance. On top of all of this, the thumbnails are also pretty weak. I wish I had some better stuff to say about the pictures, but basically, if you are into pictures, go elsewhere.

The girls on Hate Plow are very good looking girls. They are slightly porn star looking, but still very good looking. They fit right into what this network is about: very hot, slutty women doing very hot, slutty things. And here the action is intense. Very hardcore action. There are lots of threesomes with two guys and one girl. Lots of anal. And just a forcefullness that, while not going as far to be distasteful and illegal, is still there. Good for fans of sex like this, and an awesome name to boot!

At the time of review, there were a total of 8 sets of content here at Hate Plow. While thats not a huge number, the sets are very unique in presentation and in theme. So I would still recommend the site, even though it doesn't have a set update schedule or timestamping system. The sheer volume of the network makes it a good deal.

The network here includes: Down With Sex, Semen Sippers, Hot Chocolate Whores, Hate Plow, Teens Tell All, Cream In Every Hole, Healthy Asses, and Extreme Sphincters. The network comes straight from the same people who brought you the meatholes network, which has been reviewed here extensively. As such, you also get a stripped down version of ten sites from the network. These are now being offered as leased sites, but you can actually download the content. Overall, it makes the network extremely worthy!


This is a good site in the extreme hardcore realm. And if you are a fan of this, lucky for you, because a lot of the network has a little bit of that forceful edge. So you will not only enjoy this site, but the entire network.

30 Day - $29.94
90 Day - $59.94

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