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Review of Extreme Sphincters:

Extreme Sphincters! Sounds like one of those X-Games you see on TV. You know, the ones like snowboarding with your pants down and your willy hanging out. Anything to be alternative. Anyway, it's not a sport.. but it damn well should be. Gaping assholes should be a measured and televised sport. It would be hard to watch on television, and I really, really don't want to see the winner. But it would just make for a cool story!

And what makes for a cool story is a cool site name in Extreme Sphincters. Tis merely an anal site. But what makes for a better story when someone asks your latest porn site? Something like Blue Teen, or Extreme Sphincters! You know the answer. And I may not mention the sites name as much in this review, because I am having a hard time spelling Sphincter. Wow, a tongue twister. Now, before we get way off track, lets talk about the site.

Extreme Sphincters has a very organized members page. To first get to it, you have to go through a network portal-like site. Once you go through that, you get to the main members page. On here, there are about five sets per page. Each set has eight action thumbnails, all smaller thumbnails. These give you a decent idea of the action thats going on, but at the same time they are not totally effective in getting it across. And sometimes its hard to tell what the girls look like. But still, it's a minor complaint. The front page is very clean and clear of junk. It's easy to find and download the content, and it all works out really well.

The videos here come in high quality, WMV or MPG format. There is only one quality option, but at the same time, there are no full video options. So you are basically downloading segments here. The segments aren't really given a time, I think it was segmented to give each set eight segments. So the times vary. If I had a website and I was putting set segment numbers on it, I'd make the set number three or four. Eight is a little too much. Luckily the segments download blazingly fast. This is due to a combination of ultra fast servers, and smaller segment lengths. But with those smaller segment lengths comes quality questions. Luckily we can answer those questions!

The quality here on Extreme Sphincters is pretty good. With only one quality option, you don't have a lot of choices. But it also saves space here on the website, so that is good as well. But back to the quality, the WMVs are 532kb. This means a pretty good, almost great quality. But when you full screen these videos, you get a little loss of quality and pixelation. Still, they are good to watch, but they could be a little bit better. It's almost frustrating, because the videos are so good that you really want the quality to be that notch better. Either way though, its good stuff and worth checking out.

Extreme Sphincters also has a pictures section. Unfortunately, as is often the case with reality sites, the pictures are pretty weak. Here they are vidcaps, taken at outrageous intervals. The vidcaps are very pixelated and just not very good. Luckily, you can just ignore the pictures since this is a video site mainly. Thank you for that! Avoidable pictures section.

The girls on Extreme Sphincters are pretty good looking. They are your typical porn looking girls, the big tit and little bit of skankiness to them, while still being very hot. I liked them, of course you can check into the girls by checking out the previews. The action here is anal action. Lots and lots of anal sex. Hardcore type ass plowing. You have to be into this type of action to like Extreme Sphincters!

At the time of review, there were a total of 10 sets. With 10 sets, there is a lot of room for more sets. It's a decent number, but they could go for a lot more in time hopefully. Unfortunately, at the time of review, there was no update or timestamping schedule, so I really cannot tell you how often they actually update the site. Luckily, theres a big network worth checking out along with the site.

The network here includes: Down With Sex, Semen Sippers, Hot Chocolate Whores, Hate Plow, Teens Tell All, Cream In Every Hole, Healthy Asses, and Extreme Sphincters. The network comes straight from the same people who brought you the meatholes network, which has been reviewed here extensively. As such, you also get a stripped down version of ten sites from the network. These are now being offered as leased sites, but you can actually download the content. Overall, it makes the network extremely worthy!


A good site for fans of hardcore anal. Part of a good network, a few tweaks and a little more content and this is a great site. As it is, I'd label it very good!

30 Day - $29.94
90 Day - $59.94

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