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Review of First Lesbian Experience:

Theres a first time for everything. Your first kiss. Your first good lay. Your first marriage. Your first divorce. And for ladies, there can be that first lesbian experience. Sure, it's a little awkward, you don't really know what to do. But by the end of the session, you are screaming for more. The idea of a lesibivirgin is definately intriguing. Mainly because we all know a lot of them in our lives, and we would like to be there when their fish-licking cherry is popped!

1st Lesbian Experience is a video website with a focus on lesbian sex. The theme is that these girls have not done this before. Sort of like me riding a broomstick naked. I'd never done it, but the first time I did it ended up on video. Well, it's nice to have video chronicles of your first times doing things, but when you simplify it all down, this is a lesbian sex site, pure and simple. So the theme here is an original small twist on a very unoriginal theme, but it all boils down to being lesbo vids either way. Nice idea for a theme, but ultimately it fizzles.

When you first sign onto 1st Lesbian Experience, you are given a semi messy and confusing front page. There are lots of links, and most of the links are to leased sites. The actual site design looks nice, but theres just a lot of trash involved in weeding through it all. Once you get to the individual picture and video sections, the site design is great. The only problem is getting there and dealing with the trashy main page. I'm a little torn on what I should say about the site design- the main page could be better, but the actual content pages are easy to understand and navigate. So I'd say nice job with some room for improvement.

The videos are definately the focus here. When you get to the videos page, you are greeted with 6 small thumbnails along with one big one. The thumbnailling here is really good. It gives you a great idea of what you are downloading. It really works out well. There is also a little description of the set that, although generic, does help add a little bounce to the videos. These thumbs are very clear and good looking. You have many download options. You can download either High or Low quality segments in either WMV or MPG format. You can also download the full video, high quality in WMV format. While these are some good quality videos, they don't take up a lot of hard drive space or download time, relatively speaking. Technically, it's a very good website to download from!

The quality of the videos is also very good. Although it seemed constant to use 696k videos, one of the ones I downloaded was 3xxk. The xx's are because I don't remember! But it is pretty much a constant at 696, this was just one weird case I noticed and had to point out. Anyway, the video quality is very good. You can full screen these videos very nicely, there is some loss of quality at full screen, but it's really not that bad. The videos run smoothly and look really good. They are hot, and I liked them a lot. Kudos to the site on this.

And even bigger kudos goes to the pictures section. Instead of having a weak pictures section, 1st Lesbian Experience has an awesome one. No vidcaps here, just high quality, high resolution pictures of the girls. The action looks the same as the videos, but even better in picture form. The screen is so clear and cool, I liked it a lot. Good job here on the pictures, one of the few reality/video sites that I can go ahead and recommend to picture fans as well as video fans.

The girls here on 1st Lesbian Exeperience are very very attractive. I would not mind being involved in their first heterosexual experience, if it didn't already happen. Actually, I would not mind being involved in their thousandeth hetero experience. Very good looking girls. The action here is the standard, licky licky lesbian experience. It's cool, but for me it gets boring after a while. Still, the hotness of the girls overrides the boringness of the action.

At the time of review, there was a total of 30+ sets of content. The site claims to have weekly updates, but with no timestamps or anything of the sort, there is absolutely no way to prove that matter. First Lesbian Experience is a member of a porn network. Included in this network is My Porn Interview, 1st Lesbian Experience, Candi From The Block, Handjob Porno, and Real MILF Sex. This is a good network with some relatively original themes.


A great lesbian site that is part of a good network and is a lot of fun to go through. Lots of content, lots of licking, lots of fun. It will be a great time to be had for all, definately recommended.


$2.95 for a 3 Day Trial
$29.83 for 30 Days
$59.83 for 90 Days


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