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Review of Squirterz:

Remember when we were kids and we had squirt guns? We would go around and squirt each other like crazy. If your a little younger, maybe you remember Super Soakers. They were like the machine guns of the squirt gun world. These were some big ass bitches, if you had the backpack one, you're not messing around! Well now I ask you to imagine being a woman, and having the same kind of powers to come out of your crotch! That would be absolutely amazing! And Squirterz features some of these amazing women!

Squirterz is a video website with a focus on the females that can squirt. These are all called real female ejaculations. And they do squirt, quite a bit. Hey, quick pornliving drinking game: take a drink every time I write the word squirt in this review. By the time your done reading you'll be too drunk to check out the site! Anyway, theres a big focus on squirting, and the theme here is cool. I like themes like this, because it doesn't really affect the porn action, just the ending. Squirt fetishists can love it, but the rest of us can still enjoy the action as well.

When you first sign onto Squirterz, you are taken to a main page with the bonus sites on top, and the content underneath that. The content is set up very much like a reality site, with seven thumbnails per set. Six of those thumbs are smaller while there is a big one. The site is done with a really cool "splash" theme, with splashes all over the place. That is cool, it gives the site a nice aura and you will definately know what the site is all about here. And with five sets per page, the site is not bogged down with too much crap. Overall, I found the site design very enjoyable, cool, and pertinent to the theme. Great job here.

The videos are the main (and only) attraction here at Squirterz. The videos come in either WMV or Quicktime format. They are all full video movies, no segmentation at all. When you click on the format you desire, you are taken to a page which begins to stream the movie and also gives you the option to download the movie. Pretty cool setup as far as I'm concerned, I think it works well and while the stream bothers me, at least you can download the videos as well. The videos are not too bulky size wise, over 100mb of course but it's not bad for broadband users. The videos run an average of 20 minutes. So they are a pretty ideal time, at least for me. I like longer movies, but not too long.. and the 20 minute mark is very comfortable for me.

The video quality here is very good. The videos are 896K, and that leads to a pretty clear picture. You can full screen the videos very nicely with little pixelation, and everything looks really good. My only real complaint is that some of the videos look older, like they were done in the early nineties. They are still very good videos, they just look a little... aged. This is not the case for all of the videos, but some of them. I'm not sure where the videos came from, but I can say that maybe they might be from earlier times. They are still good videos, but you can tell when they are older- you know what I mean here.

There are no pictures here on Squirterz, so I will go right on and talk about the ladies. The ladies here are very, very hot girls. They are not the most natural looking girls in the porn world. They do look like porn girls, but thats okay, as they are very hot looking porn girls. The thing is, these girls can squirt! They squirt all over the place, squirt left, squirt right, if you saw one, they might squirt you right in the eye! They squirt so much, they might run out of juice! Nahh, never! The action here is mainly guy/girl, but there are some girl/girl sets as well. It's all squirt though!

There are 13 total sets of content here on Squirterz. There is no real timestamp or update schedule on here. As a matter of fact, the updates aren't even listed on the updates section for the network. Which makes me think either a) they are trying to seperate this site from their single model sites or b) they just made this site to make the network better, and it will not be updated too often, if at all. I'm not the webmaster and I can't say which one it is, I can just call them as I see them. Still, the network is a good one, and this just adds to it and gives a good site for squirt fans to check out. Speaking of the network, let's go over what you get on it!

This network includes the sites of Rachel Aziani, Tawny Roberts, Mandi Rose Fanelli, Crissy Moran, as well as the multiple model sites of Hotties Heaven, Squirterz, and Banging The Bi Way (Male Male Female bi sex.) Overall, it's a great network. The focus is placed squarely on Rachel Aziani's site, but the other network sites are all pretty good and add a lot to the network. All in all, I think its a great deal!


Squirterz is a good video site for squirt fans. The content level isn't perfect, but as part of the network this is a good site and definately worth a peek for sure!


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