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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, MOV, MP4, MPEG, Windows

Prices: $29.97/30 days
$59.95/90 days
$89.95/365 days

Review of Porn Multi Pass:

One of the biggest revolutions in online porn lately has been networks. You get one site, and you get all of its sister sites for the same price. The idea came from the old leased sites back in the day, and then someone adapted it to reality porn and boom- a new revolution. When looking at a site nowadays, sometimes it is important to consider the network as well as the site. That is why we sometimes, when its possible, try to spend a review on an entire network and its portal page, and give you an idea of how the whole network shapes up in addition to each individual site. Sure, it's a little different, but hey, it's fun so read on and see if you like the Porn Multi Pass network!

Porn Multi Pass is a network of reality video sites. The network has a total of 9 working sites at the time, with more on the horizon. To give you a feel for the network, I will discuss each site a little bit by name.

Teenie Video- The name explains it all. A pretty good teen site with some nice girls and some hot video. Nothing too special, but a solid site.

Phat Bootie Hoes- A black girl website, the men on the site are primarily black as well. Black sex done relatively well but I felt the girl quality was a little lacklaster.

Kung Pao Pussy- A well done asian website. One of my biggest compliments was that different kinds of asians were highlighted here, not just chinese or Japanese girls. It was a nice change and a breath of fresh air from your typical asian porn sites.

Ghetto Hoochies- Real black hookers! A cool website with a nice theme, the only thing that holds it back is its lacklaster girl quality, but it kinda fits in with the theme and makes it kinda cool!

Pussy Pinata- A latina site that I just never really got into. Along with Teenie Video these were two of the weakest sites, still really good sites but missing that ooomph for me.

18 Interracial- A teen site with a focus on black guys taking them. The themes been done but it is done well here, and everything works nicely. Hot girls.

Pussy Foot Girls- My personal favorite, a site that mixes lesbian sex with foot fetish. A nice mixture and its done really well. Highly recommended site and I think it is the networks shining star, with the other sites being stars as well, just not as bright.

Tight Buttholes- An anal site with some very hot girls. I loved the girl quality here, even though I'm not a big fan of anal. I found myself downloading a ton from here.

Penispalooza- The requisite "i'm not gay, but I might browse the gay site on this network out of curiousity" site. Actually the site does look very good, I didn't view it myself but it seems like they have a gay reality thing going on nicely.

Coming Soon Sites- Brazil Bang and Black Dicks Latin Chicks- I checked out some early stuff on Brazil Bang and it looked awesome. Could be in the running for third best on the network once its released. These you can expect to see soon, and expect more of the same from them!

Now that we touched on all the sites, lets touch on the features. I won't go as in depth as I would in a normal review, as I really want to focus on the network. The pages are all set up the same, so that makes it easy to generalize. The front page is very critical to the sites on the network. You download everything from it, and it has one thumbnail per set. The videos on the network are all segmented into five minute segments with both WMV and MPG options. The video quality is good, but with some pixelation it also leaves a little to be desired. The pictures are crap vidcaps. Read more all about these in the actual site reviews!

Each network site has about thirty sets available. Awesome number. Some of the newer ones have lower numbers, but most are at the thirty and above state. Speaking of which, every site is updated weekly, so these numbers will grow immensely really quick. As it is, the deal is tremendous as you are probably looking at over 200 video sets altogether, and it's at a lower-than-normal-porn-site price. So the value is very good.

So who will like Porn Multi Pass? Well, let's look at the sites. There are two teen sites. But the majority of the sites seem to be focused on non-whites. Theres an asian site, two black sites, one interracial site, one latina site, a brazilian site, and a gay site. So if you are a fan of un-white girls, this may be the place to be as well. And with the upcoming sites following the same look, it will continue to be a paradise to you. If you don't mind downloading a few segments, and a little loss of quality, than Porn Multi Pass will be for you.


This is a strong network as a whole. The advantages are a very dedicated update schedule on top of pre-exisiting large amounts of content. Another one would be a very good consistency- you know what you are getting everywhere, and that leads to an easy browsing experience. And finally, there are a lot of cool themes, and some cool variations on themes that are used a lot.

The disadvantages, well, for me, was not enough white women for one. The second one, and this might be related to the first, is that there was just not enough OOMPH for me on the site. Nothing really grabbed me except for Pussyfoot. I mean, everything was great.. it was just missing that oomph. But still, these are very minor disadvantages and if you can deal with the slight quality gaffes, I would definately recommend joining up with Porn Multi Pass and its network of sites.


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