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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4, Windows

Prices: Special: $14.95/30 days (Reg. $24.95)
Special: $49.95/180 days (Reg. $99.95)
Limited Trial: $1.10/2 days, rebills at $29.95

Review of MILFs Exposed:

Here's MILFy. Just wanted to pay tribute to the great Johnny Carson. Another day, another MILF site to review. You know the drill now, and so do I. These things have become so predictable. I love mature women, I like Milfy women, but it is a concept that seems to be on every reality site network nowadays. So heres another boring introduction, as I ran out of good ones last year! Next milf site I get, I'll probably share some showtunes with you. But regardless, it is a good concept and it is worth reading on, I promise!

MILFs Exposed is another site in the MILF category. For those of you not in the know yet, MILF stands for Mom I'd Like to F..well, you get the point. And with the big phenomenon that is MILF, there is a strict quality placement on the sites now as well. With one or two genre sites, theres a lot more swing room than there is when theres a million sites. So MILFs Exposed has some high standards to match. Can they do it? Well, read on, young milf fan!

When you first sign onto the front page of MILFs Exposed, you are given a page that is decent if not a little bit messy. This messiness comes from the fact that there are about a ton of leased links on the site. Not to mention the quasi ads, etc. So it's like signing up to one of those borderline spam sites. The difference here is that there is actual content, and it's actually quite good. On the front page there is a featured episode with three bigger thumbnails of the action. Each subsequent set is listed on the front page with a small thumb, mainly a portrait type of the girl instead of showing any action that is happening on the site. It's a decent site design because they manage to keep the non content links away from the main content, making it unconfusing even though it is cluttered.

The videos on MILF Exposed come only in the WMV format. There are three qualities of WMVs here, High (512k), Medium (340k), and Low (150k). The videos come in segmented chunks, or you can get the entire video as one entire file as well. The videos here are streaming-only, which means that if you want to keep these videos on your hard drive, you will have to take a few extra steps to do so. It's not really that difficult, just ask us on the board or search the board and you'll see our methods. Speaking of streaming, if you do decide to stream, the streams here do run very fast and smoothly. You'll be satisfied either way, trust me on that one!

The quality of the videos on MILF Exposed is also very good. I was expecting a lot less. Why, you may ask? Well, the high quality being only 512k had me thinking the videos would be OK but not great. I was wrong on that account. I'm actually shocked the bitrate isn't 766 or something, because the videos were just excellent. Barely any loss of quality at any screen size. I was thoroughly impressed by this. Not what I expected at all, but a plesant surprise. The best part is, the files are very managable because of the bitrate. The videos run about a half hour in length, which is a good time to introduce and get everything done right. Overall, a very good video experience here.

The pictures on MILF Exposed also shocked me. Instead of the usual crappy vidcap routine, there are awesome, high quality pictures here. The pictures are 530x800 pixels. And they are really good quality. I can't speak enough about them. This is a really good site for pictures, and I was surprised by that.

The women here on MILF Exposed are MILFs. Well, some of them. I had a little probably with the women here. It just seems like they had an inconsistent quality to them. Some of them would look rather young, and then some would look to be very mature. I'd say it's about half and half, and thats weird because I'm not quite sure who these videos would please. Mature fans would be turned off by the relatively young nature of some of the girls, and regular fans would be turned off by the relatively older nature of some of the women. So who knows. It's still a good combination of women, but one I found a little weird. The action is your basic sex action, nothing groundbreaking but it all works out nicely.

Theres a total of 23 sets here on MILF Exposed. Don't be fooled by the "more content click on this" link, that leads you to a page that passes itself off as MILF Exposed content, but is actually from a leased site MILF Search. Those videos are still good, but the quality is not as good as the front page stuff here. There is also a network of sites you get with your membership here.

MILFs Exposed is part of a network that they say contains 50+ Bonus Sites. Well, the majority of those bonus sites are leased material. But after doing some weeding, we pulled out some of the exclusive sites, and they include Pornstar Tryouts, Milfs Exposed, Jerk That Cock, Cum Covered Glasses, All Interracial, Screw My Sexy Wife, Teen Blow Job Auditions, and Lesbo Trick. Pretty cool network, and there is also all those other leased sites to keep you busy as well. All in all, a good experience and a good network even if its a little spamy.


The site scores with its great quality and fair amount of content. It loses a little with me when you look at the girls on the site. But still, this is a very worthy MILF site, at a good price and part of a good network.


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